chapter 9

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  1. developmental psychology
    age-related changes n behavior and mental processes from conception to death
  2. theoretical issues
    • nature vs. nurture
    • continuity vs. stages
    • stability vs. change
  3. cross sectional research method
    different participants, different ages, at ONE POINT IN TIME
  4. longitudinal research methods
    same participants, in an extended period of time
  5. three prenatal stages
    • germinal
    • embryonic
    • fetal
  6. teratogens
    environmental agents capable of producing birth defects
  7. schema
    • Piaget's
    • cognitive structure for organizing ideas
  8. assimilation
    absorbing new information into existing schema
  9. accomodation
      • adjusting old schemas or developing new ones to fit new information
  10. 4 stages of cognitive development
    • sensorimotor
    • preoperational
    • concrete operational
    • formal operational
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