psy150 Ch1-5

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  1. What is the central nervous system based on?
    • central nervous system is based on:
    •    - brain and spinal cord
  2. What is the amygdala responsible for?
    • responsible for:
    •    -arousal
    •    -regulation of emotion 
    •    -initial emotional response to sensory info
    •    -plays important role in mediating anxiety
    •    -depression emotional memory
  3. What does the right side of your brain do?
    • right side is:
    •    -more spacial,
    •    -helps you read map 
    •    -facial recog.
    •    -recog. non verbal sounds
    •    -address pattern 
  4. What are Circadian Rhythms?
    • circadian rhythms are:
    •    -once about every 24 hours
    •       -ex. the sleep wake cycle(biological clock) occur in animals, plants, and people. 
  5. What did Freud conclude about dreams?
    • freud concluded that dreams:
    •      -might provide insight into our unconscious and sex
  6. What does Manifest content include?
    • manifest content includes:
    •      -aspects of the dream we consciously experience
  7. What does Latent content include?
    • latent content includes:
    •      -unconscious wishes and thoughts symbolized in the dream
  8. How do we understand a dream?
    • to understand a dream we must:
    •      -distinguish manifest from latent content
    •      -not everything in dreams is symbolic
  9. What is a Psychoactive Drug?
    • psychoactive drug:
    •      -substance capable of influencing perception, mood, cognition, or behavior test
  10. What do stimulants do?
         -stimulants speed up activity in the CNS
  11. What do depressant do?
         -depressant slows down activity in the CNS
  12. What do opiates do?
         -opiates relieve pain
  13. What is psychoanalytic?
    -interpretations are often far fetched
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