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  1. Where is the Fire Extinguisher located in Booking?
    Officers Bathroom
  2. ____ in US Currency must be verified by another officer before placing it into evidence.
  3. What are the 5 practices in Leadership Challenge?
    • 1.  Model the way
    •      - set standards of excellence
    • 2.  Inspire a shared vision
    •      - believe you can make a difference
    • 3.  Challenge the process
    •      - look for ways to improve the agency
    • 4.  Enable others to act
    •      - build spirits
    • 5.  Encourage the heart
    •      - share rewards of their efforts
  4. Bill of Rights (LEO)

    When an where will interrogations be conducted?
    - a reasonable hour, preferably when subject is on-duty unless immediate action is required (0800-1700) 

    -  At the investigating officers office or local precinct.
  5. If an Officer is on Admin leave for more than 30 days and allegations are unsubstantiated he/she will be compensated what?
    - Missed City/Contract OT (Which calculated by prior 52 weeks prior to leave).
  6. Whenever an Officer uses Force or Strikes a 10-15, what must he do?
    Immediately notify a supervisor
  7. Who has the authority to impose an emergency suspension?
    • - Lt or Higher
    • - City Administrator in cases involving the Chief of Police
  8. Supervisors will conduct ______ informal inspections of all personnel & equipment and _______ formal inspection of one randomly chosen employee
    Daily & Daily
  9. How many days from issuance of a members training dates must a member notify his/her supervisor and the training Sgt if they must rescehdule?
    8 days
  10. I-20   Supervisors will conduct formal inspection of personnel & equipment how often? 
  11. I-21    What system is used to manage critical incidents or disasters? 
    I.C.S   Incident Command System
  12. 1)  Who can call for Full Dress Inspection?

    2)  What would be the discipline for missing the inspection? 
    1)  Chief of Police or Staff Inspection Authority

    2)  AWOL - Absence w/o leave
  13. When can an Officer make a warrantless entry?
    - Obtains consent from the owner/leasor

    - During FRESH / HOT pursuit (Felony)

    - If suspect committed a Violent crime and there is likelihood they will escape or posses a serious threat to public.
  14. What level of Protection does thr PPE kit provide for officers
    PPE = Level C

    Uniform = Level D
  15. Officers must live within ____ to take an assigned vehilce home?
    30 miles
  16. When may lethal force be used?
    • - Officer believes it is necessary
    • - to protect life
    • - to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm
    • - Ofc believes suspect has committed and continues imminent threat of death or harm
    • -Fleeing Felon posseses imminent threat
    • - Retaking Fleeing ESCAPED Felon who presents theat of death or harm if apprehension is delayed.
  17. In City Limits:   Off-duty and in Plain clothes... When will an Officer take action?
    • - ALL Felonies
    • - Serious Misd that occur in their presence
  18. What must be done prior to deploying a rifle or other superior weapon?
    Permission from Supervisor
  19. Can written material go in employees file w/o giving him a copy? 
  20. What must off-duty officers carry while in City limits? 
    • - Department Firearm
    • - Police ID
    • ** Recommended handcuffs & OC
  21. A juvenile will be processed, fingerprinted & imaged by WPBPD for all Felonies and WHAT Misdemeanors?   
    • - Assault
    • - Arson
    • - Battery
    • - CCW
    • - Child Abuse
    • - Cruelty to animals
    • - Open carrying a weapon
    • - Exposure of Sexual organs
  22. The Promotional Review Committee (oral board) will consist of ________?
    • - 3 Captains
    • - 1 Lt
    • - 1 rep from HR

    5 TOTAL
  23. WPB has ZERO tolerance for which crimes and Officer will arrest the offender? 
    • - Prostitution
    • - Narcotics Crimes
    • - Open Containers
    • - Aggressive Panhandling
  24. What type of calls can be handled by DPR?
    • - Delayed Thefts w/out any suspects
    • - Simple Battery / Assault where no imminent or future harm will occur
    • - GTA recovered Other Dept
    • - Vandalism
    • - Harsassing phone calls (not stalking)
    • - Lost property
    • - Suppl. reports w/ no follow-up
    • - Delayed Felony Crimes
  25. When can a supervisor refer an employee to EAP. 
    • - If an employee asks for assistance
    • - through assessment of job performance
  26. City will provide in the Line of Duty death benifits for funeral expenses in the amout of _________? 
  27. When may WPB officers exercise LEO authority outside the City limits? 
    - If jurisdiction is part of the PB County Mutual agreement
  28. What are the guidelines for advising a suspect of his/her Miranda rights? 
    • - Under arrest or custodial interrogation exists
    • - will read from WPBPD rights card
    • - Offender will sign the card or Write REFUSED or VIOLENT
    • - Place card into evidence
  29. Employee must appeal any adverse disciplinary action w/in _____ days?
    10 days
  30. NOTIFICATIONS - Officer Involved

    Who will be notified when ____ and by who? 

       1.  Death or Serious injury?
       2.  Non-Serious injury?
       3.  Notifying Next of Kin? 
    • 1)  Cheif of Police notified by On Duty Supervisor
    • 2)  Report Only
    • 3) Family of Officer will be notified by HIGHEST rank on duty.
  31. Prior to strip search, what must an Officer do? 
    • - Be of same gender
    • - get WRITTEN authorization from a Sgt or Higher prior to search. 
  32. What must an employee do BEFORE returning to work after approved absence, FMLA, light duty, modified duty, or restricted duty?
    • - Present Fitness for Duty from Doctor to HR
    • - HR must approve
    • - Supervisors & Commanders do not have that authority. 
  33. Officer handling domestic with child abuse allegations will contact the ____ to ensure children are placed with the appropriate caretakers?
    The Abuse Registry (Abuse Hotline)
  34. What are the penalties if a member uses deliberate course of action to gain an unfair advantage to get details? 
    1st Offense - No more than 180 days & terminated from details

    2nd Offense - 1 year suspension
  35. PTD's (Stop Stix) will not be used on ______ (unless lethal force is justified) and should not be used on _________ except in exigent circumstances?
    - Motorcycles, ATV's or Mopeds

    - Hazmat Vehicles, Buses w/ occupants, any surface other than concrete or pavement, a vehicle travelingg less than 25 mph. 
  36. If a S-8 (missing) is not located after _______, the missing person unit will contact reporting party to request fingerprints & dental records? 
    30 days
  37. An officer must be given at least _____ notice in advance of transfer, re-assignment, or change of shift?
    2 weeks
  38. If a person wants their vehicle returned during the process of towing from Private Property, that person must pay no more than _____ the posted rate for towing?
  39. The Department discourages the use of informants under ____ and PROHIBITS the use of informants under _______?
    18 yoa

    16 yoa
  40. CIT and the IAU will investiagte the following Incidents:
    • - Use of force resulting in Death or likely death
    • - Officer involved shooting when suspect is shot or Officer is shot
    • - Officer suffers a self inflicted gun shot
    • - In-Custody death
    • - Any incident Chief deems necessary
  41. What is the distance that sound is considered unreasonably loud, excessive, unnecessary or unusual noise? 
    Plainly audible more than 100 ft from property line
  42. A supervisor with the rank of ______ has the authority to conduct small scale op's with the approval of the ______?

    Division Commander
  43. An impounding Officer will respond to evidence w/in ______ days to verify currency taken if in execess of _______?
    - 5 working days

    - $1,000
  44. Evidence or Property will be listed in the following order (5) ________? 
    • 1.  Narcotics
    • 2.  Money
    • 3.  Guns
    • 4.  Jewelry
    • 5.  General Property
  45. Notification for property intended to be forefeited must be sent to owner within _____ days.  Paperwork must be forwarded to the Forfeiture unit within ____ of Siezure?
    5 days

    72 hours
  46. The amount of cash under the direct control of the Investigative Services Bureau Commander will not exceed _________?
  47. TRUE or FALSE

    Upon receiving notice of being selected for random drug testing, the member will immediately report to the testing facility? 
  48. Can an employees EAP records be released?
    Only if employee gives written consent
  49. Officer must file an arrest packet with the SAO within how many days? 

    What must an officer do if he/she is unable to comply? 
    - 10 days

    - Notify Supervisor who will approve/deny the delayed request.
  50. What should an Officer do if he stops a diplomat or diplomates family/staff for a traffic violation?
    - Write a ticket (non-criminal ticket is NOT an arrest)
  51. Under NO circumstances will ______ alarms be cancelled? 
    • - Hold Up
    • - Medical / Panic
    • - Silent Alarms
  52. An officer who completes a S-8 report for a child between the ages of _______, endangered persons, elderly or disabled persons, can utilize the "A Child is Missing"... However, this service will not be used for the following ________? 
    2 - 12

    Habitual runaways
  53. Can dispatch cancel a Domestic Violence Call? 
  54. TASERS has a range of ____  feet and gives a _____ electrical burst?
    21 feet or 25 feet

    5 second burst
  55. The _____ is responsible for the daily inspection of the prisoner holding area / cells? 
    Division II dayshift commander....

    If not available, Division I dayshift commander will assume role.
  56. If an Officer wants to assist another agency in a Pursuit (in our city), the Officer will get permission from a _____ to use PTD's?
    Shift Commander
  57. What does CBRNE mean?
    • Chemical
    • Biological
    • Radiological
    • Nuclear
    • Explosive
  58. If a prisoner is removed from the holding cell for longer than ____, the log will be marked with the time out? 
    15 minutes

    Supervisors will not change out their own MVR tapes

    Officers will advise the public if they are using a MVR that they are being audio and video taped?
  61. Can an Officer TEST FIRE the TASER a second time during their shift?
    No, unless approved by a supervisor
  62. A Police Officer may only pursue when _______? 
    • - A violent felony has occured
    • - Violation posses an immediate threat to public safety or other police officers (Drunk Driver)
  63. Upon conducting a 10-50, an Officer will inform dispatch of the following: 
    • - Location of Stop
    • - Vehicle description
    • - Tag #
    • - Info on occupants
  64. Only ____ vehicles will be authorized in a pursuit unless authorized by a supervisor?
    2 vehicles

    K9 will be in addition to the 2 units if used
  65. Can WPB Officers use a roadblock to stop pursuit?
    Only if authorized by LT or Higher and as a last resort when lethal force is justified.

    All complaints, including anonymous onces against Officers will be investigated? 
  67. Fixed road blocks will be manned by a minimum of ______ officers?
  68. In what locations will PBA bulletin boards be posted?
    • - Patrol briefing room
    • - Admin section
    • - CID
  69. Who is responsible for protecting and preserving evidence at a crime scene?
    First Officer on scene
  70. What is the code for the bait car activation?
  71. Can a Police vehicle be used to push a disabled vehicle
  72. When may a short form be used for a S4
    • - Damage over $500 w/no injuries
    • - Hit & Run with NO SUSPECTS / NO INJURIES
    • - City Owned vehicle, other than Police with NO injuries
  73. Promotional Test is given every _____ numbered years (in September) and the city will give ____ notice before the test?
    Even numbered years

    90 days
  74. Carroll Doctrine
    Warrantless search of a car may be made as long as PC exists that the car contains contraband, weapon, or evidence

    Entire car can be searched
  75. Define Terry Stop
    Reasonable Suspicion Stop
  76. US vs Mendenhall
    Regarding Consentual encounters...

    - States a person is seized only when his freedom or movement is restrained
  77. State vs Simmons
    Investigatory Stop

    -  A well founded suspicion that criminal activity is a foot
  78. How long are S4 reports kept confidential
    • - 60 days
    • - unless requested by parties involved or their laywers
    • - involved insurance companies
  79. During an IA, Officer will answer all questions truthfully.  If found lying or refusing to answer questions, he/she will be _______?
  80. If an explosion occurs, _______ will assume control until the emergency is over?
    Fire Department
  81. Searches of areas during a bomb threat will be done until _____ of the time of detonation and will resume ______ after said detonation time.
    30 min prior

    30 min after
  82. Who is responsible for completing the control of persons report?
    - Responsibility of Shift commander of the involved member

    - In absence of involved members commander, shift commander for the district it occurred in will complete report.  ** Report will be forwarded to members division
  83. Promotional Exam Process will be broken down as follows: __________
    • Written 40%
    • Assessment 40%
    • Oral Interview  20%
  84. An employee must file a grievance or dispute to his immediate supervisor within ______ days of the incident.  The supervisor will respond within _________
    5 days

    3 days
  85. What is the difference between SOP's and Rules & Reg's?
    SOP's is a guide

    R&R's are specific directives which no deviations or exceptions are allowed
  86. How much petty cash will be kept in the cash drawer located in the records section?
  87. Upon arrival to a bomb threat, Officers will turn off all radio's, phones, etc.... within _______ feet of the area?
    300 feet
  88. What time are use of Power tools and landscape equip prohibited? 
    8pm - 7am
  89. Who will condcut a predetermination hearing?

    Are you allowed to carry a firearm?
    - A Captain or higher NOT from the same division

    - NO
  90. What must an officer do after being placed on Emergency Suspension? 
    report to the Bureau Commander or designee @ 1000 hrs the next business day.
  91. When/Who must you update your address/numbers after changing it?
    To Staff Services w/in 24 hrs
  92. No officer will be forced to drive a vehicle more than _____ yrs old or with more than ______ miles?
    6 yrs / 140K miles
  93. Who will conduct Promotional exams?
    Director of HR
  94. Comprehensive Staff Inspections are to be conducted w/in all organizational components at least every _________?
    3 yrs
  95. What is the Authorized Duty round?
    180 grain CC1 Gold Dot 40 cal.
  96. Unclaimed property will be kept for _____ days after the conclusion of a court proceeding which no claim of ownership has been made?
    60 days
  97. If Officer becomes involved with another LEO Agency as a Detainee, Suspect or Arrestee, what is to be done? 
    • - Notify on duty shift supervisor
    • - Shift supervisor will respond to the scene (to monitor)
    • - Shift supervisor will contact IAU
  98. What are Supervisory Officers responsible for?
    • - Leadership
    • - Supervision
    • - Direction
    • - Assisting Subordinates
    • - Inspections
  99. Who often will Platoon or Section files be purged? 
    Every 3 years
  100. How long does an employee have to dispute a negative entry into personal file?
    10 days

    * May write response that will also go in permanent file
  101. What incidents require a control of persons report to be completed by a supervisor?
    • - Use of K9
    • - When physcal force, soft, hard or OC is used
    • - When 10-15 is charged with R/A w/ Violence- Impact weapon is used
    • - Firearm is discharged
    • -In custody deaths
  102. Patrol Officers will process ______ burgalry's and stolen vehicles unless exigent circumstances exist.

    - A supervisor must be notified if unable to process
  103. 2 officers should be present when meeting an informant of the ________?
    Opposite gender
  104. During an IA Investigation, can a Officer be forced to take a Polygraph or CVSA?
  105. When are members prohibited from working overtime details?
    • - On light duty
    • - Admin Leave
    • - Leave of Absence
    • - FMLA
    • - Military Leave
    • - Relieved of duty / detail by supervisor
    • - During RE-Evalution period
    • - On FTO
    • - On Probation
    • - On 2nd or 3rd day of rotation
  106. Who is responsible for the after action report for an extra duty detail?
    The highest ranking or senior officer on the detail
  107. Who must approve outside employment?
    Chief of Police
  108. Who's responsible for identifying and correcting problems of a recruit during FTO?
    The FTO
  109. Officers will have their issued PPE fit tested how often?
  110. A _______ will supervise the search of the suspected device at a Bomb call? 
    Road Supervisor
  111. Members will receive ______ training/refresher on the pistol, Taser, Rifle, and Use of Force?  
  112. Value for Forfeitures
    • - Vehicles:  $2500
    • - Aircraft Vessles:  $5000
    • - Cash $500
    • - Real Property $10,000
  113. Who is not permitted in the prisoner holding area when prisoners are present? 
    • - Building maintenance staff
    • - Citizen ride a longs
    • - Attorneys (meet in CID)
  114. Can department owned Firearms be taken outside Florida?
    No, unless prior approval of the Chief of Police or designee
  115. What must be done when transporting a 10-15 with blood or bodily fluids present?
    Notify supervisor and go directly to the WPBPD booking facility..
  116. What must be done if a holding room becomes contaminated? 
    • - Mark room with DO NOT USE tag
    • - Notify Building Facility Supervisor
  117. Who is responsible for cleaning a contaminated Police Car?
    Notify Supervisor...

    • During Business hours, car wash laborer will clean car
    • After Hours:  Officer is resposible
  118. Who must a member contact if they are unable to make court of Depo due to an illness?
    • - Court Liaison
    • - Court division of scehduled appearance
  119. What wiil the Officer do when he exercises authority outside the City Limits?
    • - Immediately notify agency / jurisdiction once situation is under control
    • - Turn investigation over to the them
    • - Offer assistance / provide statement
    • - Notify WPBPD on duty Shift Commander
  120. While in PPE, Officers will work in teams of ____ and will alterante between work and rest in cycles of at least _____ in duration?
    • Teams of 2
    • 30 minutes
  121. AN EEO/ADA complaint must be forwarded to HR within _______ days?
    ONE business day
  122. Which is a Felony; 

    Theft of will / stop sign / fire extinguisher
    ALL the above
  123. How long will members serve on the awards board?
    2 years
  124. Members who fail to attend scheduled training or denied due to tardiness or improper dress will be subject to ________?
    Progressive Discipline
  125. What is Kouzes Posner "1st Law of Leadership"?
    * If you dont believe the messenger, you wont believe the message"
  126. Members on extended leave status will contact their supervisors _______ to check on subpoena's?
  127. Who handles requests for Dignitary Protection details?
    Requests to to Field Ops  Commander who will direct/coordinate the detail with the special events coordinator
  128. What is Kouzes-Posner 2nd Law of Leadership?
    * Do what you say you will do!
  129. All property will be disposed of within ______ months after legal requirements have been satisfied? 
    6 months
  130. Vehicle Bomb threats will be searched/investigated by who?
    Bomb Techs only
  131. Once a S20 is medically cleared & Stabalized, it's the responsibilty of _______ to arrange transport to a treating facility (regulated under COBRA Law)?
    ER or Medical Facility
  132. Define "Code 2" response and what calls can Officers respond Code 2?
    - Response is urgent but non-life threatening situation

    • - In progress property crimes
    • - Request of 10-94
    • - Alarms
    • - Domestics
    • - Prowler
    • - S20
    • - S4 with Possible Injuries
  133. If an officer makes contact with a person who has a "Address Confidentiality Card", officer will use ________, not correct address.
    Address written on the card
  134. What is a Felony Theft?  (FSS 812.014)
    • - Excess of $300
    • - a will
    • - Firearm
    • - GTA
    • - Farm Animal
    • - Fire Extinguisher
    • - From a posted construction site
    • - Stop sign
    • - Anhyrdous Ammonia
    • - Any person convicted of 2 or more previous thefts
  135. (SEIU)
    How are senority points awareded and what are the maximum points awarded?
    .25 (1/4) points each completed year

    max of 5 points
  136. Upon  reciept of a subpoena, what will the officer do? 
    Contact the issuing authority and provide a contact number to be reached between 0800- 1730 hrs
  137. How many days does an officer have to retake the written firearm proficency test if they fail?
    - Within 7 days

    • Needs 80% on firearm
    •           70% on written test to pass
  138. Recovered S10

    - Owner may request method of pick up of vehicle as long as its within _________?

