Deponent Verbs

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  1. arbitror arbitrare arbitratus sum 1st
    to think
  2. conor conari conatus sum 1st
    to try
  3. imitor imitari imitatus sum 1st
    to copy
  4. miror mirari miratus sum 1st
    to marvel at / be amazed
  5. precor precari precatus sum 1st
    to pray
  6. abominor abominari abominatus sum 1st
    to detest
  7. vereor vereri veritus sum 2nd
    to be afraid
  8. audeo audere ausus sum 2nd (semi deponent)
    to dare
  9. gaudeo gaudere gavisus sum 2nd (semi deponent)
    to rejoice
  10. soleo solere solitus sum 2nd (semi deponent)
    to be accustomed to
  11. complector complecti complexus sum 3rd
    to hug/embrace
  12. sequor sequi sectus sum 3rd
    to follow
  13. consequor consequi consectus sum 3rd
    to follow/pursue/obtain
  14. persequor persequi persectus sum 3rd
    to pursue / follow up
  15. loquor loqui loctus sum 3rd
    to talk/speak
  16. colloquor colloqui colloctus sum 3rd
    to converse
  17. nascor nasci natus sum 3rd
    to be born
  18. obloviscor oblovisci oblitus sum 3rd
    to forget
  19. proficiscior proficisci profectus sum 3rd
    to set out / leave
  20. ulciscor ulcisci ultus sum 3rd
    to avenge
  21. utor uti usus sum 3rd
    to use
  22. labor labi lapsus sum 3rd
    to slip/fall
  23. expergiscor expergisci experrectus sum 3rd
    to wake up
  24. aggredior aggredi agressus sum 3rd IO
    to aproach/attack
  25. egredior egredi egressus sum 3rd IO
    to leave / go out
  26. ingredior ingredi ingressus sum 3rd IO
    to enter/begin
  27. progredior progredi progressus sum 3rd IO
    to advance / go forward
  28. regredior regredi regressus sum 3rd IO
    to go back / return
  29. morior mori mortuus sum 3rd IO
    to die
  30. patior pati passus sum 3rd IO
    to endure/suffer/experience
  31. ordior ordiri orsus sum 3rd IO
    to begin
  32. adorior adoriri adortus sum 4th
    to attack
  33. coorior cooriri coortus sum 4th
    to rise up / arise
  34. experior experiri expertus sum 4th
    to test
  35. mentior mentiri mentitus sum 4th
    to lie/deceive
  36. collabor collabi collapsus sum 3th
    to collapse
  37. moror morari moratus sunt 1st
    to delay/remain/stay
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