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  1. Exostosis and spongiosus
    Apical Periodontal Cyst
  2. Evidence of inflammation (granulation tissue, infiltrate)
    • Apical Periodontal Cyst
    • Residual Cyst
    • Buccal Bifurcation Cyst
    • Inflamed Dentigerous Cyst
  3. Small satellite cysts
    Odontogenic Keratocyst
  4. Parakeratin surface
    Odontogenic Keratocyst
  5. Orthokeratin surface
    • Orthokeratinized Odontogenic Cyst
    • Gingival Cyst of the Newborn
  6. Pallisaded basal cell layer
    Odontogenic Keratocyst
  7. Keratohyaline granules
    Orthokeratinized Odontogenic Cyst
  8. Thin lining, epithelial rests
    Non-inflamed Dentigerous Cyst
  9. Thick lining, hyperplastic rete ridges
    Inflamed Dentigerous Cyst
  10. Epithelial Plaques
    • Lateral Periodontal Cyst
    • Gingival Cyst of the Adult
  11. Keratin-filled Cyst
    Gingival Cyst of the Newborn
  12. Ghost cells
    Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst
  13. Microcysts and clusters of mucous cells
    Glandular Odontogenic Cyst
  14. Islands of odontogenic epithelium
    • Multicystic Ameloblastoma
    • Ameloblastic Fibro-Odontoma
  15. Reverse polarity of nuclei
    • Multicystic Ameloblastoma
    • Unicystic Ameloblastoma
    • Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor
  16. Duct-like epithelial structures
    Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor
  17. Thick fibrous capsule
    Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor
  18. Amyloid development
    Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Tumor (Pindborg Tumor)
  19. Cords of odontogenic epithelium
    • Ameloblastic Fibroma
    • Ameloblastic Fibro-odontoma
  20. Glycosaminoglycan ground substance
    Odontogenic Myxoma
  21. Multi-nucleated giant cells
    • Aneurysmal Bone Cyst
    • Central Giant Cell Granuloma
  22. Normal bone marrow
    Focal Osteoporotic Bone Marrow Defect
  23. Line by respiratory epithelium
    Surgical Ciliated Cyst
  24. Dense lamellar bone with scant fibrofatty marrow
    Idiopathic Osteosclerosis
  25. Proliferating mesenchymal cells, RBC extravasation Central
    Giant Cell Granuloma
  26. Specules of bone and some cementum-like hard tissue
    • Cement-Osseous Dysplasia
    • Ossifying Fibroma
  27. Chinese script writing/curvilinear shapes
    Fibrous Dysplasia
  28. "bad cells, bad bone"
  29. Bence Jones protein in urine
    Multiple Myeloma
  30. "punched out"
    Multiple myeloma
  31. "sunburst"
  32. RL at site of extraction
    Residual Cyst
  33. RL at buccal bifurcation
    Buccal Bifurcation Cyst
  34. RL in periapical area of non-vital tooth
    Apical Periodontal Cyst
  35. RL attaching to the tooth follicle at the CEJ
    Dentigerous Cyst
  36. RL distal or buccal of partially erupted 3rd molar
    Paradental Cyst
  37. RL lateral to the roots of vital teeth
    Lateral Periodontal Cyst
  38. "honeycomb"
    • Ameloblastoma (small)
    • Odontogenic Myxoma (small)
  39. "soap bubble"
    • Ameloblastoma (large)
    • Odontogenic Myxoma (large)
  40. "snowflake" calcifications
    Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor
  41. RL around impacted canine
    Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor
  42. Liesegang ring calcifications
    • Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Tumor
    • (Pindborg Tumor)
  43. Lesion has collection of tooth-like structures
    Compound Odontoma
  44. Conglomeration of enamel and dentin
    Complex Odontoma
  45. Scalloping between teeth
    Simple/Traumatic Bone Cyst
  46. Wispy Septations create multilocular lesion
    Central Giant Cell Granuloma
  47. Within mandibular canal
    • Neurilemoma (Schwannoma)
    • Traumatic Neuroma
    • Neurofibroma
  48. Well-defined opacity, supernumerary teeth
  49. Radiopaque tumor fused to tooth roots
  50. Phleboliths
    • Central Hemangioma
    • A-V Malformations
  51. "ground glass" opacification
    Monostotic Fibrous Dysplasia
  52. Smoky, mottled, ground glass, orange peel, etc
    Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia
  53. "moth eaten"
    Metastatic Carcinoma
  54. Widening of the PDL
  55. Elevation in bone height above CEJ
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