    - Officer will not allow owner to drive car if ________? 
    30 min

    Ignition or steering column is tampered with ordamaged
  139. If compensated for 3 hr minimum for court, must wait at least _____ hours before an additional 3 hours can be collected?
    60 minutes
  140. Any officer recieving _______ or more personal complaints in the previous two years will be listed on the EWS 1 list ?
    5 or more
  141. Noise Ord 34-43

    When is a car alarm considered a nuisiance?

    What is the fine?
    - When audible over 100 ft and for over 30 minutes

    - $50
  142. (Light Duty)

    If an employee can not return to normal duty within _____, he/she may be eligible for early retirement or released from duty?
    360 days
  143. (Light Duty)

    Employees placed on temporary assignment will be evalutated every _____ days and every _____ days thereafter up to a maximum of ______ days?
    • - 90
    • - 90
    • - 360
  144. Before a suspect on Parole be used as an informat, an officer must _______?
    - request permission from the subjects parole officer and judge.
  145. Upon arriving at a major scene, a Patrol Sgt will do the following:
    • - ensure the area is taped off with crime scene tape
    • - ensure CID/SID are notified (if necessary)
    • - ensure Officer starts a crime scene log
    • - ensure area is canvassed for witnesses
  146. What is to be done if an AD occurs during a control of persons incident?
    • - supervisors notify and respond
    • - shift commanders notifys CIT commander asap
    • - CIT commander wil determine who will investigate
    • - IA will be notified and will respond where injury is involved
  147. For Disciplanary Purposes "A DAY" is defined as:
    8 hrs
  148. Drug Testing:

    - How many people with the Dept attempt to be tested each month?

    - What is the monthly average of people tested in a 12 month period?
    - Dept will attempt no more than 25 and no less than 15 each month

    - monthly average will be 20 per month
  149. How many controls of persons / use of force in previous 12 months will put them on EWS II?
  150. When a statement of complaint is filed, it will be forwarded to the _____ who will deterime who will investigate?
    IAU and reviewed by the Chief of Police
  151. What should an officer do if their citations are lost or stolen?
    Notify a supervisor and write a report
  152. What will an officer do if he receives a subpoena to testify for the defendant?
    Notify a supervisor and provide copy of subpoena
  153. What is done if an AD occurs with NO control of persons involved?
    • - Supervisor will respond to the scene
    • - Shift commander will complete a memo
    • - memo goes to training / range master for review
    • - IA will be notified
  154. Noise Control Ord

    What time is construction permitted? 
    • Mon - Fri   7am - 7pm
    • Sat - Sun  8am - 8pm
  155. If a member receives discipline requests a predetermination hearing, when must it be scheduled?
    No less than 2 business days
  156. How often may a citizen conduct a ride-a-long?
    One every 60 days
  157. What method is used for the drug testing process?
  158. What discipline will an officer receive if they install unauthorized software on their MCU?

    What if the software affects the performance of the MCU?
    Min 8 hour suspension

    Min 24 hour suspension
  159. Officer/employee will be required in a post accident drug testing based on reasonable suspicion when a shift commander or higher determines the officer is at fault and causes a ________?
  160. What incidents REQUIRE supervisors notification?
    • - Injury to officer
    • - Death Investigations (natural)
    • - Plan/Deploy of 3 or more officers
    • - Transport of 2 or more 10-15's in one car
    • - 10-15 has bodily fluids on him
    • - exposure
    • - Police car contamination
    • - 10-15 needs medics
    • - 10-50 of a diplomat
    • - Unable to notify next of kin
    • - Officer leaves city limits
    • - Vehicle pursuit
    • - All Felony arrests
    • - Hate crimes
    • - Sexual Battery
    • - Situation of arrest or UN-Arrest
    • - Held over shift
    • - Domestic when unable to speak to victim
  161. How many hours will each member contribute annually to the PBA Pool?
    4 hrs
  162. A member will notify the court liason not later than ________ prior to anticpated leave?
    21 days
  163. Mutual Aid with other agencies can be called upon for what circumstances?
    • - civil disturbances
    • - large protests
    • - transportation disasters
    • - fires
    • - disaters
    • - sporting events
    • - concerts
    • - public school graduations
    • - parades
    • - escpaes
    • - incidents requiring specialized units
  164. When shoud treatment begin on any significant exposure?

    What should be done?
    Within 2 hours

    Contact concentra then respond there or to the nearest ER to start treatment
  165. If a member arrives late to a OT detai (less than 1 hour) what is the discipline?
    •  - 1st time - documented verbal counseling
    •  - 2nd time in 12 months - count as a missed detail
  166. What incidents require supervisor RESPONSE?
    • - Officer invovled shooting, R/A, Batt LEO, use of force
    • - Disasters
    • - Hostages
    • - AD by officer
    • - Prisoner escapes
    • - Arrest of Police / Public offical
    • - Any major crime (S5, S41, S30 w/ excessive loss, S35 when a vict refuses to prosecute, S38 invest of a LEO
    • - Misconduct of a LEO
    • - Officer involved S4
    • - Pursuits
    • - Lost S8 Children
    • - Suicide
  167. NY vs Belton
    Arizon vs Ganc

    - search of passenger compartment is OK incident to arrest (not on NTA)
  168. Model the Way
    People will first follow the person, then the plan
  169. Isnpire a Shared Vision
    A dream or vision is the force that invents the future
  170. Challenge the Process
    It is important to look outside the organiztion to innovate products, processes and services
  171. Leaders are Learners:
    Try, Fail, Learn
  172. Encourage the Heart
    Write a personal thanl you note
  173. What are soft control techniques
    • - have minimal chance of injury to Officer and/or others
    • - Escort position
    • - Pressure points
    • - Empty hand, joint locks
    • - Assisted empty hand locks using impact tools
    • - Handcuffing and/or restraints
  174. Are officers justified to use their Firearm against a MISD Offender
    No - unless the arrest escalates to the point that Officer must defend himself or another from death or great bodily harm
  175. Can officers shoot animals that present threat to harm them or others?
    Yes - notify supervisor and if animal is killed or injured must contact PBC Animal Control to respond
  176. What is the theory of escalation used for determining level of force justified?
    ONE plus ONE theory
  177. (Officer in IA)

    During interrogation, all questions will be asked on that ONE investigation?  True or False
  178. What are HARD control techniques?
    • Techniques that have probability of injury to Officer and/or suspect
    •     1.  Punches/kicks
    •     2.  Impact Weapons
    •     3.  Less Lethal force
    •     4.  K-9 Use
  179. Who is authorized to call out personell regardless of assignment, in the event of an emergency to resolve the situation?
    A shift commander or above
  180. How often will supervisors inspect MCU's?
  181. Can officers access internet thru third party gateways>  (AOL, Facebook, etc)
  182. The Objectives of the Performance Eval System of employees is for?
    • - allows supervisors to review how well members carry out their duties
    • - help members recognize their own performaces strengths & weaknesses
    • - Improve performance/communication between officer and supervisor
    • - to measure individual performace
    • - identify training needs
  183. When is a WPB Officer NOT authorized to act outside the City?
    When personally involved

    It involves family, friends, or neighbors
  184. What are the duties and responsibilites of a Police Sergeant?
    • - Supervises, Trains, & Evaluates
    • - Patrols assigned areas of the City
    • - Responds to citizen complaints
    • - Responds to calls for services involving crimes
    • - responds to general public calls for service
    • - Completes and checks reports
    • - Conducts briefings
    • - Cordinates investigations and contacts personnel
    • - Advises employees on Policy & Procedures
  185. The 6 hours of detention WILL NOT include the following for a juvenile?
    • - apprehention on the street
    • - time in back of crusier
    • - entry into booking
    • - when a juvenile is placed in a unlocked room
    • - time juvenile is in secure booking area for processing purposes only
  186. Every effort will be made to release or transport a prisoner within _____ hours.  Under no circumstances will a prisoner be held longer than _______ hours.
    4 hours

    6 hours
  187. A strip search is defined as:
    - removal or re-arranging of clothing to permit visual inpection of genitals, buttocks, breasts, or undergarments. 
  188. If a vehicle is determined to have been traded for Narcotics and/or victim refuses to cooperate the vehicle _______ be entered into FCIC/NCIC as stolen.
  189. When do US Senators and US Reps have privilege from arrests?
    Only when traveling to and from legislative session

    Privilege does not mean Officer will not arrest, means it would be set aside. 
  190. _______ items will not be taken into custody for storage?
  191. When must a discrimination or harassment complaint be made from date of alleged incident?
    Within 365 days.
  192. How often must members retrain on non-lethal weapons?
  193. Extra Duty

    What are the levels of discipline for OT?  (75% rule, over 1 hours late, missing detail or exceeding 18 hr rule)
    • 1st viol:   not exceed 45 day suspension
    • 2nd viol:  not exceed 90 days
    • 3rd viol:   not exceed 180 days
    • 4th viol:   not exceed 1 year
  194. Can ASR/OC be used to dispurse a hostile crowd?
    Yes and a report must be written . supervisor notified
  195. Mincy vs Arizona
    Officer may make a protective sweep to verify potential dangers or destruction of evidence.

    (Search warrant is still needed after search)
  196. Edwards vs Arizona (Edwards rule)
    Minnicle vs Mississippi
    Edwards:  states questioning must stop when attorney is requested

    Minnicle:  after suspect asks for attorney, then one must be present for all subsequent interviews
  197. Can a LEO use an anonymous tip to stop/investigate?
    Yes, but only if info can be independently corroborated
  198. Minnesota vs Dickerson
    - Fruits of weapon search states Officer does not need a warrant to sieze narcotics while frisking a suspect as long as it's instantly recognizable by "plain feel"
  199. U
  200. Under ICS, what color codes are assigned to Police Personnel?
    • Officer - Yellow
    • Sgts    - Red
    • Lt's     - White
    • Capt's  - White
  201. When interrogating a juvenile, it can not take longer than _______ w/o approval from a supervisor?
    3 hours
  202. If layoffs occur, how would this be done?
    • 1st)   Temp employees
    • 2nd)  Probationary employees
    • 3rd)  Regular employees by reverse seniority
  203. Who can grant a leave of absence?
    City Administrator with Recommendation of the Chief of Police
  204. What items will Department reiburse for Officer if lost or damaged while on duty?
    Personal items such as watches, prescription glasses, hearing aids, etc....

    JEWERLY is not covered! 
  205. Bomb Threats:

    Interior searched will be conducted by whom?
    Employee or person familiar with the location
  206. Juveniles arrested for Felonies or crimes involving violence an Officer must notify who?
    • - The school principle of their school if during school hours
    • -  If after hours, notify school board PD
    • *  Document in report
  207. Juveniles will be photographed and fingerprinted if arrested for ____________?
    • Assault
    • Assault on LEO/Fire
    • CCW
    • Petit Theft
    • Open Carry of Weapon
    • Poss of Firearm
    • Cruelty to Animals
    • Battery
    • Child Neglect
    • Use of Bombs
    • Arson
    • Discharge of Firearm
  208. If the next of kin is unable to be notified, what must be included in the report?
    Next of Kin NOT notified
  209. If the total amount of money is _______ or more, the evidence supervisor or designee will respond to verify currency after hours?
  210. Officer may make an arrest in PBSO jurisdiction when?
    • When a forcible Felony or act of Domestic Violence occurs and.....
    •     a) incident occurred within 24 hrs
    •     b) Officer notifies PBSO supervisor of that district.
  211. If during the course of an investigation new evidence shows PC DOES NOT exist for the arrested person, what will an Officer do?
    • Release subject immediately
    • Notify a supervisor prior to release
    • Explain the situation to the subject
    • Transport the subject back to the scene or
    •      better on request
    • Make subkect "Whole Again" (retrieving
    •      belongings)
    • Write a Report
  212. WPBPD will only stop or seize a motor vehicle or subjects when _______ exists that they have or will committ a crime or infraction?
    Reasonable Suspicion
  213. The City will have patrol vehicles speedometers calibrated every_______?
    6 months
  214. What is included in a vehicle puruit review?
    • 1.  Case #, date & time of pursuit
    • 2.  Length of time of pursuit
    • 3.  Distance traveled
    • 4.  Availabilty / use of Air 1
    • 5.  Active pursuit units (ID#, Radio #, Car
    •      #, MVR)
    • 6.  Assisting Units - K9, Supervisors, etc
    • 7.  Type of vehicle pursued
    • 8.  Offenders name, sex, DOB, age
    • 9.  Max Speed
    • 10.  Reason for Pursuit
    • 11.  How it ended
    • 12.  Charges
    • 13.  Injuries
    • 14.  Supp Narratives
    • 15.  Reports
  215. A complaint review board will meet only for crimes involving discipline of supervision of more than?  3 reasons.....
    • 3 days
    • demotion
    • dismissal
  216. When will shift bids start, be posted and take effect?
    • Starts in November
    • Posted 2nd week of December
    • Take effect 1st pay period begins after Jan 1.
  217. Officers may choose his shift by senority basis (1's or 2's / Days or Nights / Early or Late) but unable to choose?  ____________
    Zone or Division
  218. Members will have training every _______ years in the interaction w/ persons suffering from mental illness?
    3 years
  219. Who will a member report improper conduct to?
    • - to the offending officers supervisor
    • - if the offender is the Sgt, go to his Lt
    • - if Lt or Highter, notify your Sgt
  220. What acts are prohibited on duty?
    • Sleeping / loafing
    • Recreational reading
    • Condcuting private business
    • Drinking (unless part of duty w/ sup approval)
    • Carrying articles which may distract from duty
  221. What are the MINIMUM qualifications to apply for Sgt?
    • - Serve at least 4 yrs regular civil service status as Police Officer
    • - Must have AA degree or 60 credits
    • - OR 6 yrs off probation and 30 credits
  222. Can a member rotate from one specialized unit to another?
  223. Can an Officer store department issued equipment in the trunk of a patrol car?
    Only if the trunk release button inside the car has been deactivated
  224. All City and Police budgets will be audited how often?
  225. During a shooting or CIT incident, a supervisor will ensure a dispatch supervisor will notify the following:
    • CIT Supervisor
    • IAU Commander
    • CSI
    • CID Commander
    • Division Commander of involved member
    • EAP coordinator
    • PIO
    • Chief of Police
  226. What type of complaints WILL BE investigated by IAU?
    • Use of Force with Serious injuries
    • Corruption
    • Breach of Civil Rights
    • Conduct of Moral Turpitude
    • Criminal Miscondcut
    • In Custody Death (monitor only)
    • Officer Involved Shooting
    • Any complaint deemed by LEO
  227. Who is responsible for the fiscal year budget management, accounting, cost control & analysis, department expendatures, etc??
    The Support Services Division Commander
  228. Any employee who is convicted of a violation of a criminal drug statue must notify the city in writing no later than _______ after such conviction.
    5 days
  229. If an Officer has a POSITIVE drug test result, he/she may explain or contest the result w/in _____ days to MRO?
    5 days
  230. The Staff Inspections officer will conduct an audit of expenditure funds ______ of SID or when requested by _______?
    • Quarterly
    • Chief of Police
  231. Emergency purchases or rental agreements can be made with who's approval? 
    And how much?
    • Purchasing Agent - $1,000 and under
    • City Administrator - $1,000 and over
  232. What must be present to call for a drug testing for cause and who must recommend it?
    • Reasonable suspicion must exist
    • The test must be ordered by a supervisor at least one level higher that the member in question immediate supervisor
    • The order/request must provide written documenation of the reasonable suspicion
  233. CURFEWS

    What are the rstricted hours for Minors?
    • Sun - Thur  10pm to 6am
    • Fri  & Sat    11pm to 6am

    • 1st offense - written warning
    • 2nd offense - $50 fine + court costs
    • After not to exceed $500 
  234. When can Officer remove TASER probes?
    • When they DO NOT penetrate the:
    •      Face, Neck or Groin

    If they do must be removed by medical facility
  235. When can a TASER be used?
    When a subject is threatening himself or others with physical force

    Other means of lesser have been ineffective and the threat still exists
  236. Can the TASER be used in a Deadly Force situation?
  237. What acts are prohibited for use of the TASER?
    • Needless display
    • Careless muzzle control
    • Use against person in punitive manner
    • Threat of use during interrogation
    • Using to wake a person up
    • Use on a known pregnant woman
    • Use on a helpless/disabled person
    • Carelessness in storage
    • Abuse of equipment
    • Failure to report damage
    • Failure to log out device
  238. Who can authorize the deployment of less lethal ordance system (SAGE)
    Shift commander or other commander and he/she must be on scene
  239. Who maintains control of the SAGE gun for patrol?
    On Duty shift commander in trunk of his/her vehicle
  240. When is an Officer considered late to a detail and will be marked as a missed job?
    More than 1 hour
  241. How may Officers working an Overtime detail will require a supervisor and of what rank?
    • 5 or more..... Sgt
    • 10 or more... 2 Sgts
    • 15 or more... LT and 2 Sgts
  242. What must be included with the Evidence form when placing a Firearm into Evidence?
    • Firearm will be entered into FCIC/NCIC
    • Copy of NCIC/FCIC printout w/ control #
    • ATF Tracking form
  243. Can a warning shot be fired?
    Mincey v Arizona
    Police can do a protective sweep of a crime scene prior to getting a warrant, to protect evidence, and verify any potential dangers.
  245. US v Santana
  246. “Hot Pursuit” of a Fleeing Felon
  247. A sexual battery victim is telling an officer, prior to the arrival of a Detective, that she wants to sign a "Waiver of Prosecution form"  Does the supervisor have to be notified or respond?
  248. How often will supervisors conduct inspections of the MCU's assigned to their personnel? 
    At least once per month
  249. Platoon or Section Files will be purged every ________ years?
    • 3 years
    • Forwarded to Records custodian for proper disposition
  250. Procedure for assistance, observing an employee experiencing a personal problem or crisis come from recognizing that problems exist.  What are some symptoms or behavior characteristics of this nature?
    • - Inability to relax
    • - Missing deadlines
    • - Having accidents
    • - Making errors
    • - withdrawing from or avoiding co-workers
    • - sluggishness or not able to complete tasks
    • - being late or absent frequently
    • - having conflicts with others
  251. How many visits are alloted per year to EAP and who is allowed to go?
    • - 6 per family member
    • - immediate family members
  252. The WPB has ZERO tolerance for the following crimes:
    • Prostitution
    • Narcotics
    • Open Containers
    • Aggressive Panhandling
  253. Property will be listed in groups of similar types of property on the Property / Evidence Receipt in the following order:
    • A.  Narcotics
    • B.  Money
    • C.  Guns
    • D.  Precious metals, valuable jewelry
    • E.  General Property
  254. The amount of cash under the direct control of the Investigative Service Bureau Commander will not exceed ______ unless designated by the Chief
  255. The department prohibits the use of an informat who is less than _____ year.

