Gender test #1 Set 3

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  1. Ridgeway - Framed before we know it: how gender shapes our social relations
    We frame people into man and women, like scemas. The idea of self and other further frames us to focus on differneces and thus recreates inequality. 

    Family, culture and religion play a part in framing. 

    In innovative high tech firms women seem to excel in environments that are less formal and more flexible than in environments that are hierarchical. 
  2. Sprecher and Toro-Morn- A study of men and women from different sides of the earth to determine if men are from Mars and women are from Venus in their beliefs about love and romantic relationships. 
    The idea of romantic love is different across cultures. In the US men are more romantic, but in other cultures their is not gender difference in romanticism.

    Men score higher in some love styles across cultures, and women score higher then men in other styles across cultures. But their is quite a bit of variance across cultures as well. 
  3. Lorber - Men as women and women as men: Disrupting gender
    Ambiguity in the reproductive organs of some hemaphrodites allowed them to become and live as the sex they most identified with. 

    Sometimes girls will develop into boys after they reach puberty. 
  4. Fausto-Sterling - Of genes and gender
    Genes work in concurrence with environment. Behavior is not completely genetic nor is it completely environmental.

    Environmental factors also affect hormones in utero, may also affect the development of our genes and our sex. 
  5. Cherlin - American Marriage in the twenty first century
    There has been less marriage and more divorce in the last century. There are huge differences between the classes. If you have money you marry if you do not have money you live together. 

    Even though there has been and increase of divorce American still marry much more then other similar countries. 
  6. Coltrane - household labor and routine production of gender
    Men and women handle childcare differently. Men are more likely to do what they can, while women do what they physically can, ie. men will change diapers and the women will breast feed. 

    This study was a specific demographic that may not be reflective of the community as a whole. It may represent this demographic well, but is not generalizable.

    Men in this study were more likely to express their need to help with the child care. 
  7. Erickson and Pierce - Farewell to the organization man: The feminizaton of loyalty in high-end and low-end service jobs 
    The decline in manufacturing and the rise of the service sector have changed the loyalty employees have. 

    Women may be more loyal to the people they work for, but they are seen as less committed becuase they are also loyal to their family when in need. 

    In the example we see women in the high end jobs only in the lower rung positions. This held true in the lower end jobs. 

    Space relates to gender in terms of power. Those in the low end jobs seen to have more power because of the space they occupy with allows them to be in direct contact with the people who bring in the case flow. Customers. 
  8. Schilt and Wiswall - Before and after: Gender transitions, human capitol and workspace experiences
    Transgender employees show us that inequality exists when men become women or women become men. Wages are often lower or stagnant on the MTF side, while they are higher on the FTM side. 

    Men are not able to take their social capitol of being born men with them when the become women. 
  9. Torne - You still takin' notes? Fieldwork and the problem with informed consent
    Informed consent in mostly about regulations and  not about improving research. 

    • 3 dimensions of informed connect:
    • Knowledgeability
    • Voluntary
    • Competent
  10. Alcoff - the problem of speaking for others
    Speaking for others can be disempowering, but it can also help to be representative of a community. 

    Women are questioned when speaking for others while men are believed. 
  11. Narayan - How native is 'native' anthropologist
    Once you are studying a people you are no longer completely native. 

    No one is ever completely native in all contexts. 

    Enacting hybridity - bi cultural , all of us

    Shit on the road story
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