eMarketing Chapter 5 Search Engine Marketing

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  1. What is SEM?
    • Serch Engine Marketing
    • Marketing that is related to search.
    • SEO+PPC= SEM
  2. What are the types of search engine results?
    • Organic – The listings on a SERP resulting from the search engines algorithm. These results are not paid for
    • Paid – The listings on a SERP that are paid for
  3. What is a Search Engine?
    • A tool for searching the Internet
    • Users of search engines enter keywords relevant to their search and the search engine returns results from its databases.
  4. How does a search engine work?
    • Crawl the web (via spiders)   
    • Index documents and pages
    • Process user queries
    • Return ranked results from the index
  5. What is SEO?
    • Search engine optimization 
    • Aims to improve a website’s ranking in the search engines for specific keywords 
  6. What is a Keyword?
    • A word or words used by a searcher on a search engine
    • In SEO, keywords are the words that a website is optimized to rank for in PPC keywords and bid on by advertisers
  7. What is Ranking?
    The relative position of a Webpage in the SERPs.
  8. What is a Browser?
    An application used to access the Internet
  9. What does Above the Fold mean?
    The content that is seen in the screen before the user has to scroll down.
  10. What is PPC?
    An advertiser pays for each click on their advertisement.
  11. What is SERP?
    The page that shows the results for a search on a search engine.
  12. What is the importance of search to marketers?
    • People use search to find things that they want and need (It is a signal of intent)  
    • The Internet is a big place and having high rankings (1st page) on major search engines will get you seen. 
    • Top of search means top of mind awareness (Search visibility promotes brand recognition and stimulates brand recall)
    • People find organic search result more relevant and trustworthy.
    • You can catch a buyer at every stage of the
    • buying cycle.
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