    Discourages the use of _____ yoa.
    • Under 16 yoa is prohibited
    • Under 18 is discouraged
  256.  When can a supervisor make a referral to EAP?
    • - At the employees request
    • - or on the basis of job performance
  257. If a member is unable to work an extra duty detail due to an illness, they must do what as soon as practical?
    • - Cancel detail on Power Details and send alert
    • - If no one takes job within 2 hrs of start time, you will notify on duty shift commander of your illness
  258. Who's responsible to release the identity of a deceased person to the media? 
    PIO or Designated CID personnel
  259. A predetermination hearing is an opportunity to offer what?
    Mitigating circumstances as to why you should not be disciplined
  260. Will a Supervisor be notified or respond to the scene when a traffic stop is conducted on a diplomatic officer or ambassador?
  261. How long can a vehicle be held for investigation?
    5 days
  262. Define Terry Stop
    A stop that an officer has reasonable suspicion that a crime has been or was about to be committed
  263. Under the Silver Alert Plan, the missing person must be:
    • - 60 years of age or older
    • - have been diagnosed with an impairment such as dementia
  264. How long does an applicant who was NOT hired, stay on file?
    2 Years
  265. If it is clear that the complainant wishes to file a formal complaint, the supervisor documenting the complaint will provide a _____ _______ to the complainant for completion. 
    Statement of complaint form
  266. SEIU

    How many days does an employee get for bereavement leave?
    5 days
  267. If a vessel or aircraft is seized, who is responsible to ensure adequate protection until arrangements can be made for storage during the forfeiture proceedings?
    The seizing officers supervisor
  268. TASER...
    Who will download TASER information after use? 
    Shift Commander or designee
  269. How often will audits be conducted of the Records Management system for verification of all passwords, access codes and access violations?
  270. Complaints which are likely to have serious adverse impact upon the Police Department will be reported how? 
    Without delay, through the Chain of Command to the Chief of Police
  271. Who is responsible for notifying Dispatch of any change of assignments of members under the supervision during their shift
    Line Supervisor
  272. When catastrophic emergency conditions require abandoning the Dispatch Operation floor, essential functions and equip will be transferred to _________?
    Room 1110 - across from the Field Ops Bureau Commanders Office
  273. Alternative powersources are available in the form of battery back-up and generators... The back-up system can power Communications for a minimum of ______ days?
  274. When a suspected device is located, a minimum of _______ bomb techs will respond to the scene to perform the render safe procedure?
  275. Define BNICE
    • B- Biological
    • N - Nuclear
    • I - Incendiary
    • C - Chemical
    • E - Explosives
  276. FSS 870.044
    The following acts are prohibited during the period of a state of emergency:
    • - The sale of Firearms or Ammo
    • - The Display of Firearms or Ammo by or in any store or shop
    • - The possession of a Firearm in a public place except by LEO's or Military
  277. FSS 870.045
    During a state of emergency, the Chief of Police may order all or any of the following in whole or part:
    • - Establish curfews; prohibit or restrict pedestrian or vehicular movement
    • - Prohibit the sale of Alcohol
    • - Prohibit the possession of Alcohol in public place
    • - Close places of assemblage
    • - Prohibit the sale of gasoline or flammable liquids, except by delivery to gas tanks properly attached
    • - Prohibit the possession of portable containers containing gas or flammable liquids
  278. Can a member be ordered to submit to a Truth Verification Test (poly or cvsa)?
  279. An assigned CCIF Investigation will be completed within _____ days.  Who can authorize an extention?
    30 days....  Chief of Police
  280. It is the Policy of the WPBPD to use the ______  model of response at disasters and various critical incidents that require more than routine emergency response by the PD
  281. What will the Shift commander include in a non-pursuit?
    • - Date and Time of incident
    • - location of incident
    • - officers involved
    • - reason for stop
    • - brief narrative
  282. When can a uniformed officer drive the bait car?
    Only when the bait coordinator or shift commander feel as if it will not compromise the bait vehicle
  283. When currency is placed into evidence, a second person must verify the amount if it is more than?
  284. If a forcible felony occurs in WPB jurisdiction and PC is developed, can WPB Officer go into PBSO jurisdiction to affect the arrest?
    • - YES
    • - Exignet circumstances must exisit
    • - must be within 24 hrs of incident
    • - must notify PBSO District commander prior to affecting arrest
  285. During a ride a long, can a sworn officer from out-of-state carry a firearm?
    No, only within the state of Fla
  286. If the total amount of currency is $10,000 or more and needs to be placed into evidence after hours, what must be done?
    Evidence supervisor must be called out
  287. In order to pursue forefeitures and seizures for items involved in Felonies, the following items must have what value?
    • Vehicle:  $2,500
    • Aircarft:  $5,000
    • Vessels: $5,000
    • Real Property:  $10,000
  288. The impouding officer of more than $1,000 must do what within 5 days of submission?
    - Return to Evidence and verify the count with the Evidence supervisor
  289. When an Officer makes an arrest on another Officers PC, a notification to the original officer must be made within _____ days?
    4 days
  290. How long will a report taker retain his/her copy of the report?
    60 days
  291. When an officer is personally involved in an incident outside the city, he/she may not take action when?
    • - Family
    • - Friends
    • - Neighbors
  292. Sexual Battery - Officer Involved

    1.  Who should direct the investigation?
    2.  Who will effect the arrest, if warranted?
    3.  Who will be notified?
    • 1.  Supervisor
    • 2.  If outside agency, the supervisor will assist.  If WPB, the supervisor will effect the arrest
    • 3.  If outside (non WPB), notify officers agency.  If WPB Ofc, Division commander
  293. How many tests of a subjects breath will be given in what time interval?

    Both test's must fall within .02% of each other to be valid. 
    2 tests in 15 minutes
  294. In all cases for crashes involving city vehicles, what form will be used?
    Long form
  295. In the event a Critical incident occurs outside of WPB and involves a WPB Officer, a shift commander will respond and do what?
    • Stand by and Monitor
    • Also notify the Asst Chief of Field Op's and/or CID Commander
  296. When transporting these types of people, dispatch will be notifed for the starting and ending milage?
    Transporting / Arresting of the opposite gender / juveniles
  297. During Storms or Hurricanes, what do you do with citizens who are responding to the PD for Shelter?
    Direct them to the nearest Red Cross center
  298. What level of protection do our issued PPE ?HAZMAT suits provide and our standard uniforms provide?
    • Level C
    • Level D
  299. While off duty and in the city, officers will have what in their possession?
    • Dept approved firearm & Police ID
    • (Handcuffs and Spray recommended)
  300. When a TASER is used and the probes penetrate the face, neck or groin region, who removes the probes?
    Medical facility
  301. Video Media of no evidentiary value will be retained for? 
    90 days
  302. Does an officer need permission from a supervisor to deploy superior weapons?
  303. What are the three exceptions where a LEO can enter a home to affect an arrest?
    • - Violent crime, where suspect is believed to be still armed and the risk of serious bodily harm or death are still present
    • - LEO obtains consent from owner or lessor
    • - (LOOK UP 3rd)
  304. All Canine use of force incidents require what?
    Hospital Medical attention regardless of the apparent lack of severity
  305. While transporting prisoners, Officers will not stop and take law enforcement action except when?
    To prevent serious bodily harm or death to a citizen, another officer or themselves
  306. When an extra duty detail requires 15 or more officers, what is required?
    • - LT or higher be present
    • - and the appropriate number of supervisors
  307. When can an employee be placed on light duty?
    At the written request of a licensed physician
  308. Shift commanders authority and responsibilites are:
    • - Good order, proper discipline, conduct, welfare, field trainingetc..
    • - Roll Call
    • - Reporting
    • - Personnel complaints
    • - zone assignments
  309. While on a 4 day rotation, in order to take your vehicle home you must live within ______ miles of the station.
    40 miles
  310. EAP records can be released when?
    When the employee provides written consent to release their records
  311. What type of refreshment can be provided for a class, meeting, or function involving ONLY city personnel?
    None at the citys expense!
  312. How often will audits be conducted of the records management systems for verification of all passwords, access codes or access violations?
  313. The following MISD offenses DO NOT have to be in the presence of a LEO
    • - Violation of injuntion
    • - battery
    • - retail theft
    • - Domestics
    • - Theft from Public lodging or food establishment
    • - Trespass on school property
    • - Stalking
    • - Transit fare
    • - Delinquency of a minor
    • - criminal mischief or graffiti
  314. Terry Stop
    A stop that an officer has reasonable suspicion that a crime has been or was about to be committed.
  315. When an interjurisdictional pursuit leaves our city limits, the officers do what? 
    Unless officer safety or a specific request from the originating agency, WPB officers will terminate their assistance
  316. When a member is scheduled to attend some type of court proceeding and unable to make it, who must he notify?
    • Court Liasion
    • Court Division
  317. The following are FELONY Thefts:
    • - Property over $300
    • - A will, codicil, or other testamentary
    • - Firearm
    • - Motor vehicle
    • - Fire Extinguisher
    • - Over 2,000 pieces of citrus
    • - Posted construction site
  318. When a holding room becomes contaminated with blood or bodily fluids, the room should be noted with the "Do Not Use" tag and who should be contacted?
    Building Faciltiy Supervisor
  319. Announcements for Specialized positions will be posted within how many days prior to the commencement of the selection process?
    1o days
  320. The _____ will review the use of sick leave by all employees quarterly.  Any employee whose sick leave appears to be excessive or form a pattern indicating abuse shall be placed on what?
    • Police Chief
    • Written Notice
  321. Bill of Rights:

    Where will interrogations take place?
    At the office of command of the investigating officer or local precinct.
  322. What is the standard time to begin a search or terminate a search at a bomb call?
    • 30 minutes
    • If the time of detonation is given, stop the search 30 minutes before and resume 30 min later
  323. Who should a request for dignitary protection be forwarded to?
    The field ops bureau commander..... who will direct special events coordinator or designee
  324. If it is clear that the complainant wishes to file a formal complaint, the supervisor documenting the complaint will provide a _______ to the complainant for completion. 
    "Statement of Complaint form"
  325. Who should be notified for a request of use for the bomb dog?
    Bomb squad commander
  326. Can a member be ordered to submit to a truth verification test (poly or cvsa)?
  327. Noise Ordinance;

    How many feet must noise be plainly audible from a building, vehicle or structure?
    100 feet
  328. Curfew hours?
    • Sun - Thur   2200 x 0600
    • Fri - Sat  2300 x 0600
  329. The 4th amendment deals with what?
    Search and Seizure
  330. Can an employee use a city vehicle or be transported in a city vehicle to attend a doctors appoinment and/or physical therapy?
    • No
    • Employee must contact claims adjuster for service
  331. Whose responsibilty is it to make light duty and admin assignments?
    Staff Services / IAU
  332. Who is designated as the department of records managment liason officer?
    Internal Affairs Commander
  333. How should subjects with blood/fluids present be transported?
  334. When a Firearm is recovered, what will be attached to the report?
    Copy of the teletype NCIC/FCIC check
  335. Failure to return to work upon expiration of an approved leave of absence will be considered as an automatic _______?
  336. If a suspension, discharge or reduction is ordered by the Chief of Police, who will serve the member and who should be present?
    The Division commander or designee will prepare the Notice of Right to Disciplinary Hearing form and serve the member

    - The affected members immediate supervisor should be present as a witness
  337. Mincey v Arizona
    Police can do protective sweeps of a crime scene prior to getting a warrant to protect evidence and verify any potential dangers
  338. What is considered a Significant exposure?
    When exposed to blood or an infectious material and the SKIN IS BROKEN or PUNCTURED.
  339. How long does a person need to wait to file a missing person report??
    There is no wait
  340. Grievance Process:

    The supervisor who receives the grievance at the initial step will notify ______ of the grievance so he/she can assist by coordinating the process and ensure that the proper procedure is followed:
    Staff inspections
  341. The victim/witness assistance function shall be assigned to ________?
    CID commander
  342. When an employee is using a prescription medicine that could cause impairment, he must notify:
    • Supervisor
    • Risk Management
  343. Who can use a WPB Police Vehicle for personal use?
    Officers who reside in the City limits and are issued a take home vehicle

    Command Staff in/out of the city
  344. Who establishes a command post for a lost child?
  345. Prisoners cannot be held for longer than _____ and will be monitored in _____ minute intervals?  We will make every effort to release the arrestee within ______ hours?
    • - 6 hrs
    • - 15 min
    • - 4 hrs
  346. What is the Maximim number of sick time accumulation?
  347. US (v) Mendenhall
    Person is seized only when his freedom of movement is restrained
  348. All missing juveniles and credible missing adults will be entered into FCIC/NCIC within ___ hours?
     2 hrs
  349. Can handcuffs that DO NOT double lock still be used to make an arrest, providing that you notified a supervisor of the problem?
  350. When an extra duty detail requires 15 or more officers, what is required
    A LT or higher and appropriate number of supervisors
  351. What must be recorded on an excited delirium patient once you arrive at the ER?
    Core Body temperature
  352. Officers are prohibited from working extra duty details if they are on what type of leave?
    • - Military
    • - FMLA
  353. SEIU
    Can new hire employees appeal any disciplinary action?
  354. How long can members fingernails be?
  355. Can members wear any type of ornamentation on duty?  Body piercings, earrings, tongue rings?
  356. SEIU
    How many hours of comp time can be accumulated?
  357. When should an informant be searched after an operation that requires them to handle funds, drugs, or anything of evidentiary value?
    Before and after the operation
  358. Who approves the use of PTD's for an outside agencies pursuit?
    Shift commander
  359. What type of products WILL NOT be returned to juveniles?
  360. Reading a person Miranda automatically transforms a consenual encounter into a seizure?  T or F
  361. State (v) Wells
    Plain smell doctrine
  362. All cases must be filed within ____ days and if it is not done within that time, the officer is subject to what type of discipline?
    • 10 days adults
    • 3 days juveniles
    • Written Reprimand
  363. What are two types of Canine used by the WPB Police
    • Active Alert
    • Narcotic Detection
  364. Can an officer who has been served an injunction or protection order wear a uniform to or from work?
  365. When a citizen makes a complaint on an officer, a Supervisor review is to determine what?
    • If the complaint is court related.
    • If a Policy violation occurred.
    • If the complaint is false
  366. Could transporting a juvenile in a caged vehicle be considered SECURE custody?
  367. Voice stress analysis records will be maintained for _____ years and/or until litigation is concluded?
    2 years
  368. US v Santana
    Hot pursuit of a fleeing felon
  369. Whren v US
    A Police Officer can use a traffic infraction as a justification to stop a vehicle where the officer is really interested in searching the vehicle for a more serious crime
  370. Define Excited Delirium
    A State of extreme mental and psychological excitement, usually associated with chronic illicit drug use
  371. How long can a vehicle be held for an investigation?
    5 days
  372. What is considered a significant exposure?
    When exposed to blood or an infectious material and the skin is broken or punctured
  373. Who investigates a crash that occurred as a result during a pursuit or a traffic violator by another agency in our city?
    WPB handles
  374. Members needing to reschedule traffic court will complete?
    A request for excuse from subpoena
  375. SEIU

    Who is required to take furlough days?
    Non-critical employees
  376. Informant vs Anonymous
    Informant;  Identity is readily available (name does not have to be known at the time, but readily discoverable).
  377. N.M.G.P.G - (No More Guns Precious Girl)
    (In order) Evidence Property List Acronym
    • Narcotics
    • Money
    • Gun
    • Precious Metals / Jewelry
    • General
  378. Video media of no evidentiary value will be retained for?
    90 days
  379. The Supervisor who receives the grievance at the initial step will notify ____ of the grievance, so he/she can assist by coordinating the process and ensure that the proper procedure is followed?
    Staff Inspections
  380. What does EAP stand for?
    Employee Assistance Program
  381. Upon return from bereavement leave the employee must provide a death certificate, obituary notice or other proof of the deceased family member to the agency within ____ days?
    30 days
  382. Will a supervisor be notified or respond to the scene when a traffic stop is conducted on a diplomatic officer or ambassador?
  383. Who can operate a WPB vehicle
    Dept personnel
  384. SEIU
    You can appeal a notice of disciplinary action within ____ days of notice of disciplinary action?
  385. How many jobs per month can officers trade?
  386. How many inches/width can side burns be?
    1 3/4"
  387. Who has the authority to activate the Amber alert plan service?
    CID supervisor
  388. Who can request a canine when all handlers are off?
    Canine Sgt or any supervisor
  389. If the forefeiture unit cannot be notified the same day, the seizure documentation will be forwarded to the forfeiture unit within _____ hours of the seizure?
    72 hrs
  390. Who conducts the investigation when a member loses or damages dept owned property? 
    The members immediate supervisor
  391. City owned vehicles (besides police cars) will require a long form when?
    The collision involves injuries
  392. What constitutes a strip search?
    Rearrangement of clothing or garments
  393. What is an emergency order?
    A written directive (policy) by a LT or higher addressing a matter requiring an immediate action or attention
  394. The legal limit of .08 has been established for civilians... What is the limt for Police Officers while on duty?
    .04 or above will result in disciplinary action up to an including termination
  395. ZERO tolerance crimes
    • 1. Prostitution
    • 2. Panhandling Aggressive
    • 3. Narcotics
    • 4. Open Container
  396. How many employees in any one instance shall be granted time off paid from the Association time pool for the purpose of conducting Association business?
  397. Who approves requests for union time off?
    Chief of Police of Designee
  398. Use of Association Time Pool or time off may be denied if? 
    If absense of an association rep creates insufficient manpower to maintain efficiency of operations within the police dept
  399. How many employees shall be permitted to attend negotiations on an "ON DUTY" status?
    Up to a MAX of 3
  400. During the term or terms of office of the WPB Benevolent Association President or Executive Board member, how many hours will he/she be granted to attend city, county, or state public hearings or meetings, legislative sessions or fund raising activities?
    Combined total of 500 hrs
  401. Bulletin boards shall be located where?
    • Patrol Briefing room
    • Admin Section
    • CID section
  402. The Assocation may post meeting notices and special information notices on the bulletin board for a period of...?
    Not to exceed 14 days
  403. How many notices may be posted at any one time?
  404. Notices NOT approved shall?
    Be removed
  405. Investigations or interrogations on an officer shall be conducetd when?
    At a reasonable hour, preferrably at a time when the officer is on duty
  406. The officer under investigation shall be informed of the _____, _______, & ______ of the Officer in Charge of the investigation, the interrogating officer and all persons________ during the investigation?
    • Name, Rank, & Command
    • Who is present
  407. The LEO under investigation will be informed of ________? 
    The nature of the investigation
  408.  Upon request of an interrogated officer, a copy on audio tape of the interrogation session must be made available to the interrogated officer no later than _____?
    72 hrs
  409. If the LEO under interrogation is under arrest, or is likely to be placed under arrest as a result of the interrogation, he/she shall completely be informed of all his/her rights ______?
    Prior to the commencement of the investigation?
  410. Progressive discipline assures that discipline is administered ______?
    Consistently and in a non-discriminatory manner
  411. Based on the severity of the offense, the disciplinary action imposed by the city for the first or subsequent offenses may include _______? 
    • A suspension without pay
    •    - Reduction in salary
    •    - Demotion 
    •    - Discharge
  412. An employee may appeal any adverse disciplinary action through the ______?
    Grievance / Arbitration process
  413. An appeal of Disciplinary Action (Grievance) shall be filed with the Employee Relations Manager within _____ ?
    Within 10 days of receipt of written notice of the disciplinary action
  414. Leave of Absence without pay may be granted upon the recommendation of whom?
    Police Chief and approval of the city administrator
  415. How many days of leave with pay does an employee get for Bereavement Leave? 
    3 days
  416. In the event travel is required, an additional 2 days leave will be granted if travel is ______ or more miles away?
  417. An employee who uses less than ____ of sick time leave annually and who has a minimum sick leave balance of ______ may convert ______ hours of sick leave to _______ or, in liue thereof, receive cash payment
    • 24 hrs
    • 192
    • 24 hrs
    • Personal leave
  418. Employees who use ZERO hours of sick leave in the calendar year and have _____, in addition to the conversion privelege in above shall be allowed to convert an additional _____ hours to _______ only?
    • excess of 192 hrs
    • 8 hrs
    • Personal leave
  419. Requests for sick leave _______ must be accompanied by a physicians certificate?
    in excess of 3 consecutive working days
  420. No employee shall be permitted sick leave that _________?
    Has not been earned
  421. No sick leave shall be granted to an employee who is injured while ______ ?
    While gainfully employeed by an employer other than the city. 
  422. Who may initiate an immediate review of a particular incident or historical pattern of usage of sick time? 
  423. Records indicating ______ incidents of sick leave used within the preceding 12 months or less will "Red Flag" an employee for review?
  424. An employee may not be eligible to use ANY annual leave days until he/she has succesfully completed _______ months of employment?
    6 months
  425. How many EAP visits per year at no cost?
    6 visits per year
  426. The city provides an in-the-line-of-duty death benefit for Funeral and burial expenses in the amount of?
  427. Who is the money paid to?  (Ref card # 426)
    Beneficiary of said employee
  428. Accumulation of COMP time is limited to a total MAX of _______?
    120 hrs
  429. COMP time will be granted if an employee notifies his supervisor as least _____ prior to use?
    16 days
  430. Secondary employment requests must be made in writing and submitted to the _______ for approval?
    Chief and Human resources director
  431. Details will require a Sergeant when there are ________ officers?
    5 or more
  432. Details with more than 10 officers will require?
    2 Sgts
  433. Details with more than _______ Officers will require a LT
    15 or more officers
  434. Grievance Process....
    - In writing to immediate supervisor within 5 days..... Supervisor shall attempt to adjust and respond within 3 days

    - If no luck, appeal in writing to Division Commander within 5 days.... The Commander shall respond within 5 days

    - If no luck, appeal in writing to the Chief within 5 days.... Chief shall respond in writing within 7 days

    - If no luck, in writing to Employee Relations Manager within 7 days after Chiefs response.  Employee Relations Manager shall respond within 10 days...

