Fetal Pig Dissection Vocab

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  1. Liver
    Dark brown with four lobes that fills the entire upper abdominal cavity.  A function is that it makes bile to help digest fat
  2. Gallbladder
    It is a greenish brown sack embedded to the wall of the lower lobe of the liver.  It also stores bile to help digest fat
  3. Small Intestine
    A narrow coiled tube that looks like thin, clear plastic.  The small intestine is more narrow but longer than the large intestine
  4. Large Intestine
    Series of coils that appear to be fused together.  They are more wide but shorter than the smaller intestine
  5. Pancreas
    It is a broad, thin organ that is almost white
  6. Stomach
    A pouch lying on the pig's left side between the liver and small intestine
  7. Spleen
    A dark colored finger-like projection that folds across the left side of the abdominal cavity
  8. Kidneys
    They lay on the back body wall and are light brown
  9. Urinary Bladder
    Stores urine filtered from the blood by the kidneys
  10. Diaphram
    A thin muscle that forms a dome shape between the thoracic and abdominal cavities
  11. Lungs
    The organ is responsible for getting oxygen to blood and taking carbon dioxide from the blood
  12. Trachea
    It is the wind pipe made of rings of cartilage.  It looks like a spring
  13. Larynx
    The voice box, a structure located along the trachea
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