Foundations of Management Week 5 Article: How Top Nonunion Companies Manage Employees

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  1. What is the overall lesson of the article?
    Top nonunion companies cater to the well-being and overall enjoyment of their employees.
  2. How do they create a sense of caring?
    Top executives are more personable and display a commitment to employees
  3. What do these companies use for determining surroundings for their employees?
    • Small plant size (200-1200 employees)
    • Proximity to good education
    • Distance from locations with high strike occurrences
  4. What is the purpose of contemplating the surroundings of employees?
    Minimize the chances of employees organizing
  5. What are characteristics of high profit?
    • Promotion opportunities
    • profit-sharing
  6. How do family ties influence the success of these companies?
    • Founding families active in management
    • Top share-holding families active in management
  7. How did HP promote job security?
    • Pay cut for all employees, even some top management
    • Not working every other Friday
    • Using subcontractors whenever possible to save money
  8. What are these companies' promoting policy?
    Promote from within
  9. How do personnel departments act?
    • Interactive
    • Well-staffed
  10. How are the pay and benefits?
  11. What does Management that listens.. mean?
    • More interaction and discussion with employees
    • Leaving interaction to immediate-level managers and excluding top-level
  12. How are managers picked?
    Carefully in a strict procedure
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