Social Work 360 Chapter 1 - Generalist I

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  1. What are the 7 Basic and Fundamental Values of Social Work?
    • 1. Service
    • 2. Human Rights
    • 3. Social Justice
    • 4. Dignity & Worth of the Person
    • 5. Importance of Human Relationships
    • 6. Scientific Theory
    • 7. Competence
  2. The perspectives that have the most influence
    Traditional or Dominant Paradigms
  3. The Most dependable way of understanding the World around us
    Quantitative and Objectivity 
  4. A profound change in thoughts, perceptions and values
    Paradigm Shift
  5. The way we view the world. The knowledge, values and beliefs that help shape a person's point of view.
  6. Society
    A group of people that share a heritage or history
  7. Shared values, traditions, norms, customs, art, history and intuitions of a people
  8. A set of cultural behaviors or attitudes integrated into the practice methods of a system, agency, or its professionals
    Cultural Competence
  9. What are the 2 Divisions of Cultural Competence?
    • 1. Surface Structure
    • 2. Deep Structure
  10. Uses People, places, language, music, food, clothing
    Surface Structure
  11. The socio-demographic and racial/ethic population differences and the influence of ethnic, cultural, social, environmental, and historical factors on behavior
    Deep Structure
  12. The process of gaining understanding of ourselves through art, literature and poetry
  13. A social identity based on the culture of one's ancestor's national or tribal group as modified by the demands of the culture.
  14. A group defined form the inside out and is self defined and maintained because it "feels good"
  15. Kuhn defines _______ as "the entire constellation of beliefs, values, techniques and so on shared by the members of a given community

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Social Work 360 Chapter 1 - Generalist I
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SCWK 360- Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of Social Work
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