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  1. Define Psychology
    The study of human behavior and mental processes.
  2. Goals of Psychology
    To describe, understand, predict, and control behavior.
  3. Covert Behavior
    Behavior that cannot be seen
  4. Overt Behavior
    Behavior that can be seen
  5. Structuralism
    • The school of thought concerned with analyzing sensations and personal experience into basic elements.
    • Edward Titchener/Wundt
  6. Functionalism
    • How the mind functions to help us adapt to the enviornment.
    • William James
  7. Role of Diversity in Psychology
    • Margaret washburn - First woman PH.D
    • Fancis Cumner - First Black with PH.D
    • Inez Beverly Porsser - First Black woman to ear PH.D
    • Proved woman are more likely to make moral decisions rather than justic.
  8. Scientific Method Steps
    • 1.Observation
    • 2.Defining a problem
    • 3.Proposing a Hypothesis
    • 4.Experimentation
    • 5.Theory Formulation
  9. Hypothesis
    A tentative statement about, or explanation of, and event or relationship.
  10. Theory
    A system of ideas designed to inter-relate concepts and facts in a way that summarizes existing data and predicts future observations.
  11. Single blind
    Only the subjects dont know.
  12. Double blind
    The subjects and experimenter are unaware
  13. Extraneous Variables
    Variables the experimenter wishes to prevent from affecting the experiment.
  14. Control Group
    • Exposed to all conditions except te independent variable.
    • Provides point of reference.
  15. Basic Parts of Nerve cell
    Dendrites, Soma, Axon, Axon Terminals,
  16. Nervous System
    Spine, Brain,(CNS), everything else (PNS)
  17. Right Hemisphere of brain
    Nonverbal, Perceptual Skills, Visualization, recognition of patterns, spatial skills, simple language comprehension.
  18. Left side of Brain
    Language, Speech, Writing, Calculation, Time sense, Rhythm, Ordering of complex movements.
  19. Endocrine System
    Made up of glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream where they affect inernal activites and visible behavior.
  20. Self fufilling prophecy theory.
    if a person thinks your are clever or stupid, they will treat you that way, in which you will begin to perform that way.
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