    •     5                  3
    •     5                  5
    •     5                  7
    •     7                 10
  435. When a member, off duty, becomes involved with another Agency as a victim or witness (excluding non-criminal traffic), the LEO will notify who?  And when?
    - On duty shift commander at the earliest time possible
  436. The on-duty shift commander will notify the IAU _________?
    When necessary
  437. If the member becomes involved with another Agency during any investigation as a detainee, suspect or arrestee, the On-Duty shift commander will be notified _______?
    Immediately during the contact with the Agency
  438. The Shift commander will do what?
    Respond to the scene, where practical, and notify the IAU when necessary. 
  439. Changes in address or phone number will be reported to?  And how?
    To staff services in writing
  440. When must this be done?
    Within 24 hrs of the change
  441. No member is required to obey any order which is contrary to Federal, State or local ordinance.  True or False?
  442. Members who are given orders which they feel to be unjust or contrary to Department directives must _______?
    First obey the order to the best of their ability and then may appeal the order through the Chain of Command
  443. Any unauthorized gidt, gratuity, reward or other commodity coming into the possession of any member will be forwarded to?
    The Chief of Police with a written report explaining the circumstances
  444. Absences without leave (AWOL) must be reported how?
    In writing to the Chief of Police
  445. Sworn members are required to make a ______ _______ of any discharge of Firearms (except target practice, sporting events)...
    written report
  446. The family of a member injured or dying on duty will be notified __________?
    ASAP by the highest ranking Officer on Duty. 
  447. Any member subpoenaed to testify for the Defense in any trial or hearing, or against the City or Department in any hearing or trial will?
    Notify his/her supervisor upon receipt of subpoena
  448. Regarding authority to discipline, Final disciplinary authority and responsibilty rests with? 
    Chief of Police
  449. Other Supervisory personnel may take the following disciplinary procedures:
    • 1.  Verbal Reprimand
    • 2.  Written Reprimand
    • 3.  Emergency Suspension
    • 4.  Written recommendations for other penalties
  450. Who is permitted to enforce an emergency suspension?
    LT or higher
  451. Inspections:  The Chief or the Staff Inpections Authority may call for full dress inspections.  Members directed to attend such inspections will report in the prescribed uniform, carrying the equipment specified.  Unauthorized absence from such inspection is chargeable as ______?
  452. Each specialized assignment received will only be valid for vacancies in the particular position for _____ year?
  453. What is a Predermination Hearing:
    An opportunity to offer mitigating circumstances as to why he should not be the subject to punitive measures
  454. The supervisor who receives a grievance at the initial step will notify the Staff Inspections of a grievance so he can?
    Assist by coordinating the process and ensuring the proper procedures is followed
  455. Eligibilty requirements for Citizens Observer Patrol:
    • - Be at least 18
    • - Possess a valid Fl DL
    • - Pass a background check
    • - Be Fingerprinted and Photographed
    • - Good moral character, positive attitude, good physicall condition
    • - Complete the Citizens Observer Academy
  456. Ride-a-long Program:  
    A total of ____ positions will be allocated for a private civilian ride-a-long.   
    ______ in D1 & _____ for DII. 
    • total of 4
    • 2 north & 2 south
  457. No person other than the _________or  ________ will operate a WPB Police Vehicle
    Assigned Officer / another member
  458. The planning and research unit wull develop and udate a multi-year plan that will include:
    • - Long term goals and operational objectives
    • - Anticiapted workload and population trends
    • - Anticiapted personnel levels
    • - Anticiapted capital improvements & equipment levels
  459. Supervisors will conduct a formal inspection _________ that will include equipment & vehicles
  460. Any discrepancies are handled with a special audit by the _____ Department.  These include grant funds, resolution accounts, and general fund accounts. 
  461. Emergency purchases or rental agreements will be made directly by the user department with the approval of the ___________ where the cost does not exceed $1,000 or by the ___________  where the cost Exceeds $1,000.
    • - Purchasing Agent
    • - City Manager
  462. If a meeting is strictly CITY personnel, refreshments ________ be provided at City Expense. 
  463. If a detail has 15 officers or more, a _______ or higher is required
  464. First Violation for missing an OT Detail:  The officer will not be permitted to work an extra duty detail for ____ days.
  465. _____________ is needed for the purpose of drug testing based on a belief that an employee is using or has used drugs,,,
    Reasonable Suspicion
  466. The contents of EAP records can only be released with the employees ___________
    Written Consent
  467. It is the responsibility of the ______ to identify and correct problems a recruit has during the FTO program
  468. Mutual Aid can be used for:
    • - Civil disturbances
    • - Large protest demonstrations
    • - Transportation disasters
    • - Fires
    • - Natural or man-made disasters
    • - Sporting events
    • - Concerts
    • - Escapes from detention center
    • - Incidents requiring specialized assigments
  469. Members unable to attend court, depo, or other legal proceeding must notify the ___________ and the _________ that the scehduled the appearance..
    Court Liason and Court Division
  470. Members not filing a case within _______ days are subject to a Letter of Reprimand
  471. Members anticipating vacation, attending school, or leave of absence will notify the __________ not later than ______ prior to the start of the leave
    Court Liason / 21 days
  472. Discrimination & Harassment:
    Complaints should be filed by the complainant following the alleged discriminatory act or acquiring knowledge of such act.  All complaints must be filed no later than ______ days from the date of the alleged act to be considered timely.
  473. Prisoners cannot be held longer than _____ hrs and must be monitored in ____ min intervals...
    • 6 hrs
    • 15 min
  474. Missing person:  The supervisor will respond to the scene, make contact with the CID supervisor who will determine if using the ___________ is warranted
    Amber Plan service / Amber Alert
  475. Domestic Violence:
    A LEO may arrest a person without a ________ when there is PC to believe the person has committed an act of Domestic Violence
  476. Force Continuum:
    A term that is used to designate appropriate conduct for an officer when using force to establish control of a resisting subject.
  477. The Less-Lethal Weapon system will not be deployed by any authorized officer unless there is a _________  on the scene to authorize deployment.
    Supervisor / Shift Commander
  478. Do not use a _______ on a person who is in or around water where drowning could result
  479. When a person is Tasered, a ____________ must be completed
    Report and Control of Persons
  480. Death Investigations involving Natural causes require ___________.
    Supervisor Notification
  481. Arrests of Police employees or Public Officials from WPB or other jurisdictions require _____________
    Supervisor to Respond
  482. Except in exigent circumstances, PTD (Pusuit Termination Devices) shoud not be used on the following vehicles or under these circumstances:
    • Vehicles Transporting HAZMAT materials
    • Passenger / School bus with occupants
    • Any surface other than concrete or pavement
    • No vehicle traveling less than 25mph
  483. Pursuant to FSS 316.1933, if the driver has been involved in a crash that resulted in serious bodily injury or death, to either himself or another, he does not have the right to ________ withdrawal of blood for alcohol content analysis.  The officer may use whatever reasonable force necessary to obtain a sample.  If face with this situation, the officer shoud request a supervisor prior to taking a sample
  484. Citizens coming to the Police Dept for protection from the storm will be directed to the nearest _________ Shelter.
    Red Cross
  485. Terrorism / Wpn of Mass Destruction:

