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  1. Responsibilities of the Nursing Assistant
    • one of the most important responsibilities of nursing assistant is to assist patients with activities of daily living. Activities of Daily living(ADLs)
    • Bathing and hygiene
    • Grooming and dressing
    • Eating and Drinking
    • Toileting

    • Exercising and Moving about
    • Job description is a list of your tasks and responsiblities in that facility

    • Assist patients with ADLs.
    • Make bed and keep units neat.
    • Measure patients' temperature, pulse,       respiration, and blood pressure.
    • Measure fluid intake and output.
    • Measure height and weight.
    • Assist in admitting, transferring, and discharging patients.
    • Communicate effectively with patients, visitors, and coworkers.
    • Observe, report, and record information.
    • Assist patients with restorative care.
    • Protect patient privacy
    • Follow safety rules
    • Follow facility policy 

    • As a rousing assistant you may not :
    • Give medications in any form.
    • Perform sterile procedures or suction secretions form patient's mouth or throat.
    • Start, adjust, or discontinue an IV infusion.
    • Take any written or verbal orders from a physician.
    • Do any procedures for which you have not been trained.
    • Supervise others.
  2. Providing Quality Patient Care
    All the responsibilities of the nursing assistant revolve around the delivery of quality patient care.

    An effective nursing assistant will encourage patient to do as much as the are able to do —— independently
  3. Personal Qualities of the Nursing Assistant 
    An effective nursing assistant will be: caring, respectful, dependable, honest and trustworthy, empathetic, considerate, patient, supportive, enthusiastic, proud.
  4. Job skills and performance
    Job performance includes your work habits, how you interact with people, and your competency.

    Three skills that improve job performance include being a team player, being flexible, and organizing your work.

    The ability to get along with other people is a necessary skill for any health care worker. In order to be a effective team player, you will need to be respectful, considerate, and cooperative. 

    A good team player is able to follow directions, so listen carefully when the nurse is giving orders or instructions.

    Flexibility is necessary because your schedule and your assignment may not always be the same.

    • The word organize means to arrange information, tasks, or things in an orderly manner. It involves planning, collecting supplies and equipment setting priorities, and managing your time.
    • Planning: as soon as you get a report from the nurse, make rounds and check on all of your assigned patients.
    • collecting supplies and equipment: being prepared shows courtesy and saves time for both of you.
    • Setting priorities: The sickest patients are usually cared for first. Long, involved procedures, such as a complete bed bath, are best done early in the shift. Regardless of the changes, setting priorities helps you get the most important tasks done on time. 
  5. new and expanded roles of the nursing assistant
    • The restorative nursing assistant(RNA)
    • The primary focus is on mobility and activities of daily living.
    • The subacute aide
    • The subacute unit in a hospital or long-term care facility provides specialized care to patient.

    • The hospice aide
    • Hospice provides care for terminally ill patients and their families.

    • The psychiatric aide
    • Psychiatric units or hospitals care for people who have psychological or mental problems.

    • The activity aide
    • The activity aide helps patients to meet social needs through planned activities. 
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