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  1. factors affecting adaptation to pregnancy
    • -psychosocial
    • -physical
    • -social
  2. Rubins Theory
    • significant maternal tasks that women undergo during pregnancy
    • -ensuring a safe passage for herself and the child-both emerging from birth healthy
    • -ensuring social acceptance of the child by significant others
    • -bonding with the baby
    • -giving oneself to the demands of being a mother
  3. 7 dimensions of maternal role development (Lederman)
    -acceptance of pregnancy-ambivalence

    -identification with the motherhood role-seeing fetus

    -relationship to her mother-availability of mother

    -reordering relationship with her husband or partner

    -preparation for labor-psychological preparation and physical preparation

    -prenatal fear of control in labor-2 factors: body and

    -prenatal fear of loss of self esteem in labor-fear of being a failure
  4. factors that influence maternal adaptation
    • -parity
    • -maternal age
    • -sexual orientation
    • -single parenting
    • -multiple pregnancies
    • -socioeconomic factors
    • -abuse
  5. 3 phases of developmental tasks of fathers
    • 1) announcement
    • 2) moratorium-emotional distance from pregnancy
    • 3) focusing-last trimester begins to be actively involved
  6. Couvade Syndrome
    when men may experience pregnancy symptoms and discomforts similar to their pregnant partners
  7. Ritual Couvade
    custom when father takes to his bed as if himself has suffered  the pains of labor
  8. 8 stages in the life cycle of a family
    • -beginning familes
    • -childbearing families
    • -families with preschool children
    • -families with teenagers
    • -families launching young adults
    • -middle aged parents
    • -family in retirement
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