PSY 241 Lecture 2

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  1. Neuronal Membrane
    • Made up on phospholipid bilayer
    • Prevents most substances from freely passing
  2. 5 Ions that Surround Membrane
    • Cations(positively charged):
    • Sodium (NA+)
    • Potassium (K+)
    • Calcium (Ca2+)

    • Anions (negatively charged):
    • Chloride (Cl-)
    • Negatively charged proteins (A-)
  3. Distribution of ions across the neuronal membrane
    • Outside:
    • Sodium
    • Chloride
    • Calcium

    • Inside:
    • Potassium
    • Negatively charged proteins
  4. Ion Movement
    K+ and Cl- __________
    Na+ and Ca2+ do ____________
    A- proteins ARE ___________
    • K+ and Cl- PASS FREELY
    • Na+ and Ca2+ do NOT PASS EASILY
    • A- proteins ARE IMPERMEABLE
  5. Diffusion
    Spontaneous spread of molecules until a uniform concentration is achieved
  6. Electrostatic pressure
    Propensity of charged molecules or ions to move, via diffusion, toward areas with the opposite charge
  7. Intracelluar microelectrode:
    A conductive medium that can be used to ___________________ or _________ electrical potentials.
    A conductive medium that can be used to apply electrical current or record electrical potentials.
  8. Resting membrane potential (-60 mV)
    Neuron is more negative inside relative to outside of cell
  9. Sodium-potassium pump
    • excludes 3 Na+ ions for every 2 K+ ions taken into the cell
    • Requires energy supplied by ATP, which is converted to ADP
  10. What happens if you allow Sodium to pass easily?
    • Sodium rushes into the cell
    • Not at resting potential
    • Insert channels and Sodium
  11. Equilibrium potential
    • Potential at which force of diffusion is balanced by the force of electrostatic pressure
    • no net movement of the ion
    • K+ has equilibrium potential of -90 mV
    • Na+ has equilibrium potential of +55 mV
  12. The resting membrane potential can be simply altered by
    simply changing the permeability of the membrane
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