Exotic Mammal Pets

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  1. Is it possible for clients to bring in illegal pets into our vet clinic?
  2. What laws do pet shops have to follow?
    • local, state, and federal laws
    • maintain humane standards (reported to state humane investigator)
    • local dangerous species laws
  3. When are pet shops protected under the Animal Welfare Act?
    when the pet shops sell exotic animals
  4. What are pet shops a good resource for?
    • cages
    • housing
    • books
    • diets
  5. What are some exotic species we will see in the vet clinic?
    • hedgehogs
    • sugar gliders
    • kinkajou
    • prairie dogs
    • short-tailed possums
    • arctic foxes
    • pot bellied pigs
    • cougers
    • wallabies
    • kangaroos
    • degu
  6. What are prairie dogs involved in the spread of?
    monkey pox
  7. What are prairie dogs native to?
    western united states
  8. Describe the personality of prairie dogs?
    • burrowing rodent
    • social
    • diurnal
    • active
  9. What is the life span of a prairie dog?
    6 - 10 years
  10. How much do prairie dogs weigh?
    0.5 - 2.2 kg
  11. What kind of teeth do prairie dogs have?
    open rooted incisors/molars
  12. Are prairie dogs aggressive?
    yes and they are hard to restrain because they don't have any necks
  13. What do we feed prairie dogs?
    • feed rodent chow
    • supplement with hay and dark green leafy veggies
  14. How can we tell if a prairie dog is a male?
    it has a scrotal sac
  15. When do female prairie dogs cycle?
    january - march
  16. How long is a prairie dog's gestation?
    30 days
  17. How many litter do prairie dogs have a year?
  18. When do prairie dogs wean?
    6 weeks
  19. When are prairie dog's mature?
    2 - 3 years
  20. What are some common health problems with prairie dogs?
    • obesity
    • respiratory disease
    • slobbers
    • dermatophytosis
    • yersinia pestis (plague)
    • pseudotb (enlarged lymph node)
    • pododermatitis (infection of the feet)
    • trauma
  21. What are degus?
    chinchilla-like rodent from Chile
  22. Describe the personality of a degus.
    • social
    • active
  23. What is the life span of a degus?
    5 - 9 years
  24. What do degus do when they are overheating?
    lie flat on the bottom of their cage
  25. How do we restrain degus?
    • cup in hand
    • do not pick up by the tail because that can cause the tail to deglove
  26. How do we tell the sex of degus?
    • males have longer anal-genital distance
    • females vulva appears penile-like
  27. What do we feed degus?
    • rodent chow/guinea pig chow/chinchilla food
    • avoid simple sugars like glucose and fructose
    • avoid fruits
  28. What is the gestation length of degus?  How many in a litter and how are they born?
    • 90 days
    • 1 - 8 in litter
    • precocious young
  29. What are African hedgehogs?
    insectivores - they eat insects
  30. What is the life span of hedgehogs?
    6 - 10 years
  31. How much do hedgehogs weigh?
    • males:  500 - 600 grams
    • females:  250 - 400 grams
  32. Are hedgehogs nocturnal?
  33. What do hedgehogs do when they are scared?
    • roll into a ball when scared
    • rarely bite
  34. Can hedgehogs be housed together?
    no, house separately
  35. What is anting?
  36. What is another name for anting?
  37. How do we examine hedgehogs?
    • examine in low light
    • lightweight gloves helpful
    • back stroke rump spines
    • gently/firmly unroll mantle
    • may squeal
  38. How do we house hedgehogs?
    • prefer dim light
    • paper or pelleted bedding (keep off wire)
    • clean frequently
    • keep 75 - 85 degrees fahrenheit 
    • need hiding places
  39. What do we feed hedgehogs?
    • high quality kitten/ferret diet
    • supplement with fruits/veggies
    • some mealworms/crickets
  40. When do we feed hedgehogs?
    feed in pm/remove in am
  41. Are commercial diets available for hedgehogs?
  42. When do hedgehogs mature?
    at 2 months old
  43. When do hedgehogs breed?
    all year
  44. How long is the gestation of a hedgehog?
    34 - 37 days
  45. How many pups do hedgehogs have?
    1 - 7 (average 3)
  46. When do we wean hedgehogs?
    at 4 - 6 weeks
  47. Do we vaccinate hedgehogs?
  48. What do we need to do during a vet visit for a hedgehog?
    • review husbandry with client
    • PE
    • fecal exam
    • blood from lateral saphenous (can use jugular or cephalic)
