Micro 265

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  1. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
    Microscope builder and observed animolecules
  2. Lucretius
    Disease caused by invisible creatures
  3. Artistotle
    spontaneous generation
  4. Francesco Redi
    Cheesecloth on meat stopped maggots
  5. John Needleham
    Boiled broth sealed in jars still became turbid
  6. Lazzaro Spallanzani
    Sealed flasks of broth boiled and didn't become turbid= air required for microbes
  7. Louis Pasteur
    First to connect cause and effect, discovered fermentation, nature of disease and spontaneous generation
  8. Robert Koch
    methods and principles for isolation and pure bacterial cultures, proved cause of disease and discovered cause of tuberculosis
  9. Limitations of Koch's postulates?
    • pathogen growth on culture:¬†
    • required complex nutrients from host
    • slow growing organisms fail
    • organisms that can't grow on selected media fail
  10. Fannie Hesse and Richard Petri
    Pure culture isolation on agar petri dishes
  11. Edward Jenner
    Smallpox Vaccine
  12. Ferdinand Cohn
    Founder of bacteriology
  13. Sergei Winogradsky
    Concept of chemolithotrophy and autotrophy
  14. Martinus Bejerinck
    enrichment culturing method and concept of a virus
  15. Alexander Fleming
    Discovery of penicillin
  16. Howard Foley 
    Prod of penicillin on industrial scale
  17. Selman Waksman and Albert Schatz
    Discovery of streptomycin in soil bacteria foundation of modern pharmaceutical industry
  18. Thomas Brock
    Discovery of bacteria in boiling hotsprings - isolated Thermus aquaticus
  19. Carl Woese and George Fox
    Discovery of archaea
  20. Craig Venter and Hamilton Smith
    1st complete sequence of bacterial genome
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