gender test#1 set 2

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  1. Jaggar- social sciences
    Social science can be more feminized by focusing more on people. 

    Female researchers encounter problems with male dominated mindset that strives for empirical data. 
  2. Jaggar - Human Biology
    Values influence our interpretation of data. 

    Values free biology or egalitarian values. 
  3. Jaggar - Health Sciences
    Demistify women. Depathologize. 

    Mostly has been white men studying other white men.

    Bais can lead researchers to see what they want to see. 

    Just methodology is awareness of this bias. 
  4. Jaggar - Feminist Studies
    Went from white women to about all people. 
  5. Jaggar - Feminist Naturalism
    Thought of as undeserving - affirmative action hire.

    Gender naturalism is hard to prove. It also states that only naturalists and women are caring. 

    Can be addressed by taking an eclectic approach. 
  6. Jaggar - Feminist empericism
    New interests in women issues. 

    Women best to talk about women. 
  7. Jaggar - Feminist Postmoderism 
    An era and way of thinking that came about in modern times. Reality is not dependent on human thought. 

    Denies universal categories like masculine and feminine. 
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