SAT 3-4

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  1. parasol 
    n. a small umbrella used as protection from the sun 
  2. placid 
    adj. calm, undisturbed 
  3. podium
    n. a raised platform on which a speaker or conductor stands 
  4. portend 
    v. to serve as a warning of 
  5. prudent 
    adj. marked by careful planning; discreet 
  6. pungent 
    adj. sharp to the smell or taste 
  7. purvey 
    v. to supply 
  8. relentless 
    adj. harsh; pitiless; persistent 
  9. relinquish
    v. to surrender or release 
  10. renovate 
    v. to make new 
  11. rigor 
    n. strictness or severity 
  12. rote 
    n. mechanical memorization, oft. without full understanding 
  13. savanna 
    n. a flat, treeless plain in a tropical or subtropical region 
  14. scruple 
    n. a moral principle that restrains actions 
  15. tenable 
    adj. able to be maintained or defended 
  16. toil
    v. to work strenuously; n. hard work 
  17. trivial 
    adj. of little worth or importance 
  18. venial 
    adj. easily excused or forgiven 
  19. winsome 
    adj. charming, esp. in a childlike or innocent way 
  20. wry
    adj. dryly humorous, with a touch of irony 
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