    Locate the ___________of the premises and deterime what course of action he wants to take
    Person in charge
  486. Thru completion of the ___________  complaints will be resolved thru the determination of whether the member clearly followed policy or procedure; whether the substance of the complaint is a court issue or whether the complaint is demonstrably false. 
    Supervisory Review
  487. An employee may be placed on a light duty status only upon written request from an _______________  documenting a particular temporary disability. 
    Attending Physician
  488. When a member is transferred from one assignment to another in the middle of an evalutaion period and more than ______ % of the days have transpired in that period, an evaluation will be completed by the members immediate supervisor before the transfer was made..
  489. The HAZMAT suit issued by the department is level ____. 
    The Uniform is level ____?
    • Suit C
    • Uniform D
  490. A member receiving an Emergency suspension will be required to report to ________?
    When _______?
    • The Bureau Commander or designee
    • Next business day at 1000 hrs
  491. Who must also report there?
    Supervisor imposing or recommending the suspension
  492. Regarding EAP's, supervisors will refrain from making any  _______ of the employees problem?
  493.  Referrals for EAP assistance will be made only at __________ or on the basis of job performance.
    Employees request
  494. The EAP will not be used for a "Fitness for Duty Evaluation" or for any type of?  
    Disciplinary action for any employee
  495. Through assessment of ______, an employee's supervisor may consider employee referral to the employee assistance program? 
    Job performance
  496. All sworn officers will qualify ______ with their duty weapon and their off duty back-up weapons with the departments range master?
  497. All sworn members authorized to carry a TASER will attend a refresher on TASER use _______?
  498. Each of the subscribed agencies may request or render law enforcement assistance to the other to include? 
    • - civil disturbances
    • - large protest demonstrations
    • - transportation disasters
    • - fires
    • - natural or man-made disasters
    • - sporting events
    • - concerts
    • - escapes from detention facilities
  499. Whenever a WPB LEO is rendering assistance to any mutual aid agreement, the officer will abide by, and be subject to _______, _______, and _______ of the WPBPD
    Rules, Regulations and Policies/Procedures
  500. An officer may act in an official capacity when he/she witnesses a ________ outside of WPB and in another jurisdiction?
    Violent Felony
  501. An officer who exercises his/her law enforcement authority outside of WPB will do the following:
    • - Notify the agency / jurisdication once the situation is under control
    • - turn the investigation over to the agency / jurisdiction
    • - Offer any assistance
    • - Notify on-duty WPB shift commander
  502. Supervisors will conduct inspections of the MCU's assigned to their personnel at least _____ to assure the units are being cared for?
    Once a month
  503. Who shall be responsible for the overall implementation, control, and maintenence of the Mobile Laptop computer system?
    The Critial Services Bureau Administrator
  504. Information obtained from the system is to be used for _____ and is not to be disseminated for any other reason?
    LE purposes only
  505. Under no circumstances will any restricted law enforcement system or the WPB Police Records management system be accessed for ________?
    Personal use
  506. The MCU system shall be used for ______.  All members will restrict communications to _______.
    • - Work related purposes only
    • - Official business
  507. Members will "logoff" from the department applications ________ or whenever the MCU will be left unattended for _________?
    • - At the end of each shift
    • - extended period of time
  508. If unathorized software is installed on the MCU what will happen?
    A minimum suspension of 8 hrs for the first offense.
  509. If the unauthorized software effects the performance of the MCU, the data software or any portion of the system, what can occur?
    A minimum suspension of 24 hrs will be mandated for the first offense
  510. Subsequent unauthorized modifications to the MCU will result in?
    Progressive disciplinary action against the offending member
  511. Use of the MCU to access the internet through third party gateways (AOL, Earthlink, etc,) is ?
    Stictly prohibited
  512. All juvenile arrests will be marked ________?
    Juvenile Confidential
  513. Loss or damage to the Mobile Computer or problems with the programs shall be reported immediately to ________?
    On-duty shift commander
  514. When exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials and the skin is broken or punctured (significant exposure) the following should be followed:
    • - Encourage the wound to bleed while applying pressure
    • - wash the area thoroughly with soap and water.  Allow water to free flow over the wound for a min of 15-30 seconds
    • - Contact the PD's designated exposure control officer for advice and direction regarding the post exposure procedures
    • - Treatment should begin within 2 hours!!!!
    • - An OIR should be completed by officer
    • - Member will notify his/her supervisor who will document the exposure in a "Supervisor & employee report of On the Job Accident form"
    • - The form will be forwarded with copy of OIR to the "Environmental Health & Safety Officer" 
  515. A _____ will be notifed in advance whenver it is necessary to transport for medical treatment, a subject who has blood or bodily fluids on their person or clothing?
    A supervisor
  516. A ________ exposed to blood or fluids will be disinfected?
    Police Vehicle
  517. Who will be notified of a Police vehicle in need of being disinfected?
    A supervisor and car wash person
  518. Who will be responsible for cleaning the vehicle after hours?
    The officer
  519. Who is responsible for the inventory and dissemination of supplies for infectious disease control?
    Shift commander
  520. Whats the rule for wearing jewelry?
    watch on wrist, wedding band, and no more than 2 other rings
  521. What WILL NOT be worn in uniform?
  522. If a necklace is worn by members in uniform, it will be worn how?
    inside of shirt and concealed
  523. Use of _______ of any kind by dept members is prohibited in all city owned or leased vehicles
  524. When working scheduled hours, members will check for subpoens when?
    on a daily basis
  525. Upon receiving a subpoena, member will contact the issuing authority and ________?
    Provide a contact number where they can be reached during the hours of 0800-1700 hrs
  526. Members will document the _______ the issuing authority was notified and to whom the information was provided?
    Date & time
  527. Members on extended leave status(FMLA, DDL, etc) will make ________ with their supervisor to ensure subpoenas have been issued in their name?
    weekly contact
  528. Due to illness, members unable to attend scheduled court, depo or legal proceeding must notify ________?
    Court Liason & Court Division
  529. In the event that contact with the court liason cannot be accomplished, then the _________ will notified.
    The on-duty shift commander
  530. Who maintains records of all members who were late or did not attend court related matters?
    Court Liason officer
  531. Members not filing a case within the 10 day period are subject to a ?
    Letter of Reprimand
  532. Members anticipating vacation, attending school or leave of absence will notify the court liason no later than _____ prior to the anticipated start of the leave?
    21 days
  533. EEO complaints must be filed no later than _______ from the date of the alleged disciminatory act to be considered timely?
    No later than 365 days
  534. EEO complaints do not have to be filed within the ______ of any department?
    Chain of command
  535. Complaints may be filed how?
    Verbally or in writing
  536. All supervisors are responsible for reporting instances of _________?
    alleged discrimination
  537. Any member of the department involved in a lawsuit, either as a plaintiff or defendant, must __________?
    Notify their Division Commander
  538. All investigations of Dept member s accused of misconduct will conclude with one of the following finding?
    • S - Sustained
    • N - Not Sustained
    • E - Exonerated
    • U - Unfounded
  539. Acts did occur, but were justified, lawful & proper will be classified as?
  540. The investigation disclosed sufficient evidence to clearly prove the allegations made in the complaint?
  541. The investigation that the act or acts comlained of did not occur or failed to involve police personnel?
  542. Investigation fails to discover sufficient evidence to clearly prove or disapprove the allegations made in the complaint?
    Not sustained
  543. Platoon or section files will be purged how often?
    Every 3 years
  544. The public safety guides will be coordinated by whom?
    The EDU commander or designee
  545. Who reserves the right as the appointing authority of Public Safety Guides?
    The A/C of Field Op's or designee
  546. Who is responsible for checking extra-duty details to see if the assigned officers have reported on time?
    The on-duty shift commander
  547. A _______ _______ or above rating must be maintained to be eligible to work extra duty details?
    Meets Expectations
  548. If a member fails to report to a detail, is more than 1 hour late, fails to work 75% of details taken in 3 month period, or exceeds the 18 hr limit within a 24 hr period, what action will be taken?
    • First Violation - 45 day suspension
    • Second Violation - 90 day suspension
    • Third Violation - 180 day suspension
    • Fourth Violation - ONE year suspension
  549. If a member arrived late to a detail which is defined as _______, the following actions will be taken?
    One hour
  550. First Late? 
    Second Late in 12 month period?
    Member with subsequent late arrivals will not be permitted to work any details for?
    • 1.  Verbal counseling
    • 2.  Will equal a missed detail - written reprimand
    • 3.  A period not to exceed 45 days
  551. Member missing more than 2 details in 1 month or more than _______ in one year due to illness will constitute a ?
    4.... constitutes a missed detail and will be suspended for 45 days.
  552. Members assigned to work the 4/11.5 schedule cannot work extra duty when?
    On the 2nd or 3rd day of their rotation
  553. When a officer is PERSONALLY involved in an incident outside WPB, he or she may NOT take LE action which involves?
    • - Family
    • - Friends
    • - Neighbors
  554. Are you permitted as an officer to speak to the media?
    No, refer to PIO
  555. In the absence of the PIO, who talks to the media?
    Shift Commander or Supervisor
  556. All records concerning reports of _____ or ______ and all records generated as a result of such reports will be confidential.
    Child Abuse and Neglect
  557. The name, address, or other identifying fact or information of the victim or any _____ will not be released?
    Sexual Offense
  558. The name and address of the deceased victim will not be released until after notification of? 
    Next of Kin
  559. Any information which might reveal the identity of a Confidential Informant will _____________?
    Not be released
  560. Members are to maintain a copy of all reports generated on the MCU for a minimum of _________ following the report submission and acceptance date. 
    One month
  561. Handcuffs, flexcuffs, or arm/ankle restraints will be applied so the tip of the officers finger can be inserted between the restraining device and the _____ or ______ nerve region of prisoners wrist?
    Radial or ulnar
  562. Handcuffs unable to be double locked will __________?
    Immediately be taken out of service
  563. Physical disability, deformity or injury may preclude _________?
    handcuffing behind the back.
  564. Prisoners should be handcuffed before _________?
    They are searched
  565. At no time will a prisoner being restrained be allowed to lay on their chest as this __________?
    Restricts breathing
  566. An officer may use discretion if the offender is _______________?
    A juvenile / Elderly
  567. At no time will prisoners be left unattended while a ________ is in place?
    Spit mask
  568. If the supervisor feels a written reprimand is appropriate, disciplinary recommendations shall be documented on a _______________?
    PD514 Disciplinary Recommendation form
  569. This document shall be forwarded through the affected member's ____________?
    Chain of command to the Chief of Police
  570. When the Chief of Police or designee agrees that the punishment be a written reprimand, the ________ or _______ will prepare a ________ and serve it to the member.
    • Division Commander or Shift Commander
    • Disciplinary Action Form
  571. Regarding grievance procedures, the member will present a grievance to his _____ who will acknowledge the receipt of the grievance by?
    • Immediate Supervisor
    • - signing the grievance, noting the time and date on the grievance
  572. Ride alongs will be limited to one Ride a long per _______ days?
    60 day period
  573. The department may reimburse a member for the loss or damage to personal items required to be used on duty such as ?
    • watch
    • prescription glasses
    • hearing aids
    • etc
  574. Provided the loss is not _______?
    Due to negligence
  575. The department will not pay for?
    loss of jewelry
  576. It is not the intent of the EAP to have supervisory mangement actively looking for?
    Employees with problems
  577. One officer will not transport more than _______ prisoner at any time unless?
    • TWO -
    • unless approved by a supervisor
  578. Prisoners secured with handcuffs or flexcuffs and a hobble __________ be routinely placed, and/or left face down on a transport vehicle
  579. Prisoners of opposite genders will not be transported together unless they are arrested __________ or they are seperated by ________?
    • during the same incident
    • seperated by a barrier
  580. Juvenile prisoners will not be transported with _______ unless they are arrested during the same incident or they are ________?
    • Adult prisoners
    • seperated by a barrier
  581. Valuable property and cash should be verified by a _______ and a _______ should be notified?
    Second officer / Supervisor
  582. A _______ will be performed by an officer of the same gender as the arrested person?
    Strip search
  583. A strip search will not be ordered by a WPB Officer without first obtaining what?
    Written Authorization from a Sgt or higher
  584. When an officer is unsure whether a search warrant or written consent is necessary, the officer will _________?
    Contact a Supervisor
  585. If written consent or a search warrant was needed at the original scene, the officer will obtain a written consent or search warrant ________ he must revisit the scene?
    Each time
  586. When an arrest is made on another WPB Officers PC Affidavit, it is the responsibilty of the arresting officer to notify the officer who prepared the PC within _________?
    Within 4 days of the arrest
  587. Warrant information from agencies outside PBC will be verified how?
    By Teletype
  588. Warrants from PBSO may be verified how?
    By telephone
  589. Who is immune from arrests?
  590. Immunity extends to the _____ and ________ staff of diplomatic agents?
    Administrative & Technical staff
  591. Immunity extends to the _____ of diplomatic agents and ______ of administrative and technical staff of diplomatic agents
    Family Members / Family members
  592. Privelege from arrests extends to _____ & _____ through the US Constitution?
    US Senators & US Rep's
  593. The privilege does not prevent an officer from ______, but simply means the person can have the arrest ________?
    • Making an arrest
    • set aside
  594. The privilege does not apply when the offense is ______?
    • - Treason
    • - A Felony
    • - or Breach of the Peace
  595. Who is responsible for the authorized use and operation of the prisoner processing / temporary holding facility?
    • C - Critical
    • S - Services
    • B - Bureau
    • A - Administrator
  596. Who is responsible for the daily inspection of the prisoner processing / temporary holding facility?
    Dist II daytime Shift Commander
  597. In the absence of Dist II LT, who is responsible?
    Dist I LT
  598. Completed log sheets will be removed by the District Lt conducting the daily inspectiona and forward to?
    Dist II Captain for review
  599. Who will complete this review in the absence of the Dist II Captain?
    Dist I captain
  600. Under NO circustances will juvenile detainees be held in excess of ______?
    6 Hrs
  601. The (6) hour time limit of secure custody begins in the following locations?
    • 1.  Locked booking area
    • 2.  Locked holding room
    • 3.  Locked office
  602. A Juvenile in custody who is not under arrest for a criminal violation of any FSS (ie, runaway, truant, ungovernable behavior) will not?
    Be placed in secure custody
  603. When prisoners are present in the holding area, the following personnel ARE permitted in the prisoner area?
    • - Sworn LEO's
    • - Crime Scene Investigators
    • - EMS
  604. Who is NOT permitted in booking?
    • Building maintenance staff
    • Citizen ride-a-longs
    • Attorneys
  605. In certain circumstances, before arresting a homeless person, the officer must offer him the option of going to ________ in WPB or within one mile as an alternative to _________?
    • an available shelter
    • arrest
  606. What is the required waiting period before a person can make a missing person report?
    There is no required period
  607. FSS requires that the city, county, and state of birth be obtained for all ________ for entry into FCIC?
    Missing juveniles
  608. To utilize a "Child is missing" a supervisor will contact who?
    CID Supervisor
  609. Who will contact a "Child is missing"?
    On scene supervisor or CID supervisor
  610. A Child is Missing is utilized for who?
    • Children 2 - 12
    • Ederly persons
    • Disabled person who fits endangered person criteria
  611. What is the criteria for the Florida Amber Alert Plan?
    • - Child must be in danger of serious bodily harm or death
    • - There must be enough descriptive info to believe a broadcast will help
    • - The child is under 18 yrs of age
  612. A supervisor will respond to the scene, make contact with ______, who will determine if using the Amber Alert Plan service is ________?
    • A CID Supervisor
    • warranted
  613. The on scene supervisor and CID supervisor will decide who will make the _________ to the Florida Amber Alert Plan?
  614. Alerts will only be conducted _______?
    By a supervisor
  615. The plan is not used for?
  616. A juvenile who has run away from a facility where he/she is court ordered will be classified as a _______?
    Runaway / Absconder
  617. Regarding Domestic Violence, upon discovering the suspect is a LEO, the investigating officer will ______?
    Request a Sgt to the scene
  618. The responding officer will conduct an investigation under the direction of the _________?
    Field Supervisor
  619. Should it be necessary to make the arrest, the field supervisor will?
    Assist in effecting the arrest
  620. If the incident INVOLVES a WPB Officer and warrants arrest, who must arrest?
    Field Supevisor
  621. The appropriate Captain in arrested officers chain of command will be notified ______ by the arresting supervisor?
  622. Department owned Firearms will not be ______ without prior authorization from the Chief of Police or designee?
    Taken out of State
  623. A minimum qualifyig score is ________ or a pass/fail standard may be set for specialized courses of fire?
  624. An officer may use his firearm to?
    • Destroy an animal
    • self defense
    • prevent substanial harm / death to another
  625. An inflammatory agent extracted from the Cayenne Peppers in a non-incidiary aerosol form is called?
    Oleorsin Capsicum (OC)
  626. All less lethal weapon system operators will qualify on a _____ basis?
    Biennial Basis
  627. TASER probes which penetrate the _______, _______ or ______ must be removed at a medical facility?
    Face, neck, groin, breast
  628. ALL Felony arrests require _______?
    Supervisor notification
  629. When currency is taken into custody and the amount is more than ______ another member must verify the amount and sign the property receipt and _____?
    • Five Dollars
    • Curreny Slip
  630. The impounding officer will respond within (5) working days to verify the amount of currency with Property & Evidence personnel if the amount is more than ________?
  631. If the amount is more than $10,000 and after hours, the ________ will respond to the PD and verify the amount of the currency with the impounding officer.
    Property & Evidence Section Supervisor or designee
  632. A Police Officer making a traffic stop will inform dispatch the following:
    • - location
    • - vehicle description
    • - tag number
    • - number of occupants
  633. Unless the use of lethal force is justified, PTD's will not be used to stop ______, _______, ________ or _______?
    • Motorcycles
    • Mopeds
    • ATVS
    • other similiar vehicles
  634. A roadblock may be established with the authorization of a _____ or above?
  635. Under international law, all accredited diplomatic officers and ambassadors of foreign nations are _________?
    Immune from arrest
  636. They may be detained only for the time necessary to confirm their _____?
    Diplomatic status
  637. Any diplomatic officers or ambassador found driving while under the influence / narcotics will be ________?
    released to family members, friends or taken home
  638. It is not necessary for the officer to ________ prior to requesting a blood sample for analysis?
    place the driver under arrest
  639. If the driver is ________, the driver is presumed to have given his/her  consent for the blood withdrawal and the sample may be taken?
  640. If the driver is conscious, the permission to _____ must be obtained?
    take the sample
  641. Under FSS, a LONG Form will be completed when the following criteria are met:
    • - Injury or death
    • - Hit & Run crash involving occupied vehicle
    • - Hit & Run with follow up info
    • - DUI
  642. Though not required by FSS, a long form will be completed when a ______ is involved in a crash?
    City owned Police vehicle
  643. When only city vehicles are involved in a crash on city property, such as at the city vehicle maintenance complex ________ by the Police department is required?
    No report
  644. When a city owned vehicle, other than a Police Vehicle is involved in a crash that does not involve injury, what type of report will be done?
    Short form
  645. If a pursuit involves a stolen vehicle and the vehicle crashes into a fixed object, the incident can be handled by _________?
    Inclusion in the recovery report
  646. The dept discourages establishing any informants less than ______?
    18 yrs old
  647. The dept PROHIBITS establishing an informant who is less than ________?
    16 yrs of age
  648. Regarding take home vehicles, any member who fails to maintain a "Meets Expectations" or higher in any one dimension in _________ consecutive quarter or ________ within an annual rating period will result in the member having to relinquish the assigned vehicle until the performance review rating requirements is met?
    • 2 consecutive quarters
    • 2 consecutive quarters
  649. It is the responsibilty of the ______ to notify the fleet coordinator about the loss of eligibility..
    Division commander
  650. Before being considered for an assigned vehicle, an officer must not have been suspended for more than ______ during the 12 months prior to the assignment of the vehicle
    3 days
  651. Upon assignment of a take home vehicle, an officer who incurs three (3) days of suspension during a 12 month period will relinquish the vehicle for a period of ________?
    ONE year
  652. If during the ONE year period of not being assigned a vehicle, the officer incurs any additional suspension days, the officer will not be eligible to be considered for an assigned vehicle for _________?
    5 years
  653. Officers will not take _______ items that require storage, other than _______ into custody. 
    Perishable / Evidence
  654. Perishable items will be photographed and immediatley __________?
    returned to the owner
  655. The _______ will be notified asap via the appropriate supervisor when evidence or property of an explosive or unstable nature is taken into custody.
    Bomb squad
  656. When firearms are taken into custody, memebers will not ________ the firearm in an attempt to locate make, model, or serial number?
  657. A _______ check will be made on a firearm and a copy of the teletype reply attached to the property receipt
    NCIC/FCIC check
  658. All recovered or found firearms will be entered as ______ and ______ will be obtained from teletype?
    • Recovered / Found
    • Control numbers
  659. In verifying currency, the verifying party cannot be a member of the _________?
    Property & Evidence section
  660. Who's responsibilty is it to register all Sexual Predators and/or sex offenders in PB County?
  661. In cases of alleged child abuse, officers will contact _______ and notify a ________ or the _______?
    • A supervisor
    • CAC - Crimes against children detective or
    • On call CID Sgt
  662. No more than ______ officers should interview a juvenile during any one interview/interrogation session?
  663. Wht is BNICE?
    • Biological
    • Nuclear
    • Incendiary
    • Chemical
    • Explosives
  664. The administration, supervision and control of the bomb squad is the responsibilty of ____________?
    Bomb squad commander
  665. The ______ at the scene will supervise the search for the suspected device?
    Road supervisor
  666. Complaints of misconduct can be received how?
    • In person
    • By phone
    • letter
    • fax / email
  667. Complaints which are likely to have a serious adverse impact upon the Police Department will be reported _________?
    through the chain of command to the Chief
  668. If it is clear the complainant wishes to file a formal complaint, the supervisor documenting the complaint will provide a _______ to the complainant for completion?
    Statement of Complaint form
  669. What court case addresses the Fleeing Felon rule?
    Tennessee v Garner
  670. A supervisor will document a complaint on what form?
    • CCIF
    • Citizen Complaint & Inquiry Form
  671. K9 Unit is organizationally aligned under the ________ Bureau?
    Support Services Bureau
  672. What case deals with "Stop & Frisk"?
    Terry v Ohio
  673. The US Constitution provides that "no peron sall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself?
    The 5th Amendment
  674. What is the Exclusionary Rule?
    Illegally obtained evidence is inadmissable in court
  675. What case delt with the "exclusionary Rule"?
    Mapp v Ohio
  676. Who will implement the PPE program?
    The A/C of field op's or designee
  677. What does the 4th amendment deal with?
    Unreasonable search and seizures
  678. What is the 1st Amendment?
    Freedom of speech, religion and press
  679. What does the 6th amendment deal with?
    Right to fair and speedy trial
  680. How much time for a speedy trial for a MISD?  Felony?
    • Misd - 90 days
    • Felony - 175 days
  681. What amendment addresses due process; self incrimination; double jeopardy?
    5th Amendment
  682. This case provided that "all citizens must be provided a lawyer of they cannot afford one"
    Gideon v Wainwright / 1963
  683. Weeks v US gave ____ to the Exclusionary rule?
  684. This Amendment provided, "No excessive bail and fines or cruel and unusual punishment"
    8th Amendment
  685. Every effort will be made to release or transport the detainees within _________.  Under no circumstances will they be held longer than _______?
    • 4 hrs
    • 6 hrs
  686. Juveniles will be processed, fingerprinted, and imaged according to FSS when they are arrested for any Felony and the following Misdemeanors;
    • Arson
    • Assault
    • Battery
    • CCW
    • Child Abuse
    • Open Carrying of a weapon
    • Exposure of sexual organs
    • Cruelty to animals
  687. No Police Officer is permitted to be in  Prisoner processing when prisoners are present without any operational _________ equipped with ___________?
    • 2 way police radio
    • the distress alarm function
  688. Who resets the panic button located in the prisoner processing / temp holding facility?
    Shift Commander
  689. In cases where no shift commander is available, a reset key is kept at the ________ nd may be used to deactivate the alarm?
    Video monitor in the report room
  690. In an emergency situation, no officer will move more than _________ detainees?
  691. Use of Force Continuum:
    • Officer Presence
    • Verbal Judo
    • Soft Control
    • Aersol /TASER
    • Hard Control
    • Lethal Force
  692. Techniques that have a minimal chance of injury to the officer and subjects involved but have a high probabilty of control?
    Soft Control techniques
  693. Identification of Authority is?
    Officer Presence
  694. Commands of direction or arrest?
    Verbal Judo
  695. All force used by a member, whether it is non-lethal or lethal, will be only that force necessary to ________________?
    Affect lawful objections
  696. A member may use a firearm to destroy an animal for _______ or to prevent substantial harm to ________?
    • Self defense
    • another
  697. If a discharge of a firearm is accidental and no control of persons is involved, the officers shift commander will complete a report in ___________. A copy will be forwarded to the __________ for review?
    • memo form
    • range / training section
  698. If there is a discharge of a firearm, intentional or accidental, during a control of persons incident, the shift commander will notify the ________ of the incident immediatley.
    Critial Incident Commander (CIT Team)
  699. The _______ commander will be notified any time a weapon is discharged by sworn personnal of the dept excluding training or recreational activities.
    IAU Commander
  700. IAU investigtors will respond to Police shootings where _________ is involved?
  701. It is the responsibilty of the officer involved in a ___________ to report it to his/her supervisor immediately after the incident is brought under control?
    Control of Persons
  702. TEST
    test 123
  703. Supervisors will conduct formal inspections that will include personnel,  equipment,  and vehicles how often?
  704. The collective bargaining unit represents what personnel?
    Sworn police officers and non sworn who fall under the umbrella of the contact
  705. Any city employee who is convicted of a violation of a criminal drug statue must notify the city in writing no later then?
    5 calender days
  706. The evidential breath testing (EBT)will be used to test blood alcohol level.  If a reading of_____ is shown then a second test will be conducted.   If the results are the same it will be considered a positive test
    .04 or greater
  707. Loss, damage and or problems to MCU (computer) should be reported immediately to the ____ and documented on a ____
    • -On duty Shift commande
    • - Notification of equipment malfunction form (FM0202)
  708. If unauthorized software is installed on the MCU in violation what actions will occur?
    • - minimum suspension of 8 hours first offense. 
    • - if the software is effected then minimum of 24 hour suspension
  709. Member will notify court liaison no later then ___ days prior to start off leave?
    21 days
  710. Members will notify the court liaison____ if leave was not anticipated.
  711. During officer exposure you should encourage the wound to bleed while applying pressure. Also wash the area with dial, beta dine or other anti-bacterial soap and allow water to flow _____ over wound.
    15 to 30 second.
  712. After exposure members will be medically evaluated for evidence of infection.  The treatment should begin within_____.
    2 hours
  713. After a bi hazard occurs inside officers vehicle the Interior will be disinfected with ____
    10% chlorine bleach and water solution.
  714. If a k-9 is available and on scene the____  will be in charge of the search.
    K-9 officer
  715. When a inmate is in the holding room the officer must check on their well being every?
    15 minutes
  716. When a juvenile and adults are brought into the prisoners processing/holding facility at the same time.  You must____ by sight and sound.
    Keep separate
  717. What are the levels of response for calls of service?
    • Code 1- non emergency response
    • Code 2- urgent but non life threatening
  718. The keys to MVR vaults shall be issued to ___ and __.  Only designated supervisor are authorized to open MVR balls located in trunks.
    -shift commanders & supervisors
  719. Following a critical incident a officer must have an interview with _____ .
    Department psychologist
  720. It is the responsibilty of the __________ of the involved member to complete the Control of Persons report?
    Shift commander
  721. All control of persons and accidental discharge memo's will be forwarded to ___________ when completed
    internal Affairs
  722. A member may appeal an Annual Evaluation to the __________?
    Chief of Police
  723. If the appeal is not resolved by the Chief of Police, the Chief will immediately notify ____________________.
    Human Resources
  724. Each dues paying assocation member shall contribute ________ of annual leave to the association time pool on an _____________?
    • 4 hours
    • Annual basis
  725. Per the contract, a complaint review board shall be composed of ______________?

