health assessment

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  1. ABCD's of nutritional assessment
    • A=anthropometric (measurement of body)
    • B=biochemical data (
    • C=clinical evaluation
    • D=diagnostic tests
  2. optimal nutritional status
    achieved when sufficient nutrients are consumed to support day to day body needs and any increased metabolic demands due to growth, pregnancy, or illness.
  3. undernutrition
    when nutritional reserves are depleted and/or when nutrient intake is inadequate to meet day to day needs or added metabolic demands.
  4. overnutrition
    caused by consumption of nutrients especially calories, sodium, and fat in excess of body needs.
  5. cultural stereotyping
    tendency to view individuals of common cultural backgrounds similarly and according to a preconceived notion of how they ought to behave
  6. food-frequency tool
    info is collected on how many times a day, week, or month that someone eats particular foods, providing an estimate of usual intake.
  7. ideal body weight
    current weight divided by ideal weight times 100
  8. usual body weight
    current weight divided by usual weight times 100
  9. recent weight change
    usual weight minus current weight divided by usual weight times 100
  10. bmi
    weight in kilograms divided by height in meters^2 or weight in pounds divided by height in inches^2 times 703
  11. glucose for young children, children, adults
    • -60-110
    • -60-100
    • -less than 100
  12. serum albumin
    measurement of visceral protein status
  13. serum transferrin
    iron transport protein
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