English Vocab #19

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  1. Nemesis
    n. an opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome (link: my sis)
  2. Nettle
    v. to irritate; vex (link: mosquitoes nettle when they settle)
  3. Nocturnal
    adj. of or occurring at night
  4. Nullify
    v. to make useless; cancel; undo (link: nullify a fly with a flyswatter)
  5. Nurture
    v. to nourish, to feed; to educate; to train; to foster (link: nurses nurture)
  6. Obese
    adj. extremely fat; grossly overweight
  7. Obtrude
    v. to impose oneself or one's ideas on other; to stick out (link: obtrude in the nude)
  8. Offal
    n. waste parts, especially of a butchered animal; rubbish (link: offal smelled awful)
  9. Officious
    adj. interfering; intrusive; eager in offering unwanted services or advice (link: officious office helper)
  10. Onerous
    adj. troublesome or oppressive; burdensome (link: owner's life can become onerous)

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English Vocab #19
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