Seventh Grade Ancient Phoenicia Social Studies Quiz

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  1. Define trade
    An exchange of goods for units of value between two individuals of two countries
  2. Define import
    Buying goods from another country
  3. Define export
    Selling goods to another country
  4. Define trade routes
    Roads or paths along which goods are regularly moved for export and inport
  5. Define treaty
    An agreement made between nations
  6. Define natural resources
    Materials from nature, such as trees or minerals, that are useful to the operation of a business or society
  7. Where would Phoenicia be located today? What is its size?
    Lebanon, 200 miles long and 30 miles wide
  8. On which part of the Mediterranean was Phoenicia located?
    On the eastern coast
  9. Name three important Phoenician city-states
    Tyre, Sidion, and Byblos
  10. Soil/mountain ranges
    Their soil was not terrible for irrigation but the mountain ranges in the east limited agricultural activity
  11. Key facts of purple dye?
    Made from squeezed snails on the Med. coast, very time consuming, very costly
  12. Key facts of cedar?
    one of the only natural resources. Reddish. very prized. "Cedars of Lebanon"
  13. What are some Phoenician trade goods?
    wine, weapons, slaves, cloth, glass, metals, and ivory
  14. Define colony
    A territory belonging to another country
  15. What was the reason for colonizing?
    Mainly for business
  16. Where was Carthage located? Facts?
    In present-day Tunisia in Africa. Established after 800 BCE. Had an important harbor that made it a favorite port of call for trade ships
  17. Which modern-day countries did Carthage set colonies at?
    Sicily, Sardinia, Marseilles, Barcelona, Cadiz, Malage, and Algeciras.

    MAINLY France, Spain, and Boston
  18. What was the crowning Phoenician achievement?
    The alphabet
  19. Why did the Phoenicians need writing - why not cuneiform?
    Keep business records - cuneiform too much of a hassle
  20. How many symbols were in the Phoenician alphabet?
  21. Who later adopted and changed the alphabet?
    The Greeks and the Romans
  22. Why was the Phoenician's writing system important?
    Simple so many people could write. Later helped development of science and industry
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