Terminology Ch 12

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  1. ABV: BM
    Bowel Movement
  2. ABV : BE
    Barrium Enema
  3. ABV: CMD
    Common Bile Duct
  4. ABV: ERCP
    Endoscopic retrograde colangiopancreatography
  5. Root : Hepat/o
    Liver (ie hepatocyte)
  6. Root: Bili
    Bile (ie bilary)
  7. Root: Chol/e, chol/o
    gall. bile
  8. Root: Cholecyst/o
    gallbladder (ie cholcystogram- radiograph of the gallbladder)
  9. Root: Choledoch/o
    Common Bile duct (choledochal: pertaining to CBD)
  10. Root: esophag/o
    esophagus (ie esophageal - pertaining to the esophagus)
  11. Root : enter/o
    intestine (ie disentery - infectious disease of the intestine)
  12. Root: cec/o
    cecum (ie cecoptosis - downward displacement of the cecum)
  13. Root: proct/o
    rectum (ie proctopexy - surgical fixation of the rectum)
  14. Root: bucc/o
    cheek (ie buccoversion - turning toward the cheek)
  15. Root: odont/o
    tooth, teeth (ie peridontics - dental specialty that deals with the study and treatment to the tissues around the teeth)
  16. Root: gloss
    • tongue (ie glossoplegia - paralysis of the tounge)
    • NOTE  -plegia means paralysis
  17. Root: Stoma
    Mouth:  ie xerostomia- dryness (xero-) of the mouth
  18. Root: Gnath
    • Jaw
    • ie prognathous (having a projected jaw)
  19. Root : lingu
    • tongue
    • (orolingual - pertaining to the mouth and tongue) 
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