Qrt 2 Foundations 2

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  1. What are the main areas of philosophy?
    • metaphysics
    • Ethics
    • Epistemology
    • Logic
    • Aestetics
  2. what is the focus of epistemology?
    to test the truth of a belief or statement
  3. what criterion of truth is applied to deductive reasoning?
    Rigorous Consistency
  4. What criterion of truth is related to inductive reasoning (scientific method)?
  5. What criterion of truth uses coherence and correspondence and may be considered the most complete test of truth?
    Nota Bene
  6. What is considered to be the best criterion of truth ans what does it include?
    • Coherence
    • -facts
    • -reason
    • -relationships
    • -systemative integration
    • -consistency
  7. What are the atypical cervical vertebrae?
    • C1
    • C2
    • C7
  8. What is fractured in a Hangman's fracture?
  9. where is the posterior line?
    lamina lamina junction
  10. what is the normal ADI Distance?
  11. what is a group of congenital disorders (may have low hair line)
    Klippel-Feild syndrome
  12. What is it called when the SP of C7 is fractured?
    clay shovelers fracture
  13. what is "the study of laws and causes under-lying reality, leading to an understanding of its fundamental nature"?
  14. what is the highest scientific goal?
  15. what is a set of assumption, concepts, values, and practices?
  16. What are the two types of dualism?
    • property
    • substance
  17. what type of dualism sees the mind as being effected by the body?
  18. what problem did DD see as the "great divide" and what did he use to try and solve it?
    • Body/mind problem
    • triune of life
  19. what is the triune of life?
    • Intelligence gives the form
    • Matter expresses the form
    • Force links intelligence with matter
  20. what is needed for organization?
    effort force
  21. what is the physical aspect of force?
  22. what is the non-physical aspect of force?
  23. matter expresses the informatioin in universal forces as ________?
    universal laws
  24. what type of process in transmission?
  25. what limits the process of transmission?
    matter and time
  26. what is the "most important" (according to the League of extraordinary gentlemen) evidence of life?
  27. what is the main function of innate intelligence?
    adapt universal forces and matter for use in the body, so all parts of the body will have coordinated action for mutual benefit
  28. universal forces are _______ unless they adapt, innate forces are ________ unless they suffer interference.
    • destructive
    • constructive
  29. the ability to adapt comes from ________ the expression of that ability comes from ________.
    • innate intelligence
    • matter
  30. adaptability is a _______ while adaptation is ________.
    • potential (intellectual)
    • actual response (physical)
  31. the ability a living organism has to maintain itself in active organization against the effects of entropy.
  32. the degradation of matter and energy in the universe
  33. what are the four steps of adaptation?
    • environmental challenge
    • Innate awareness
    • Intellectual adaptation
    • Physical personification
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