    The members consist of?
    • 5 members
    • 2 by the Chief Administrator
    • 2 by the aggrieved officer
    • 1 by the other 4 members
  726. Any officer who lives more than _____-one-way from the Police Dept will not be entitled to a take home vehicle. 
  727. A term used to designate appropriate conduct for an officer when using force to establish control of a resisting subject.  The level of force necessary to establish control is directly related to the level of resistance an individual is exerting?
    Force Continuum
  728. Force used by an officer to influence or overcome the unlawful or physical actions of a subject?
  729. The subjects attempt to evade an officers attempts to control?
  730. Any member applying non-lethal force as defined in this policy will be prohibited from using a ______________?
    Neck restraint
  731. When an animal is destroyed by a member, a review will be conducted by the members ________?
    Shift commander
  732. Revolvers will be fired _______ at all times?
    double action
  733. When a death results from a controll of persons incident, the ________________ will be called to investigate the incident. 
    CID / Critial Incident
  734. The _______________Unit will be notified anytime an in-custody death occurs.
  735. Any motorcycle unit initiating a pursuit will relinquish pursuit as soon as practical to a __________________?
    Marked 4 wheel police car
  736. Downtown Noise – Greater than ______ – measured in a straight line from sound source Banyan to Okee / Flagler to Tamarind
  737. Landscaping Prohibited from _________? 
    8pm – 7am
  738. Construction Noise / Permits

    M-F ___ am to ____ pm
    S-S ___ am to ____ pm
    • M-F  7am to 7pm
    • S-S  8am to 8pm
  739. M/V Alarm – Continuous, 100’, excess of ______.  Attempt to locate owner.  If not avail, declared a public nuisance  & tow.  ______  dollar penalty
    30 min / $50
  740. Curfew – Sun – Thur __ pm – ___ am 
                 Fri –  Sat   __ pm – ___ am 
        Flagler to Australian / Banyan to Okee
    • Sun – Thur 10pm – 6am              
    • Fri –  Sat   11pm – 6am 
  741. No Alcohol Distribution  -  

    M – F   __ am – __am
    Sat      __ am – __am 
    Sun     __ am – __
    • M – F   3am – 7am
    • Sat      4am – 7am 
    • Sun     4am – Noon
  742. Nightclub – Any place of business operating after ___ pm?
  743. Military (Active) – Permitted in nightclubs designated over ___ yoa if active duty
  744. Panhandle – Not within ___ feet of a  bank/check cashing, ect
    While on administrative reassignment, the member:
         1.  Is assigned to a duty shift of normal business hours, Monday through Friday 0800-1700 hrs., with lunch assigned 1200 to 1300 hrs.

    Must, if reassigned to the member’s place of residence, make telephone contact with the Internal Affairs Unit, the Bureau Commander, the Division Commander, or a designee each weekday at _____hrs. and at _____ hrs., excluding holidays
    0800 hrs. and at 1700 hrs

    The member may attend to personal appointments (doctors, dentists, etc.) scheduled during these hours with the use of appropriate accrued _______(sick, vacation, etc.) as required by any such absence from a duty assignment and with completion of a Leave Report and the approval of the contact person as designated.
  748. The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership are:
    • 1.  Model the Way
    • 2.  inspire a Shared Vision
    • 3.  Challenge the Process
    • 4.  Enable others to Act
    • 5.  Encourage the Heart
  749. For people to willingly follow a leader, the leader must be:
    • 1.  Honest
    • 2.  Forward-looking
    • 3.  Inspiring
    • 4.  Competent
  750. If you take leave for more then___you must turn in you take home vehicle during
    the leave.
    40 hours or 4 day schedule
  751. Officers must go on the air____ as off duty car when operating a marked
    vehicle within city.
  752. Once a full time officers moves out of the city limits he must notify the department ______ to turn in vehicle
  753. An emergency order a written directive by a ___ or above addressing a matter requiring immediate attention.  Is effective until revised by the chief as an S.O.P
  754. An officer who had a take home vehicle and receives 3 days suspicion in a 12 month period will relinquish the vehicle for____.
    1 year
  755. Incident command system (ICS) color code for officers, Lieutenant, Sergeant and Captain is?
    • Officer=yellow
    • Sgt= red
    • Lt & Captain= white
  756. Civilian employees under the SEIU who qualify for work shoe allowance will receive ___ dollars annually.
  757. Who is authorized to call out personal regardless of assignment in the event of an emergency to resolve the situation?
    Shift commander or above
  758. FTO Sergeant will complete a____on each probationary officer in release from FTO
    Performance evaluation (POL-350)
  759. Members assigned to a specialized assignment / position must maintain at least a "___________" rating in all dimensions of the annual Employee Performance Review while holding a specialized assignment.
    Meets Standards
  760. Final disciplinary authority and responsibility for Department members rests with the ___________ or designee.  In his absence, the ________ will be held responsible.
    • Chief of Police
    • Mayor
  761. Who has the authority to impose emergency suspensions?
    Lt or higher
  762. Verbal reprimands and counseling are documented by supervisors in the members _________ file?
    section file
  763. A written reprimand is documented on a ________________  form?
    Disciplinary Action form
  764. When a member is dismissed, the following will be made available to him / her in writing within the disciplinary form:
    • 1. Reason for dismissal
    • 2. effective date of dismissal
    • 3. status of fringe and retirement benefits after dismissal
    • 4. content of the officers employment record relating to the dismissal
  765. After platoon/section files are purged (every three years) the purged material will be forwarded to the _____________ for proper disposition.
    Records Custodian
  766. This hearing (______________) is not a "question and answer session" as the investigation into the matter has been completed.  Rather, it is an opportunity for the member to offer mitigating circumstances as to why he or she should not be subject to punitive measures..
    Predetermination Hearing
  767. Hours of Administrative Re-assignment:
    • M-F 0800 - 1700 hrs
    • Lunch 1200 - 1300
  768. If on admin re-assignment to residence, LEO must call IAU each weekday at _____ hrs and ______ hrs, excluding holidays.
    0800 & 1700 hrs
  769. If on admin re-assignment to residence, LEO must remain at the residence during the hours of 0800 - 1700 to exclude lunch between ______ hrs to _______ hrs.
    1200 - 1300 hrs
  770. Community Volunteers / Citizen Observer must be:
    Over 18 yrs of age along with additional background investigative requirements.
  771. Student Interns must be:
    • At least 16 yrs of age
    • No drug use within the last 12 months
    • along with additional background requirements
  772. Explorers must be:
    • Enrolled in School
    • 14-21 yrs of age
    • maintain a 2.0 grade point average
    • along with additional background requirements
  773. Ride a long Programs requirements:
    • 18 or older
    • No Felony Convictions
    • One ride-a-long in a 60 day period
    • additional requirements....
  774. Define Rules and Regulations:
    A specific directive from which no deviations or exceptions are permitted
  775. Any officer who moves within the confines of the City of WPB is eligible to participate in the take home vehicle program and will be assigned a car within _____ months of becoming a resident?
  776. Probationary officers are not allowed to participate in the take-home vehicle program until they have successfully completed __________ and achieved permanent civil service status?
  777. During a 4 day rotation, an officer will be allowed to take a Police Vehicle home and must reside within a ______ or ______ mile radius.  Mile radius is governed by the PBA Contract (Article 25, Section 3, A-3).
    40 - 30
  778. Any member who fails to maintain a "__________" or higher in any one dimension in TWO consecutive quarters or two quarters within an annual rating period will result in the member having to relinquish the assigned vehicle until the performance is met.
    Meets Expectations
  779. When working under a unified Command Structure with the Fire-Rescue Department as the lead, the command post will be located in the ___________________ vehicle.
    Fire-Rescue Special Operations
  780. In all incidents involving violence (hostage, bomb, sniper) the _______________ shall be the lead agency
    Police Department
  781. In all incidents involving human rescue, HAZMAT decontamination, fire suppression, and emergency medical treatment, the ___________________ Department shall be the lead agency.
    Fire Rescue
  782. In all incidents having to do with the infrastructure of the City, and not involving life-saving efforts or violence, the __________________  shall be the lead agency
    Department of Public Works
  783. The transfer of command shall take place on a ______________ basis whenever possible to facilitate effective communication and feedback
  784. When transfer of Command occurs the new Incident Commander shall notify the ____________________  Unit over the radio that they are now assuming command of the incident.
  785. PBA:  Up to a maximum of _____ employees in any one instance shall be granted time off PAID from the Association time pool for the purpose of conducting Association business?
  786. PBA: All requests for the use of Association time pool shall be submitted by the President of the Association or his/her designee to the Chief / designee at least ____ days in advance of the requested time off?
  787. PBA:  Each dues paying association member shall contribute ______ hours of annual leave to the Association Time Pool on an annual basis?
  788. PBA:  The Association President will be granted up to a combined ______ hrs to attend City, County, State, Legislative Sessions, etc...?
  789. PBA:  Bulletin Boards shall be provided in the (3)
    1 __________
    2 __________
    3 __________
    • Patrol Division Briefing room
    • Admin Section
    • CID Section
  790. PBA:  Rights of LEO under Investigation:

    The interrogation shall be conducted at a reasonable hour, preferably when the officer is _______, unless otherwise?
  791. PBA:  Rights of LEO under Investigation:

    The LEO under investigation will be informed of the _______, ________, & __________ of the investigation?
    • Name
    • Rank
    • Command
  792. PBA:  Rights of LEO under Investigation:

    Upon the request of the interrogated officer, a copy of ay such recording of the interrogation session must be made available to the LEO no later than ____ hrs following said interrogation?
    72 hrs
  793. PBA:  Complaint Review Board:

    Shall be composed of FIVE members:   
    2 members selected by the Chief Administer of the agency or unit.
    2 members selected by the aggrieved officer.
    1 member selected by the 4 other members.
    Q&A together..
  794. PBA:  Progressive Discipline:

    Verbal  reprimand
    ______  reprimand
    • Written
    • Termination
  795. PBA:  An officer who is placed on admin leave for investigatory purposes for more than ______ days, and who is subsequently returned to duty as a result of being exonerated, or if all charges placed against him/her are Unfounded/Unsubstantiated, shall be paid missed overtime (City & Contract Details) that might have been worked had the officer remained on active duty.
    30 days
  796. PBA:  The city shall give the PBA notice ____ days before the scheduled promotional exam date?
  797. PBA: All promotions made from the bargaining unit shall be made using a rule of _____ persons on the promotional eligibility list who have not been suspended within the _____ year period prior to the date of the promotion for FIVE days or more for any one incident, or a total of 7 days or more.
  798. PBA:  Leave of absence during the probationary period shall extend such probationary period the length of time necessary to _______ the leave?
  799. PBA:  An employee may be granted a maximum  of _______ days leave with pay, without charge to sick leave, annual leave, holiday, etc, due to the death of his / her own immediate family member..

    In the event that travel is 400 or more miles one way, an additional _____ days will be granted by the Chief?
    • THREE
    • TWO
  800. PBA:  A regular employee shall accrue sick leave at the rate of _____ hours each bi-weekly pay cycle actually worked to a maximum accumulation f ____  hrs ?
    • 3.69 hrs
    • 960 hrs
  801. PBA:  Sick Leave Inventive Program:

    An employee who utilizes less than 24 hrs / 3 working days of sick leave annually and who has a minimum sick leave balance of 192 hrs, may convert ________ hrs of sick leave to personal leave, or in lieu thereof, receive cash payment?
    24 hrs
  802. PBA:  Sick Leave Inventive Program:

    An employee who utilizes ZERO hrs of sick leave in the calendar year, and who have a minimum sick leave balance in excess of 192 hrs, shall be allowed to convert a additional ______ hrs to personal leave only?
    8 hrs
  803. PBA:  Conversion upon Retirement / Termination:

    Upon termination, resignation or retirement, an employee having TEN years of service and above will be compensated at the rate of _____ % of accumulated sick leave, up to a max of 906 hrs, at the employees regular rate of pay.
  804. PBA:  No more than _____ days of an employees annual sick leave accrual may be used for the care of a sick or disabled member of the immediate family within any calendar year?
    5 days
  805. PBA:  Physicians Certificate:

    Requests for sick leave in excess of _____ consecutive working days must be accompanied by a physicians certificate.  The reason for such absence, the dates the employee or family member was under doctors care and the day on which the employee was able to return to work shall be required for approval?
    THREE days
  806. PBA:  No more than ____ patrol officers per shift assignment will be allowed to take annual/vacation leave at any give time?
  807. PBA:  Workers Comp:

    An employee injured while "on the job" (job related to include using the gym at PD or county LEO lives in, Firearms training, or operating dept equipment: motor vehicle, motorcycle, bike, boat) will receive _____ % of his / her base salary in lieu of Worker's Comp for up to 180 calendar days?

    An additional ____ calendar days of Duty Disability Leave may be granted in the case of surgical / hospitalization so long as medical certification clearly demonstrates such is required as the result if a work injury for which Duty Disability Leave and Benefits were previously provided.
    • 100%
    • 180
  808. PBA:  Workers Comp:

    The day the injury occurs shall be charged to __________ leave WITH pay if the treating doctor advises that the employee is incapable of returning to work that day?
  809. PBA:  An employee shall earn and accrue _________ as long as the employee is absent from work due to the injury and is using leave credits to supplement the Worker's Comp payment? 

    When the employee is placed on leave WITHOUT pay, _______ leave credits are earned or accrued?
    • Leave Credits
    • NO
  810. PBA:  An employee who is able to return to full and normal duty shall notify the _______ accordingly.  If indicated, a return to work date shall be determined by the RISK Management Division.
  811. PBA:  If after medical examination, the employee is released to return to work or refuses, NO further salary or Workers Comp payments will be paid nor leave time earned or accrued until the employee returns to work.  In the event the employee fails to return to work for a period of ______ consecutive workdays, the employee shall be deemed to have resigned.
  812. PBA:  When assigned to ________, he/she shall be assigned to such duties that he/she is capable of performing on an eight hour day / 40 hr week, Mon- Fri?
    Light Duty
  813. PBA:  Temporary Reassignment due to Non-Duty Injury or Illness:

    Employees who receive a temporary reassignment will be placed on temporary assignment for a period of up to ____ cumulative days and their status will be reevaluted by a doctor selected by the city every ___ days up to a total cumulative maximum of 360 days.
    • 90
    • 90
  814. PBA:  Temporary reassignments will not be for more than a total of ______ cumulative days in any continuous 48 month period?
  815. PBA:  Each employee during his/her _____ month will receive a medical evaluation and physical exam?
  816. PBA:  Any city employee who is arrested or convicted for a violation of a criminal drug statue MUST notify Risk Management and Employee Relations in writing of such arrest or conviction immediately but in no event later than ____ calendar days subsequent to such arrest or conviction.
  817. PBA:  Alcohol / Drug Abuse Testing:

    Testing will be conducted based on _____________ that an employee is using, has used, or is abusing drugs or alcohol?

    An employee must be issued the ____________ Documentation form prior to submitting to the test?
    Reasonable Suspicion / Reasonable Suspicion
  818. PBA:  Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing:

    An employee shall be taken to a City authorized medical testing facility by a supervisor for Reasonable Suspicion and Post vehicular accident testing.  Refusal to comply with an order to submit to testing or leaving the testing facility prior to such test being completed shall result in _______________ of employment?
  819. PBA:  Breath alcohol testing shall be conducted at the City's sole discretion.  If the initial test indicates a level of ._____  or greater, a SECOND breath test shall be conducted as a confirmation test.  If the second test indicates a level of ._____ or greater, it shall be considered a Positive Alcohol test and will result in termination of employment.
  820. PBA:  Any confirmed POSITVE drug test or test for alcohol at or above .04 shall result in _________ of employment?
  821. PBA:  An employee who receives a confirmed Positive drug test result may request a challenge to the test results with the MRO or designee within ____ days notification.  The challenge must be in writing, signed and dated by the test donor and filed with Risk Management.
  822. PBA:  If the employee does not have leave accrual or exhausts all accrued leave time while participating in an EAP, they will then be placed on ________ leave during the completion of the program?
  823. PBA:  An employee who completes a rehabilitation or employee assistance program, upon returning to work, will be subjected to unannounced mandatory testing at the City's sole discretion for a period of ______ years from the return to work date?
  824. PBA:  If an employee who is selected for random drug testing discloses to their supervisor, before providing a testing sample, that they have used medication prescribed for someone other than the employee, they shall have ______ opportunity to access the EAP?
  825. PBA:  If the employee cannot produce a urine sample sufficient for testing, the specimen will be thrown out and the employee will be given up to _____ ounces of fluid over a _____ hours period until the employee can produce a sufficient sample. 

    If after the ____ hrs, the employee still cannot provide a sample, the collection process will end.
    40 ounces  /  3 hrs  /  3 hrs
  826. PBA:  If an employee is unable to provide a urine sample within the allotted 3hrs, the test will end.  The city will refer the employee to a licensed doctor who is selected and paid by the city for a _______________ to determine whether there is a medical explanation for the employee's inability to provide a sample.
    Medical Evaluation
  827. PBA:  College Reimbursement

    Reimbursement will only be  made by the City when an employee receives a grade of ______ or better, or in the case of Pass/Fail, a passing grade?
  828. PBA:  An employee who voluntarily separates employment from the City within ________ years from the date of hire for any reason is required to repay all costs of recruit or routine training, excluding Region XII funded courses.
  829. PBA:  Any employee who submits their resignation will be permitted to continue their employment for the ______ week notice period.
  830. PBA:  Funeral Expenses... The city will provide an in-the-line-of-duty death benefit for funeral and burial expenses.  Said amount of __________  dollars will be paid directly to the beneficiary of said employee.
  831. PBA:  An employee who is certified by the State of Florida to administer the Breathalyzer Test or any other machine, authorized by the Chief to determine the amount of intoxicants or other stimulants in individuals will be paid at the rate of _____ per test?
  832. PBA:  Hazard Duty Pay.... Any employee assigned to ridea two wheeled motorized vehicle, excluding Segways, while so assigned, shall receive _______  per pay period in addition to their regular salary, including when a temporary reassignment is necessary due to weather, staffing, or other operational needs as determined by the Chief?
  833. PBA:  Take Home Vehicles

    No Officer will drive a vehicle more than ____ yrs old or one with more than ________ miles, unless refurbished.
    8 yrs old / 140,000
  834. PBA:  All Officers assigned a take home vehicle who reside within the City and all K9 Officers __________ be required to pay a fuel charge.
  835. PBA:  Any officer who lives more than _____ miles one-way from the Police Headquarters WILL NOT be entitled to a take home vehicle.  Current PBA members who enjoy take home vehicle privileges over the ______ are grandfathered and no other employee shall be eligible for the benefit.
    30.1 miles
  836. PBA:  All sworn officers will be provided a uniform cleaning allowance of _________ dollars?

    A shoe allowance of $_____ will be provided annually in a lump sum no later than the second pay period in November.
    • $650
    • $80
  837. PBA:  Each Patrol vehicle's speedometer will be calibrated every ______ months?
    6 months
  838. PBA:  An employee will retain his / her weapon upon retirement, provided that the employee has served at least ______ years as a WPB Officer?
    20 yrs
  839. PBA:   An employee assigned overtime to work a City-sponsored event or special event held on (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years - times vary) will be compensated at ________ rate?
    double time
  840. PBA:  For the purpose of disciplinary actions, a "day" is defined as _____ hrs? 

    If working the 4/12 schedule, the suspension will be defined in days and hours.
  841. PBA:  Employees will be given notice of any change in their regular hours of work at least _______  weeks in advance of transfer, reassignments or change of shift except where an emergency exists.
  842. PBA:   Compensable time shall begin ______ minutes prior to the scheduled appearance time set by the subpoena to compensate the employee for the time necessary to obtain and return documentation
    30 minutes
  843. PBA:  When an employee is REQUIRED to attend training while off-duty they will be compensated at the rate of ___________ his/her regular rate of pay required by the Chief.
    time and half
  844. PBA:  In lieu of overtime pay, an employee may choose to accrue compensatory time.  The maximum accrual is _____ hrs?
  845. PBA:  Holiday Pay... Those employees whose regular scheduled day off falls on a holiday will receive a maximum benefit of ____ hrs of Holiday pay or the employee can request "Holiday Saved" hrs equal to the hours of the employee's regular assigned shift.
    8 hrs
  846. PBA:    ALL Holiday Saved hours must be used or will expire by the last day of _______ of the following year...
  847. PBA:  When an employee calls in sick on a Holiday, the employee will be charged ______ and no Holiday pay or Holiday hrs will be earned?
    Sick Leave
  848. PBA:  No step increase shall be paid if an employee's performance review shows _______________ performance?
    Below Standard
  849. PBA:  An employee who demonstrates less than satisfactory performance shall be placed on a _____ day plan for improvement?

