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spanish vocab last packet
2010-06-05 18:33:29
spanish vocab

last packet of spanish vocab
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  1. el vaquero, la vaquera
    the cowboy/ the cowgirl
  2. montar a caballo
    to ride a horse
  3. monta a caballo
    s/he rides a horse
  4. el galan (accent over second a), la heroina (accent over i)
    the hero
  5. matar
    to kill
  6. mata
    s/he kills
  7. el ladron (accent over o), la ladrona
    the robber
  8. danar (enay over n)
    to damage
  9. destruir
    to destroy
  10. la erupcion (accent over o)
    the eruption
  11. el huracan (accent over second a)
    the hurricane
  12. la inundacion (accent over o)
    the flood
  13. la tormenta
    the storm
  14. el derrumbe
    the landslide
  15. tratarse de
    to be about
  16. el argumento
    the plot
  17. hacer el papel (de)
    to play the role of
  18. el personaje
    the character
  19. principal
  20. tener exito (accent over e in exito)/ no tener exito (accent over e in exito)
    to be/ not to be successful
  21. el fracaso
    the failure
  22. ocurrir
    to happen
  23. el hecho
    the fact
  24. la entrevista
    the interview
  25. Que tal es...? (accent over e in que)
    how is...?
  26. cambiar
    to change
  27. los cambia
    s/he changes them
  28. el cambio
    the change
  29. la ayuda
    the help
  30. ganarse la vida
    to earn life
  31. querer
    to want
  32. quisiera
    s/he wanted
  33. la paz
    the peace
  34. la guerra
    the war
  35. el ser humano
    the human being
  36. la pantalla
    the screen
  37. senala la pantalla (enay over n in senala)
    s/he points at the screen
  38. el medio ambiente
    the environment
  39. el bosque
    the forest
  40. el rio (accent over i)
    the river
  41. la botella
    the bottle
  42. el carton (accent over o)
    the cardboard
  43. la lata
    the can (metal)
  44. el vidrio
    the glass
  45. echar
    to throw
  46. el cubo de reciclaje
    the recycle bin
  47. lo echa al cubo de reciclaje
    s/he throws it in the recycle bin
  48. gastar
    to spend
  49. lo gasta todo
    s/he spends it all
  50. por supuesto!
    of course!
  51. como no! (accent over first o in como)
  52. viajar
    to travel
  53. el viaje
    the trip
  54. el boleto
    the ticket
  55. de ida y vuelta
    round trip
  56. el boleto de ida y vuelta
    the round trip ticket
  57. el equipaje
    the baggage
  58. facturar
    to check (baggage)
  59. factura el equipaje
    s/he checks the baggage
  60. hacer la maleta
    to pack the suitcase
  61. hace la maleta
    s/he packs the suitcase
  62. deshacer la maleta
    to unpack the suitcase
  63. deshace la maleta
    s/he unpacks the suitcase
  64. recomendar (e-ie) (second e)
    to recommend
  65. el aeropuerto
    the airport
  66. el avion (accent over o)
    the airplane
  67. el pasillo
    the aisle
  68. la linea aerea (accent over i) (accent over first e in aerea)
    the airline
  69. el vuelo
    the flight
  70. aterrizar
    to land
  71. el vuelo aterriza
    the flight lands
  72. despegar
    to take off
  73. el vuelo despega
    the flight takes off
  74. la escala
    the stopover/layover
  75. con (#) escalas
    with _ layovers
  76. sin escala
    without layovers
  77. el/la auxiliar de vuelo
    the flight attendant
  78. Auxilio!
  79. la aduana
    the customs
  80. la habitacion (accent over o)
    the bedroom
  81. la pension (accent over o)
    the inexpensive lodging
  82. el/la guia (accent over i)
    the travel agent
  83. la casa de cambio
    the currency exchange
  84. la naturaleza
    the nature
  85. el pueblo
    the town
  86. regatear
    to bargain
  87. regatea
    s/he bargains
  88. el retraso
    the delay
  89. # minutos de retraso
    # of minutes of delay
  90. conseguir (e-i)
    to get/obtain
  91. incluir
    to include
  92. recoger
    the gather/pick-up
  93. la piedra
    the small rock
  94. recoge la piedra
    s/he gathers the rock
  95. el sendero
    the path
  96. anda por el sendero
    s/he walks on the path
  97. la sombra
    the shade
  98. el fosoforo (accent over first o)
    the match
  99. enciende el fosforo (accent over first o)
    s/he lights the match
  100. la tienda
    the store
  101. el amanecer
    the sunrise
  102. el atardecer
    the sunset
  103. the hill
    la colina
  104. light weight
    ligero/a, leve
  105. heavy
  106. to direct
  107. s/he directs the flashlight
    dirige la linterna
  108. to fall in love (with)
    enamorarse (de)
  109. s/he falls in love with
    se enamora de
  110. the action movie
    la pelicula de accion (accent over i in pelicula) (accent over o in accion)
  111. the scientist
    el cientifico, la cientifica (accent on second i in both words)
  112. the earthquake
    el terremoto
  113. to hide/to hide oneself
  114. s/he hides the teddy bear
    esconde el oso de peluche
  115. there to be
  116. there was (past tense)
  117. there was (imperfect)
    habia (accent over i)
  118. the lawyer
    el abogado, la abogada
  119. the judge
    el/la juez
  120. the singer
    el/la cantante
  121. the athlete
    el/la deportista
  122. the advantage
    la ventaja
  123. the disadvantage
    la desventaja
  124. to be involved with
    dedicarse (a)
  125. the moon
    la Luna
  126. to be careful
    tener cuidado
  127. Be careful! Have caution!
    ten cuidado
  128. the firewood
    la lena (enay over n)
  129. s/he cuts the firewood
    corta la lena (enay over n)
  130. wet
  131. by hand
    a mano
  132. the tree
    el arbol (accent over a)
  133. dangerous
  134. poisonous
  135. domestic
    domestico/a (accent over e)
  136. the leaf
    la hoja
  137. the outdoors
    el aire libre
  138. the market
    el mercado
  139. the whale
    la ballena
  140. the frog
    la rana
  141. the butterfly
    la mariposa
  142. the snake
    la serpiente
  143. the fire
    el fuego

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