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    • Is the north magnetic pole of the earth a north polarity or a south poliarity
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  1. What were early natural magnets know as?
  2. The south pole of one magnet is brought close to the south pole of another magnet. Will the magnets repel or attract each other?
    Like magnetisms repel each other
  3. How can the polarity of an electromagnet be determined if the direction of current flow is known?
    left hand rule
  4. Define Flux density.
    In the English system of measure, magnet strength is measured in a term called flux density. Represented by the symbol 'B' in algebraic equations.
  5. Define Permeability.
    Permeability is a measure of a material's to become magnetized
  6. Define Reluctance.
    Reluctnance is the resistance to magnetism.
  7. Define Saturation.
    When the magnet reaches a point where its strength increases only slightly with an increase in current. Saturation occurs when all molecules of the magnet material are lined up.
  8. Define coercive force.
    A measure of a materials ability to retain magnetism
  9. Define Residual magnetism.
    The amount of magnetism left in a material after the magnetizing force has stopped.
  10. A force of on ounce is equal to how many dynes?
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