Unit 5

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  1. where do you put the date in a business letterhead
  2. in a personal business letter where do you put the date
    after reutrn adress
  3. What are the cerntain thing in a USPS adress format
    return 3 returns 3 spaces

    mailing 40 spaces 14 returnn

    all caps
  4. what are the certain things in a inside adress style
    return adress 3spaces 3returns

    mailing adress 12returns 25spaces

    initial caps
  5. what kind of letter is used by an individual
    personal business letter
  6. what kind of letter is used by a business
    business letter
  7. what is the layout of a business letter
    • date
    • mailing adress
    • salutation
    • body
    • complementary close
    • writer's name/title
    • refernce initials
    • 2in header 1.25 sides
  8. means that a colon will folow the salutation and a comma on the complemetary close
    mixed pattern punctuation
  9. how much do you indent in a letter
    1/2 in
  10. placed a ds below the datline keyed in ALL CAPS, formateed as bold
    confidentian notation
  11. used to direct the letter is in regard to
    attention line
  12. identifies immediatelu what the letter is in re with
    subject line
  13. keyed ss below the reference initials or enclosure notation
    dilivery notation
  14. what is the order when you write a business letter with special featers
    • date
    • confidentain notation (bold and all caps)
    • attention line
    • salutation
    • subject line (all Caps)
    • body
    • after reference initials delivery note
  15. what apear after the complementary close in a business letter
    • company name in the closig
    • enclosure notation
    • copy notation
    • postscript notatio
  16. ds anfter complentary close in all caps
    company name in closing
  17. let the reader know that something has been sent along with letter
    enclosure notation
  18. signifies if and who else will be getting a copy
    copy notation
  19. added a ds below the last part of a letter to ehasize a though or place
    postscript notation
  20. tabs stop because the program is set up so that each doctument you open will automatically  have these stop
  21. used to align a colum of the text
    left tab stop
  22. is used to center a column of text at a certain tab stop location
    center tab stop
  23. is used to align a column of text on the right
    right tab stop
  24. is used to align numbers by a decimal point
    decimal tab stop
  25. used to block text in from left margin
    left indend
  26. used to block text from going past right margin
    right indent
  27. used to posiiotn the first line  of a new paragraph
    first line indent
  28. used to position text following the first line if a paragraph
    hanging indent
  29. Image Uploadwhat is the hilighted are called
    first line indent
  30. Image Uploadwhat indend is this
    hanging indent
  31. what indent is thisImage Upload
                                                to the right
    right indent
  32. Image Uploadthe little square below the hanging indent
    left indent
  33. how does an out line go
    • bold initial caps title
    • I.
    •    A.
    •       1.
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