WWI Unit Review

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  1. What is trench warfare?
    Trench Warfare was a new type of warfare introduced in WWI. It is when you hide in big holes and get up out of them to attack the other side.
  2. What is a stalemate?
    A stalemate is when neither team is winning the fight. (a tie)
  3. What does MANIA stand for? Explain each letter.
    • M - Militarism, the building up of a country's army.
    • A - Alliances, an agreement between countries to defend each other in a war.
    • N - Nationalism, the belief that your own country is the best. (Unless you are Canadian, in which case you know your country is the worst.)
    • I - Imperialism, taking over other countries and territories.
    • A - Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.
  4. List details about the assassination that led to WWI.
    • Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated.
    • He belonged to Austria-Hungary.
    • He was murdered by Gavrilo Princip of Serbia.
  5. What is No Man's Land?
    No man's land is the land between the two trenches that the countries are fighting for.
  6. What is "the front?"
    The front is the front of the army lines. (Where the fighting takes place)
  7. What is going over the top?
    Going over the top is when the men in the trenches would leave to fight.
  8. What were the dangers of the trenches?
    The dangers of the trenches were bombings (could be actual exploding bombs or gas bombs) and trench foot.
  9. What two events broke America's neutrality?
    The two events that broke America's neutrality were the Zimmerman Telegram and the sinking of the Lusitania by German U-Boat Submarines.
  10. How did the US prepare for WWI?
    • Drafting
    • Rationing (Ex you could only buy sugar once a month)
    • Victory gardens
    • Victory bonds
    • Women went to work at factories
    • Metal drives
  11. How did new technology and weapons change WWI?
    • The death toll skyrocketed
    • The US benefitted from extra manufacturing
  12. How did submarine warfare impact WWI?
    • It made Germany almost win the war
    • It forced the US to enter the war
    • It took away freedom of the seas
  13. Why did so many soldiers die in WWI?
    New warfare and new weapons
  14. What new weapons were introduced in WWI?
    • Machine guns
    • Gas
    • Tanks
    • Airplanes
    • U-Boat submarines
  15. How did Wilson's 14 Points differ from the Treaty of Versailles?
    • The 14 points: tried to prevent future wars
    • Treaty of Versailles: tried to severely punish Germany
  16. Why did England and France want to punish Germany and the US didn't?
    England and France lost more lives, fought longer, lost more money, had land destroyed and wanted to make sure Germany wasn't a global force.
  17. How did the Treaty of Versailles crush Germany?
    Took away Germany's U-Boats, territories, economy, and military. It brought Germany to ruins.
  18. What did the Treaty of Versailles lead to?
  19. Which country left the war altogether in 1917?
  20. What were the two sides in the War?
    Allied Forces, Central Powers, and canada.
  21. Which country left the Central powers to join the Allies?
  22. Which country joined the Allies in 1917? (They were neutral at first)
    The United States
  23. List 5 countries that formed the Allies
    • England
    • France
    • (Later) US
    • (Later) Italy
    • Russia (Left in 1917)
    • Serbia
  24. List 3 countries that formed the Central Powers
    • Germany
    • Austria-Hungary
    • Ottoman Empire
  25. Which country was blamed for WWI?
  26. Which country should have been bombed during WWI?
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