    • nail trim if needed
  49. What are some common diseases with hedgehogs?
    • mites, fleas, ticks
    • lungworms, other nematodes
    • pneumonia
    • tooth abscesses
    • papillomas and other tumors
    • herpes simplex
  50. What is the most common health problem with hedgehogs?
  51. Which hedgehog disease is zoonotic?
    herpes simplex - hedgehog can get this from humans and can kill them
  52. Other than hedgehog, what are some other insectivores?
    • armadillo
    • anteater
  53. What are sugar gliders?
    flying squirrel-like marsupial from australia (a gliding possum
  54. Describe the personality of a sugar glider.
    • nocturnal
    • arboreal
    • social
  55. What is the lifespan of a sugar glider?
    10 - 12 years
  56. How much do sugar gliders weigh?
    90 - 150 grams
  57. What helps sugar gliders fly?
    thin membrane from finger to toe
  58. How do we tell the difference between female and male sugar gliders?
    • females have pouch
    • males have scrotum
  59. How do we house sugar gliders?
    • 1x1 mesh is okay
    • like tall cages
    • provide box
    • soft bedding
    • tree branches
    • keep at 50 - 90 degrees
    • no direct sun
  60. What do we feed sugar gliders?
    • 50% insects and dry cat food
    • 50% leadbetter's mixture
  61. What is leadbetter mixture?
    • hard boiled egg
    • 150 ml honey
    • 25 gm baby cereal
    • 150 ml water
    • 1 tsp vit/min/blend
  62. Is there a commercial sugar glider food available?
    yes, Glideraide
  63. When do we feed sugar gliders?
    in the evening
  64. Are sugar gliders herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?
  65. When can we start breeding sugar gliders?
    7 - 14 months
  66. How long is a sugar glider's estrous cycle?
    29 days
  67. What is the gestation length of sugar gliders?
    16 days
  68. How many babies do sugar gliders have in a litter?  How many litters can they have a year?
    • 1 - 2 young in a litter
    • 2 litters a year
  69. Where do baby sugar gliders go when they are born?
    into the mothers pouch and attach to the mothers tites....the mother then pumps food into them for 70 days
  70. After sugar gliders come out of the mothers pouch, how long do they stay in the nest?
    4 months
  71. When can we wean sugar gliders?
    4 - 6 weeks later
  72. Can we keep male and female sugar gliders together?
  73. What are some examples of other marsupials (besides the sugar glider)?
    • virginia opossum
    • wallabies (small roos)
    • kangaroos
    • mouse opossum (no pouch)
  74. What is in the order carnivora?
    • canidae
    • felidae
    • mustelidae
    • procyonidae
    • ursidae
    • viverridae
    • hyaenidae
  75. How many different species of canidae are there?
    37 species
  76. Are exotic canidae related to dogs?
    yes and can get the same diseases and are cared for similarly
  77. Can we tell how much wolf is in a wolf hybrid?
  78. Are wolf hybrids good pets?
    no, can be aggressive
  79. How many different species of felidae are there?
    36 species
  80. What are exotic felidae related to?
    • cats 
    • susceptible to the same diseases as cats
  81. What kind of dog disease are big cats susceptible to?
    canine distemper
  82. Where are cougers endangered?
    • endangered in the east
    • hunted in the west
  83. Can cougers eat cat food?
  84. What are some examples of exotic felidae?
    • cougers
    • lions
    • pallas cat
    • snow leopard
    • cheetah
    • tiger
  85. How many different species of mustelidae are there?
    68 species
  86. What kind of diseases can mustelidae get?
    • dog and cat diseases
    • except ferrets - they can not get cat diseases
  87. What are some examples of species in the family mustelidae?
    • otter
    • skunk
    • weasel
    • badger
    • ferret
  88. How many species of procyonidae are there?
    18 species
  89. What is a procyonidae?
    small, forest dwelling omnivore
  90. What are some examples in the family procyonidae?
    • raccoon
    • coati
    • kinkajou
  91. What kind of diseases can animals in the family procyonidae get?
    dog and cat diseases
  92. What are Ursidae?
  93. How many species are there in the family Ursidae?
  94. What is the largest bear in the family ursidae?
    polar bear
  95. Which bears are the most common in the east?
    black bears
  96. Can bears get dog and cat diseases?
  97. How many species are in the family viverridae?
    82 species
  98. What are some examples of animals in the family viverridae?
    • genets
    • civets
    • meercats
  99. What kind of diseases can animals in the family viverridae get?
    canine distemper
  100. What do animals in the family hyenidae look like?
    brown, spotted, and striped
  101. Where do animals in the family hyenidae live?
  102. What are marine mammals covered under?
    marine mammal protection act
  103. What are some examples of marine mammals?
    • manatee
    • orka
    • elephant seals
    • sea otter
    • polar bear
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