SAT 3-2

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  1. august 
    adj. inspiring awe or admiration, esp. because of high rank of character 
  2. conceit 
    n. a fanciful idea or image; esp. an exaggerated poetic comparison; an extravagant construction 
  3. consonant 
    adj. being in agreement 
  4. dispose 
    v. to give a tendency or inclination to 
  5. engaging 
    adj. attractive; charming 
  6. import 
    n. significance 
  7. intelligence 
    n. information; news 
  8. negotiate 
    v. to succeed in going over, coping with, or accomplishing 
  9. peer 
    n. a person or thing of the same rank 
  10. rank 
    adj. conspicously offensive, esp. in smell or taste; complete 
  11. accommodate 
    v. to oblige; to provide a service or favor; to fit 
  12. approbation 
    n. official approval 
  13. beacon 
    n. a signaling light; a source of guidance or inspiration 
  14. bolster 
    v. to support or strengthen 
  15. burly 
    adj. strong and muscular 
  16. byline 
    n. a line at the head of a newspaper article carrying the author's name 
  17. commodious
    adj. spacious; roomy 
  18. concise 
    adj. brief and to the point 
  19. confiscate 
    v. to seize (private property) by or as if by someone in authority 
  20. consummate 
    adj. compelte; supremely accomplished 
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