Kin 345-Ethics

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  1. Forms of compensation
    • Benefits
    • Non-financial rewards
  2. Ethics
    The code of moral principles and values that govern the behaviors of a person or group with respect to what is right or wrong
  3. Ethical dilemma
    sitituation when all alternative choices or behaviors have been deemed undesirable because of potentially negative ethical consequences. right and wrong cannot be clearly identified
  4. Ethically neutral
    • There is no ehtical dilemma
    • i.e. color of aerobics room
  5. Ehtically obvious
    • Everyone would make the same ethical decision
    • i.e. not allow simming w/out lifeguard
  6. ethically ambiguous
    open to more than one interpretation
  7. Stages of Moral development
    • Stage 1: Pre-Conventional
    • Stage 2: Conventional
    • Stage 3: Post-Conventional
  8. Pre-Conventional
    follows rules to avoid punishment; acts in own interest
  9. conventional
    lives up to expectations of others; fulfills duties and obligations of social system
  10. post-conventional
    follows self-chosen principles of justice and right; balances concern for individual with concern for common good; aware that people hold diferent values
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