    An employee who demonstrates acceptable progress may be granted an additional _____ days in which to demonstrate satisfactory performance. 

    A step increase SHALL NOT be granted until an employee meets all standards for performance.
    90 day  /  90 days
  850. PBA:  No personnel above the rank of ____ will be permitted to sign up for extra duty employment details until said jobs are posted for 24 hrs.
  851. SEIU:  SEIU stands for?
    Service Employees International Union
  852. SEIU:  Whenever feasible, employees will be notified at least _______ weeks in advance of a transfer, reassignment or change of shift?
    2 weeks
  853. SEIU:  An employee shall be paid for a minimum of ____  hrs of scheduled overtime that is not a continuation of his/her regular workday or is not standby or call out?
    2 1/2
  854. SEIU:  The accumulation of compensatory time shall be limited to a maximum balance of ____ hrs?
  855. SEIU:  An employee must notify his/her immediate supervisor in writing by filling out a Leave request form of the contemplated use of comp time at least _________hrs/work days prior to use?
    48 hrs / 2 work days
  856. SEIU:   State of Emergency...  Employees deemed non-critical by the Department Director or his/her designee for the preparation and/or continuation of emergency operations or for special work detail may be directed not to report to work, and given _________________ leave or they may be reassigned to best meet the needs of the city?
    Paid Administrative
  857. SEIU:  State of Emergency.... For the purpose  herein, the "work day" during a State of Emergency shall be:
    12:01 am to 12:00 midnight
  858. SEIU:  The limit for safety shoes shall be?
  859. SEIU:  Any employee who may be the subject of an investigation shall be notified in writing within _______ calendar days of the incident which prompted the action or managements knowledge  of the incident?
    21 days
  860. SEIU:  An employee will be placed on UNPAID administrative leave for the following alleged violations:
    • Violence in the workplace
    • Theft or theft of services, ie city property...
    • EEO Violation
    • Weapons in the workplace
    • Positive Drug / Alcohol test
  861. SEIU:  A suspension without pay shall not exceed ______ days nor shall any employee be penalized by suspension for more than _____ days in any 12 month period unless an arbitrator decides that a longer suspension in lieu of termination is appropriate.
    30 days / 30 days
  862. SEIU:  Absence without approved leave for ______ consecutive of work days shall constitute abandonment of employment and will result in immediate termination.
  863. SEIU:  The union may appeal a suspension without pay, reduction in salary, demotion or termination of employment.  Such disciplinary appeal shall be filed directly with the Employee Relations Manager within ____ days of receipt of written notice of disciplinary action.

    Employee Relations shall respond in writing within ____ working days from the date or receipt.
    • 10 days
    • 20 days
  864. SEIU: Any employee wishing to leave the City in Good standing is requested to file with his/her department head, at least _____ weeks before leaving, a written resignation letter stating the date of resignation shall become effective and his/her reason for leaving?
    2 weeks
  865. SEIU:  A regular status employee who resigned while in good standing and without fault or delinquency may apply within ____ year of the date of his/her resignation for reinstatement with the City.
  866. SEIU:  Each dues paying Union member shall  be charged for the purpose of Union Time Pool, _______ hr(s) from his/her accrued annual leave balance or accrued sick leave balance if sick leave is greater than 288 hrs
  867. SEIU:  Bereavement.... An employee may be granted a maximum of ______ consecutive hours of leave with pay due to the death in his/her immediate family.
    40 hrs
  868. SEIU:  A regular status full time employee shall accrue sick leave at the rate of _____ hrs each bi-weekly pay period to a maximum of ________ hrs
    • 3.69 hrs
    • 960 hrs
  869. SEIU:  Upon receiving an overall rating of _________ or improvement needed, an employee shall be placed on a written plan for improvement.
  870. The Leadership Challenge:
    What are the FIVE Practices of Exemplary Leadership:
    • 1.  Model the Way
    • 2.  Inspire a Shared Vision
    • 3.  Challenge the Process
    • 4.  Enable others to act
    • 5.  Encourage the Heart
  871. The director of human resources or designee will issue a written promotional opportunity announcement at least___ prior to test date?
    90 days
  872. What is the discipline for being LATE
    for a detail?
    • First offense- verbal counseling
    • document in person platoon jacket

    Second offense- within a 12 month period written reprimand documented in jacket

    Third offense- 45 days suspended from working detail. Progressive after that.
  873. What reports will be completed after an
    • - Offense report
    • - A supervisor and employee report of exposure of on the job accident form
    • - City of West Palm Beach exposure notification report.
    • - All reports will be forwarded to the environment health and safety office.
  874. An employee who has knowledge of an
    Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) violation are encouraged to report violation to?
    • - Supervisor
    • - Department director
    • - or city EEO compliance officer in HR
  875. Supervisors are responsible are responsible for promoting an environment free of EEO violation and should report any violation to?
    EEO compliance officer in HR
  876. EEO violations do not have to be filed
    within the chain of command?
  877. What are the 3 reasons to call the Fire
    medic after OC spray?
    • - The suspects ask for medics
    • - the effect of the spray do not diminish after 15 minutes or not relieved after 45 minutes
    • - There is an unusual physical reaction inconsistent with what's taught in training
  878. Spit mask must be placed so that the top straps are?
    Top strap over the ear and bottom strap under the ear and on the neck
  879. No subject with a spit mask should be left unattended?
  880. What goes on the left side of a property bag?
    • - Jewelry
    • - keys
    • - credit cards
    • - ID
    • - cell phone
    • - unaccepted monies foreign money and checks
    • - blank checks
    • - empty wallet

    Right side of bag should contain cash and check facility government checks
  881. The first CIT officer on scene shall be
    responsible for the entire incident to include?
    • - Dialogue with mental I'll person
    • - Action need to be taken 
    • - paperwork, Unless otherwise directed by supervisor.
    • - The supervisor will take full responsibility of scene and must submit report to CIT commander by the end of shift.
  882. West Palm PD will not conduct investigations into cases of missing adults who?
    Do not have unusual or suspicious circumstances or without foul play being suspected
  883. Prior to affecting an arrest for an injunction the officer will?
    Ensure that the respondent was previously served with a certified copy of injunction and injunction is valid in all counties in Florida.
  884. All members are required to comply with
    4 code of conducts?
    • - department standard operating procedures.
    • - rules and regulations
    • - law enforcement code of ethics
    • - The police code of conduct
  885. Every ____ reviews will be forwarded to
    the Chief of Police for evaluation of organizational components and also to
    evaluate success rate made towards attaining of goals and objectives with a
    current fiscal year.
    6 months
  886. When a police initiated action relies on the race, ethnicity characteristics or national origin rather than the behavior of an individual it is considered_________ ?
    Bias based racial profiling
  887. When computing and interpreting adverse
    impact data, the _________ rule will be used during the recruitment and selection process.
  888. A person applying for a position cannot have used any illegal substance or medication not prescribed to them by a licensed physician within ____ yrs of application
  889. Destruction of selection process materials is the responsibility of the _________________?
    Recruitment Sergeant
  890. Any candidate who does not successfully
    complete the physical abilities test may be re-tested at the next available test date after ___days
  891. Candidate’s applications that are not selected must be maintained West Palm Beach Police Department for a period of _______ before destruction.
    2 yrs
  892. Applications for specialized assignment will be accepted for a minimum of ____ days after the
    initial post
  893. The application review panel for specialized assignments consist of the following personnel?
    • -  Division Commander from the area of the vacancy
    • -  supervisor from the area of the vacancy
    • -  A supervisor not from the area of the vacancy
  894. Copies of the application for each specialized assignment names and review panel will be kept in staff Services Section for a minimum of___ years
  895. What special assessments allow you to stay in the unit for 3 years before rotating out?
    • - motorcycle officer
    • - observer
    • - QRT team
    • - accreditation manager
    • - policy and procedure officer
    • - criminal investigations officer
    • - training supervisor
    • - applicant processing officer
    • - water catchment detail
    • - entertainment district
    • - PAL officer
  896. What special unit allows you to stay on 5 years before rotating off?
    • - motorcycle sergeant
    • - organized crime
    • - Crime prevention
    • - Criminal investigations supervisor
    • - Training Coordinator
    • - Range master
    • - homicide squad
  897. Crime prevention officers are responsible for preparing ______ reports to the Chief of Police through their chain of command
  898. What is the alert number that crime prevention officers have on their phone?
  899. What does CERT mean?
    Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  900. Eyewatch is a two way radio network that operates between downtown security and the police department and operates on channel___?
  901. A ________ will ensure that a covenant not to
    sue release and indemnification agreement form is completed by prior to a ride
    Shift Commander
  902. All ride alongs must be at least 18 years of age except for explorers that qualify can be___?
    16 yrs old
  903. Will an officer driving a marked police vehicle while off duty be equipped with the police ID police, radio, handcuffs, OC Spray, firearm and spare magazine?   T or F
  904. Officer inspection reports will be kept for___ yrs
  905. The Staff inspection unit shall forward the completed original inspection report to the _________ for signature and review
    Chief of Police
  906. The collective bargaining agreement unit represents all sworn police officers and non-sworn personnel who fall under the umbrella of the contract?  T or F
  907. Public Safety guides (PSG) are non-sworn
    employees who are part of the police department that work downtown part time
    they will not work more than ___ hours a week
  908. The fiscal year begins___ and ends___
    of the following calendar year
    Begins October 1st and ends Sept 30th
  909. T or F..... Refreshments can only be purchased from petty cash if it is purchased for host for attendees from outside agencies are citizens?
  910. A petty cash slip _____  will be completed indicating the amount, purpose, case number and proper account number to be charged.
    Petty cash slip (FN039)
  911. When a person loses or damages a personal item a report must be completed with the division commander reviewing it and it must be forwarded to an authorized ___________
    Critical service bureau administrator
  912. Personal property loss or damage will be reimbursed by a check unless it is under___ then it would be reimbursed by petty cash
  913. It is the responsibility of the _________ to check extra duty details to confirm an assigned officer has reported on time
    On duty road patrol supervisor
  914. All recommendations by the awards board will be submitted to the chief no later___ days prior to the end of the month following the end of the quarter
  915. All awards will be announced no later than ___ day of the month following the end of the quarter
    the last day
  916. What is the initial alcohol testing used called?
    Evidential breath testing device (EBT)
  917. A dependent of an employee may use the
    EAP program as long as they fit the following two categories:
    • - Children who depend upon the employee for at least 50% of support
    • - children who are full-time students under the age of 21
  918. The FTO to program is a ___ week training program
  919. A recruit in FTO normally would be transferred every________  weeks to a different FTO officer
    3 weeks
  920. To be certified as a Florida Department of Transportation certified school crossing guard trainer, must attend a ___ day training program through FDOT with the first ___ hours
    covering background information.
    2 day / 6 hrs
  921. In the absence of the police information officer (PIO) the following personnel are authorized to release information to the news media?
    • - at the scene of an incident command staff or supervisor in charge at a scene.
    • - information from agency file released only by Commission staff with authorization from highest command- officer within affected area
    • - information concerning ongoing criminal investigation command still  Criminal Investigation Division lieutenant or the case detective having direct knowledge of the investigation
  922. PIO / Info to media: 

    Information that will not be released to the media....
  923. - child abuse neglect
    • - victims of sexual offences
    • - deceased victims will not be released until notification of next of kin
  924. The validation unit must validate all identified records within __days
    45 days
  925. Stolen license plates will remain on file for ____ year following the plates expiration year as shown in the records
    plus 4 years
  926. Whenever there is a disaster of any nature the ______ located at the water treatment plant dispatch center will be activated and will operate on one channel?
    Emergency operating center (EOC)
  927. Name 3 blood Borne pathogens?
    • Hepatitis
    • HIV
    • AIDS
  928. The emergency response kit in the police car contains the following 7 items?
    • latex gloves
    • Bio hazardous red plastic bag
    • antibacterial soap
    • plastic containers for syringes and sharps
    • Germicidal disposal wipes
    • face shield
    • An air resuscitation mask one way valve
  929. In Domestic abuse ___________ can be provided to the victim so that he/she is assigned a confidential address
    Address confidential program (APC)
  930. Who can be designated the dive team commander?
    A Sgt or above
  931. A minimum of ___ divers will respond to a
    request for dive service ?
  932. How many officers will be dispatched to
    an Excited Delirium call?
  933. During an emergency incident accountability system, a __________  system will be used to compliment the ICS and is expandable to other city departments.
    The Passport Accountability system
  934. The incident commander is responsible for completing an after actions report within ______ days of a incident.
    10 days
  935. K-9 will utilize what length lead to track?
    6', 15', or 30' depending on terrain
  936. If a missing child or adult is not located within ____ days after report is filed, detectives can obtain DNA from family.
  937. Under extraordinary circumstances a missing person ages ___ to ____ can us the silver alert plan as long as the person has irreversible deteriorate intellectual faculties
    18 - 59
  938. True or False:  If a prisoner begins to choke, gag, or  vomit, the officer will ensure the air way is not compromised. The officer should be prepared to remove the spit mask immediately
  939. The spit mask should not be used on a person unconscious or those that suffer from _______ problems
  940. No person shall be strip searched for a traffic offense or misdemeanor unless it's ___?
    • violent in nature, which involves weapons or
    • drugs and stolen property
  941. What room number is the interview room next to holding facility?
    1050 - this room can also be used as holding facility during emergency
  942. True or False:  A juvenile not under arrest will not be placed into a secured facility
  943. During an emergency situation (major fire or disaster) and you are in booking with a 10-15 what should you do?
    • rearm yourself if possible
    • ensure the 10-15 are secure with cuffs and leg chains
    • remove them from cell
    • escort the 10-15 into sally port until situation is brought under control
    • no officers will remove more then 2 10-15's at a time.  Call back up if needed. 
    • If sally port is unsafe, take 10-15 out of South door onto spine Rd
    • Once on spine Rd place 10-15 in van/patrol vehicle then transport them to holding facility when safe to do so.
  944. When completing an evaluation on employee
    which category requires written comments?
    Does not meet standards and exceeds standards. Meets standards does not require a comment.
  945. For an employee to receive an overall of exceeds standards on their evaluation, they must have a minimum of?
    4 "exceed standards" dimensions and no "does not meet standards"
  946. An employee that "does not meet standards" in ____ dimensions will receive an overall "does not meet standards."
    3 dimensions of "does not meet standards"
  947. During probation after FTO, employees will receive a  _____  evaluation until off probation?
    Quarterly basis
  948. True or False:  Promotional members will enter a 6 month probation and be evaluated after 6 months
  949. Code 3 response is?
    Responding to a in progress emergency
  950. When carrying an off duty firearm, all officers will complete a form ___ request to carry owned firearm form
    POL- 242
  951. What caliber weapons are members authorized for a secondary weapon?
    .380, 9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal in semiautomatics
  952. All rifles will carried in officer's trunk, in a secured case and the officer should have a copy of what?
    Latest qualification form
  953. All suspended, non probationary employees who failed to qualify on the firearm will be given ____ days from the date of suspension to qualify.
    20 days
  954. The range kinetic energy projectiles consist of a ___ hr program designed by range master.
    12 hr
  955. Suggested distance of fire with the Taser is?
    7 -15 feet
  956. Both the (ECD/Taser) and the cartridges will not be stored in a vehicle for an extended period of time because?
    The cartridge and the Taser are subject to both extreme cold and heat
  957. When a supervisor removes media from the MVR vault supervisor will do the following three things?
    • Note on the media label the date and time the media was removed from the MVR initial and ID of a supervisor removing
    • Ensure the tape is returned to the video media room where it is to be logged in for the required 90 day.
    • If the media includes the recording of the any event place the case number on the label
  958. What are the 3 types of road blocks?
    • Moving roadblock
    • Fixed roadblock
    • Circle system roadblock
  959. Any vehicle that has been abandoned in the city streets disabled, junked, wrecked, dismantled in an excess of ___ hours, is in violation of city code?
    24 hrs
  960. An abandoned vehicle notice to the windshield will remain in place for at least ____days
    5 days
  961. The key for the fourth floor storage area will be kept in the storage closet in the ____and secured in the key bank.
    Patrol Area
  962. When a firearm is damaged or rusty and
    cannot be checked or unloaded the officer should hand deliver to the Crime Laboratory the gun with a clear marking on a container stating?
  963. True or False:   Whenever a physical arrest is warranted for a US military personnel, the investigating officer’s supervisor will notify
    the appropriate branch of military?
  964. Regarding a DUI the subject must be under arrest before they can be asked to submit to a___ and___ test?
    Breath / Urine
  965. ______ kits are available for use to patrol units and kept in the supervisors car and accident investigator units
    NIK kits blood collecting kits
  966. What does a NIK (DUI) kits contain?
    • 10 cc vaccun tube
    • Grey stoppers
    • preservative and anticoagulant
    • syringe
    • hypodermic needle and non alcohol cleaning swab
  967. During a fatality investigation if THI is not on duty a road supervisor will notify dispatch and dispatch will contact _________?
    Traffic sergeant
  968. True or False:  During a hostage negotiation, the SWAT team SOP will take precedence when both teams are deployed.
  969. After a search warrant has been executed the search warrant must be returned to the original affidavit an application for search warrant and the inventory return form must be returned to the clerk of court within  ___ days
  970. During Seizures and forfeitures the inventory form should be marked?
    Hold for forfeiture
  971. When a violator does not produce a drivers license as a form of ID, the officer will obtain the driver's _________ print onto the citation?
    Right thumb
  972. When there are witnesses to a traffic violation, the officer will complete a _________ subpoena list and attach it to the original citation?
  973. Officers will _______ all completed traffic citations daily?
  974. When the driver is in possession of a D/L, the officer will take the license, attach it to an _________ print out of the suspension, cancelation, or revocation and submit the license to the Records section.
  975. Officers will affect the physical arrest of any person in violation of those traffic laws pertaining to crashes involving serious bodily injury or death with drivers under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances in violation of:
    • 1.  Willful and wanton reckless driving
    • 2.  Fleeing / Elude a LEO
    • 3.  Leaving the scene of a crash involving serious injury or death
    • 4.  Failure to sign a Citation REQUIRING a mandatory hearing
  976. Juveniles:  When an officer issues a moving citation to a juvenile violator who is under the age of 16 and is not accompanied by a licensed driver 18 or older, the officer will attempt to contact the ________ or _______ of the violator.
    Parent or guardian
  977. Juveniles ____ yrs of age or older who have committed a traffic infraction will not be placed into custody, but will be issued a ________ citation.
    16 / moving
  978. At a traffic stop where the violator is determined to be DUI or other circumstances exist requiring the physical arrest of the violator, the investigating officers supervisor will notify the appropriate ______________?
    Branch of Military
  979. When an officer makes a traffic stop and determines the violator is currently assigned to the Military, the officer may issue the violator a ___________?
    Traffic Citation
  980. Each task of a DUI Screening and Investigation (walk & turn, finger to nose, etc), is administered in a standard manner according to the _____________________ and the results of each are recorded?
    National Highway and Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA)
  981. DUI Crash Invest:
    When the driver is transported to a medical facility for treatment of injuries sustained in a crash, the officer may authorize a qualified person to take a blood sample from the suspect for ______ content analysis?
  982. DUI Crash Invest:
    When the driver is unconscious, the driver is presumed to have given ______ (implied consent) for the blood withdrawal and the sample may be taken.
  983. Pursuant to FSS 316.1933, if the driver was involved in a crash that resulted in serious bodily injury or death, he/she does not have the right to ______ the withdrawal of blood for alcohol content analysis.
  984. In accordance with the FDLE regulations, ____ tests of the subjects breath will be taken within _____ minutes
    02 / 15 minutes
  985. When the results of the tests are MORE than 0.02% difference, then a _____ test will be given?
  986. When the results of a breath test are below 0.05% BAC, FSS presumes the suspect is not under the influence of an alcoholic beverage.  When the physical performance tests of the suspect were poor enough to give the arresting officer probable cause to arrest the subject for DUI, the arresting officer will request the subject to submit to a _____ test to detect the presence of a controlled substance.
    - Have the subject urinate in the cup; this must be witnessed to preserve ___________
    - Secure the lid of the sample cup with ______ tape and place it in the evidence ________ in the evidence processing area.
    • Urine..
    • Chain of Evidence. 
    • Evidence tape / refrigerator
  987. The Arresting officer must advise the suspect that refusal to submit to the chemical test offered will result in the suspension of their D/L for a period of _____ month(s) if first refusal, or ______ months for a second refusal....
    • 12
    • 18
  988. Juveniles arrested for DUI are transported and ________ to a parent/guardian.
  989. Police Code of Conduct:
    The ___________ believes it's important that Police Officers have clear advice and counsel available to assist them in performing their duties consistent with these standards.
    IACP - International Association of Chiefs of Police
  990. All sworn officers may wear a _________ or ________ next to the body under the body armor and uniform shirt?
    dark blue crew neck or white v neck t-shirt
  991. Sexual Predator:
    When the offender has moved or relocated to the City of WPB, the public is notified in the following manner:  The WPBPD notifies PBSO who completes _______ notifications to all day care facilities and schools within the area of the sexual predators address.
    - The PD's internet web page will have the sexual predators picture and info and/or link to the FDLE sex offenders web page
    - LEO's are authorized to ______ info and photo's at crime watch meetings, community meetings, or any other location deemed appropriate by the Chief of Police
    • Mail
    • release
  992. When an officer identifies a sexual predator or offender being in violation of City Ordinance 54-367 the LEO will:
    - Meet with the sexual offender and make notification of the _________
    - Make efforts to contact the ________ and inform him/her of the violation
    - When the sexual offender remains at the residence after notification is made, the officer will forward a Police report to WPB ___________ for commencement of prosecution.
    • - Violation
    • - Landlord
    • - Code Enforcement
  993. The authorized duties of the Community Service Aid (CSA) include taking reports of ________  property crimes involving limited suspect info, __________ crash investigations, and any of other assignments as determined by the traffic Sgt.
    • Delayed
    • non-criminal
  994. Police Officers _________  provide transportation in a medical emergency UNLESS the situation is of such an immediate, life threatening nature that waiting for the medics to arrive will place unnecessary risk on the injured party
    May not
  995. Traffic  Whistle Signals:

