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  1. Peter, Andrew, Philip, and Nathanael meet Jesus
    John 1
  2. Jesus clears the temple—early in His ministry
    John 2
  3. Nicodemus speaks with Jesus (being born again, “For God so loved the world…”)
    John 3
  4. Jesus speaks with a Samaritan woman at a well
    John 4
  5. Jesus is the Bread of Life
    John 6
  6. Jesus’ brothers urge Him to go to Jerusalem for the Passover, but He delays
    John 7
  7. Jesus’ public teaching in Jerusalem stirs up sharp, mixed reactions
    John 7
  8. Jesus pardons a woman caught in adultery
    John 8
  9. Jesus is the Light of the world
    John 8
  10. Jesus’ Father, Abraham, and the Pharisees’ dubious lineage
    John 8
  11. Jesus is the Good Shepherd
    John 10
  12. Jesus speaks of His dying and being glorified
    John 12
  13. Jesus speaks of Jerusalem’s leaders’ blind eyes and dead hearts
    John 12
  14. Four witnesses to Jesus’ equality with the Father
    John 5
  15. Life comes through the Son
    John 5
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