Ethics Test 1

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  1. What is ethicsĀ 
    Reflection on moral beliefs and study systems of morality
  2. What is morality
    Beliefs and values and maybe norms cherished individual or society
  3. What is value Theory
    Things that are either good or bad
  4. What is ethical relativism
    Differences in values among cultures
  5. What is descriptive relativism
    There are no universal rules morality speaking
  6. What is prescriptive relativism
    Is wrong to pass judgment of other cultures
  7. GE Moore argument number one
    If they exist in absolute isolation would we judge others existence is good
  8. GE more argument number two contrast
    Taking pleasure in someone else's pain taking pleasure in someone else's pleasure
  9. what is emotivism
    Emotional response you have to different cultural differences
  10. SkepticalĀ 
    People that are always looking for concrete answers always questioning the truth
  11. Cultural relativism
    Right or wrong depends on what culture you live in
  12. What is atomic self
    Can freely determine the course of one's life
  13. What is social self
    Self is always inform othersĀ 
  14. . What is the theory of recognition
    We seek always to be recognized by others how we see yourselves is always through others eyes
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