    Stop:  ________ blast(s)
    Start: ________ blast(s)
    Emergency Stop: ______ blast(s)
    • - A single, long blast
    • - Two short blasts
    • - Three or more short blasts
  996. Roadblocks:
    Fixed roadblocks will be manned by a minimum of ______ officers
  997. The only incidents security officers should report on the Eyewatch channel are crimes ________, ___________, & __________.
    • Crimes in Progress
    • Accidents with injuries
    • Medical Emergencies
  998. Missing adult is a person who is ___ age or older?
    Missing Child is a person who is younger than ___ years of age?
    • 18
    • 18
  999. Missing Endangered Person:
    - A missing child
    - A Missing Adult younger than _____ yrs of age
    - A Missing Adult ____ yrs of age or older, who is suspected by a Law Enforcement agency of being suicidal or in the company of another person who may cause harm to the person.
    • 26
    • 26
  1000. Juvenile Absconder:  Any child who leaves any place that he/she has been ________ to.  This may include his/her home or any other place documented on the court order.
    Court ordered
  1001. Runaway;  Any juvenile who ___________  leaves his/her legal place of residence in order to be free of control or restraint without consent of parent/guardian.
  1002. Any sworn member may take a report of a missing person form a reporting party who is calling from ________ the jurisdiction of the WPBPD and is unable to make the report in person because of distance, disability, or other extenuating circumstances.
  1003. FSS requires the City, County, and State of birth to be obtained for all missing _________ for entry into FCIC.
  1004. DNA samples are necessary when a missing child/adult is not located within ____ days?
  1005. Instruct dispatch to enter all info into NCIC/FCIC database within _____ hrs after receipt of the report in all missing juvenile s and credible missing adult cases.
  1006. When an officer responds to a report of an endangered missing child ages ___ through ____, an elderly person, or a disabled person who meets the endangered person criteria, the officer will:
    - Contact supervisor
    - Supervisor will determine when using the "A Child is Missing"
    - Dispatch will be notified that the "A Child is Missing" network has been activated.
    2 - 12
  1007. A "Child is Missing" will NOT be used for _________ runaways or other children who do not specific criteria
  1008. Florida Amber Alert Plan:
    When an officer responds to a report of an endangered missing child and the child fits the endangered criteria, the officer will ensure the following 5 criteria must be met:
    - Child must be under ___ yrs of age 
    - clear indication of an ________
    - Agency's preliminary investigation must conclude the child's life is in _______
    - There must be a detailed description of the child, abductor and/or vehicle to broadcast
    - Activation must be recommended by the local law enforcement agency
    • 18
    • abduction
    • danger
  1009. The Florida Silver Alert plan is used to locate missing persons suffering from an ___________ deterioration of intellectual faculties?
    - Missing person is ____ yrs of age or older
    - person is ___ to ____ yrs of age and Law Enforcement agency has determined the missing person ______ the capacity to consent and the use of message signs may be the only possible way to recover missing person
    - person suffers from an irreversible deterioration
    - missing person is driving a MV with a confirmed license plate
    - persons disappearance poses a credible threat to their welfare/safety.
    • irreversible
    • 60
    • 18 - 59, lacks
  1010. Parental Abduction:

    When the custody papers are not certified or registered in PBC, the reporting parent should be referred to his/her attorney to set up an ________________ before a judge.
    emergency hearing
  1011. Parental Abduction:

    When a LEO has obtained information to suspect the child is endangered, the officer will call the ______ hotline to report the incident.
  1012. A juvenile may only be classified as an ________ when he/she leaves a DJJ facility or the control of a staff member to which committed to.
  1013. Escapee from a Juvenile Facility:

    Instruct _________  to enter each runaway/escapee into _______ system with the following noted in the remarks area: "PC exist for escape from a juvenile facility; request for detention on file, PBC JAC hold & call JAC"
    • Dispatch
  1014. ______ prior to the scheduled end of shift, officers not on an assignment are notified by dispatch to report to the station.
    15 minutes
  1015. Code One:  When responding to a call for a non-emergency nature, officers will _____ and _______ all traffic regulations. 

    Officers should obey all ________ laws when possible upon arrival.
    • observe and obey
    • parking
  1016. Code 2:  A response to an urgent, ________ threatening situation:
    - crimes in progress when there is NO threat of injury or death to anyone
    - back up
    - alarm calls
    - Domestic / other disturbances with impeding violence
    - prowler calls
    - S20's
  1017. Code 3:  A response to an "_______" emergency.
    - Violent crimes
    - Accident with serious injuries
    - urgent back up
    - shots fired
    In progress
  1018. In the event of a fire occurring following a detonation, the _________ assume full control of the scene until the fire has been extinguished.
    Fire Department
  1019. In the event of a SWAT "call out" or activation, the ________ Squad commander is notified.
  1020. Using PTD's:
    Use of a Patrol car for protection cover does not provide adequate protection and such use is __________.
  1021. Unless the use of lethal force is justified, PTD's WILL NOT be used to stop:
    • Motorcycles
    • ATV's
    • Mopeds
  1022. Upon request from an outside agency and the approval of the ____________, officers may deploy PTD's in an attempt to terminate the pursuit in this jurisdiction.
    Shift Commander
  1023. PTD's:

    In the event all _________________ are closed, the supervisor will take the following actions deemed as most appropriate: 

    - transport the motorist to their local residence or destination
    - offer to have the stay at HQ while waiting for family or friends to pick them up.
    - Provide a hotel room
    tire replacement facilities
  1024. Honor Guard:
    When an Honor Guard member has ____ unexcused absences for events he/she is scheduled to attend with a 3 month period, the member is dismissed from the Honor Guard Unit.
  1025. All Honor Guard members will attend full law enforcement funerals for department members unless excused by the _________?
    Division II Captain
  1026. Canines are utilized for crowd control only when authorized by the __________?

    If possible, a Police ______ will be present when Police Canines are utilized in crowd control?
    • On-duty shift commander
    • Photographer
  1027. If Police Canine uses force, a _________ for treatment records of the bite victim/suspect should be obtained.
    Medical Release form
  1028. K9 Use:
    As a result of any bite, the handler ________ sign any paper making the City responsible for ________ of hospital charges?

    When the hospital insists on a signature, they will be told such signature is _______ City Policy and will be advised to contact _____________.
    • will not / payment
    • against / Risk Management
  1029. Canine Patrol School hours: 
    Narcotics hours:
    • 400 hrs
    • 280 hrs
  1030. Sexual Battery:
    When the victim is unwilling to cooperate with the investigation prior to the arrival of the investigator, a supervisor _____ respond and have the victim complete the "___________" form.
    Waiver of Prosecution
  1031. Sexual Battery:
    In cases where the victim wishes to remain anonymous, but wishes evidence gathered for a possible future report; the reporting officer will collect the kit directly from the medical personal, a patient ID accompanied by the name "_________" is used for future reference if the victim decides to complete a future report.
    Jane Doe
  1032. Sexual Battery - LEO Involved:
    Officer will request a Supervisor to ______ to the scene upon discovery the suspect is a LEO. The Officer conducts an investigation under the direction of the supervisor.
    - If the suspect is a WPB LEO and the investigation warrants an arrest, the supervisor has the _________ to effect the arrest.
    - The appropriate _____________ in the arrested officers chain of command is notified ASAP by arresting supervisor.
    • respond
    • responsibility
    • Division Commander
  1033. Auto Theft:
    Officers will notify the Auto Theft Unit whenever a suspect is arrested for:  Auto Theft, Possession of a vehicle with an altered VIN, or any other _________________.
    Auto Theft related crime
  1034. Auto Theft:
    Officers _________ permit the vehicle to be driven from the scene if the _________ or ___________ has been tampered with or there is significant damage to the vehicle.
    • Will Not
    • Ignition or Steering column
  1035. When a vehicle is towed because of involvement or suspected involvement in a serious crime or it has some other evidentiary value, the officer, will:

    Place an "______________" hold on the vehicle and completed a VSR including the name, rank and ID number of the officer who authorized the hold and the reason.
  1036. No holds are placed on a vehicle without the name of the specific officer or Detective and MUST include a ___________ who authorized the hold with the exception of abandoned/recovered vehicles
  1037. When an officer located a vehicle which he/she believes is stolen (punched column, loose VIN plate, etc), and the NCIC/FCIC check is negative, the officer will attempt to verify ____________?
    - When ownership cannot be established and Auto Theft is unavailable, the officer will _________ the vehicle and place a ________ on the vehicle for the Auto Theft Unit.
    • Ownership
    • Impound / HOLD
  1038. Whenever a vehicle is towed and the owner is not present, the officer will instruct dispatch to enter the vehicle into NCIC/FCIC as _____________________.
    "Abandoned / Recovered"
  1039. Acronym CBRNE:
    • Chemical
    • Biological
    • Radiological
    • Nuclear
    • Explosive
  1040. Bomb call:
    Upon arrival, turn off all transmitters (police radio, cell phone, MDT, etc) within ______ feet of the targeted area?

    Use ______________ for all communication with HQ.
    • 300 ft
    • Landline phones
  1041. Bomb:
    When a caller had given a specific time for the explosion, the site is searched until ____ minutes prior to the stated time?
    When no explosion occurs, the search may resume _____ minutes after the stated time has past.
    When a caller stated a device will explode in 15 min, evacuation begins ___________?  After 30 min have elapsed past the stated time of the explosion, a search may be initiated.
    • 30
    • 30
    • immediately
  1042. Bomb Call:
    Interior searches are conducted by personnel or employees ______ with the target location.
  1043. Bomb Call:
    Three sweeps are necessary to properly check a room.  They are:

    • 1. Floor to waist
    • 2. Waist to the top of head
    • 3.  Top of head to ceiling
  1044. Bomb Call:
    Officers should take note of the ________ direction in the event of a WMD has been utilized.
  1045. Hurricane Warning
    Officers going off duty check with the ______________ for future orders before leaving the station?
    Shift LT
  1046. Hurricane Warning
    Citizens coming to HQ for protection from the storm are directed to the nearest ______________?
    Red Cross shelter
  1047. Hurricane Warning
    All officers on leave or off duty on the day of the hurricane are to check in with their ____________ or ________ for instructions?
    Supervisor or Dispatch Op's
  1048. Promotions:
    Police Sgt:  Has served at least _____ yrs.  Must have an associates degree or equivalent semester hours (At least ____ hrs).

    If no degree or credits, employee must have _____ yrs and ______ credits?
    • 4 yrs / 60 hrs
    • 6 yrs / 30 hrs
  1049. The Director of Human Resources will issue a written Promotional Announcement at least _____ days prior to the testing date.
    90 days
  1050. A passing score of ____% on the written test will entitle the candidate to proceed in the promotional process?
  1051. Crashes occurring on _95, or any ramps, will normally be investigated by __________?
  1052. Serious injury is defined as any patient being trauma alerted under Palm Beach County Fire Medics Trauma System protocol and classified as a _______ triage?
  1053. Hit and run crashes that Require follow-up investigation are forwarded to the _____________ for completion?

    Minor hit and run crashes with follow-up may be completed by _______ officers..
    Traffic Section / Patrol
  1054. Should the owner/driver of a vehicle be unable to care for his/her vehicle or property, the officer will remove any property of apparent value and hold the property to be placed into ________ for safekeeping or released to someone authorized by the driver. 
    Items of no apparent value left in the vehicle are noted on the _________.
    Evidence / VSR
  1055. When major road blockages are reported and the roadway is expected to be blocked longer than ____ minutes, Dispatch will contact the County Warning Point.
  1056. A Long Form crash report will be completed when:
    • 1. Injury or death
    • 2.  Hit and run crash involving occupied vehicles
    • 3.  Hit & Run with follow-up info 
    • 4.  DUI
  1057. A short form crash report is completed when:
    • 1.  There is damage, but no injuries
    • 2.  UN-occupied hit and run with NO follow-up / no injuries.
  1058. Other non-moving and moving violations ________ be issued on private property unless there is a ____________________ with the governing body?
    May not / Traffic Enforcement Agreement
  1059. Crashes during a pursuit:
    When the pursuit involves a stolen vehicle and the crash involved the stolen vehicle and a ___________, the incident may be handled by inclusion in the recovery report.
    fixed object
  1060. Standard Operating Order / SOP:  guide for carrying out agency objectives

    Special Order:  event / policy that may be of a temporary nature

    Emergency Order:  Written directive by a LT or higher addressing a matter requiring immediate attention.
  1061. Citizen observes must be at least ____ yrs of age?
  1062. Citizen observer pants or shorts will be _______ in color?
    Navy blue
  1063. Citizen Observer:

    A leave of absence is any time over ____ days?
  1064. Domestic Violence:

    Whenever possible, ____ officers will be dispatched?
  1065. T or F:  A call for a Domestic Violence can be cancelled?
  1066. Domestic Violence:
    When access is denied into a residence, officers must consider the totality of the circumstances to determine if any _________ exits which would justify an immediate entry of the premise to determine the safety and welfare of the occupants?
  1067. Domestic Violence:
    DCF will be notified through the 1-800-96-______   registry about all DV's in the presence of children.
  1068. The Address Confidentially Program (ACP) has been created by the State Attorney General to provide victims of ____________ an opportunity to escape their abusers through the assignment of a confidential address?
    Domestic Violence
  1069. Domestic Violence incidents are classified as:

    Domestic Dispute
    Domestic Violence
    Domestic Battery
    Violation of an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence
    Dating Violence (romantic / intimate relationship within the last 06 months)
    See above
  1070. Upon being served with an injunction for protection against DV, the officer will immedialty _________ his/her department issued firearm and any ________________ to the on-duty shift Lt as is consistent with all applicable federal and state laws.
    surrender / personal firearms
  1071. In cases where an officer has a temporary injunction extended to a "permanent" injunction, the officer should be given a ____________________  to determine his/her fitness for duty and be referred to _______?
    psychological eval / EAP
  1072. Acronym for SWAT?
    Special Weapons and Tactics
  1073. EAP can help employees / eligible family members with:

    - Marital Family/Relationship Issues
    - Stress and anxiety
    - depression
    - alcohol/drugs
    - financial concerns
    - legal concerns
    - employee/co-worker conflicts
    - problems with a supervisor
    See answers
  1074. Discrimination / Harassment
    A report may be filed _______ or in ______?
    verbally / writing
  1075. PIO:

    The name of the victim in an incident will normally be released with the following exceptions:
    • - ALL records concerning reports of child abuse or neglect will be kept confidential
    • - sexual offenses
    • - deceased name is not released until NOK is notified
    • - concerned safety for victim/family
  1076. PIO: 

    The name of a detained person is not released until a ___________________  has been approved and notorized?
    criminal affidavit
  1077. PIO:

    The name of a suspect who is at large is _______________ unless a warrant or capias has been issued / approved by a supervisor
    Not released
  1078. PIO:

    The following information MAY be released in the case of a juvenile:
    • 1.  If juvenile is a runaway or missing and parent has given permission
    • 2.  Name, photo, address, and crime or arrest of a child who has been charged with an offense which, if committed by an adult, would be a Felony
    • 3.  A juvenile has been prosecuted as an Adult and found guilty of that offense
  1079. If a Taser is deployed, a supervisor will___________
    • - Ensure Injuries are photographed
    • - Control of persons report completed
    • - Copy of report forwarded to Training Sgt
    • - TASER Survey card completed
    • - TASER card fwd to Training Sgt
    • - Ensure Cartridge, Probes and AFIDs placed into evidence
  1080. When in the city, Officers will at all times take appropriate action to:
    • - Protect life and property
    • - Preserve the Peace
    • - Prevent crime
    • - Detect and Arrest violators of law
    • - Enforce all Fed, State, and Local Law Ordinances
  1081. The Taser WILL NOT be used under the following situations UNLESS Exigent:
    • - The subject could fall from an elevated height
    • - Subject could drown
    • - Flammable Liquid / Fumes present
    • - Subject is pregnant
    • - 12 or younger
    • - Subject is operating a Motor Vehicle
    • - Subject is armed
  1082. What types of events can Mutual Aid be used for:
    • - Civil Disturbances
    • - Large Protests
    • - Motor Vehicle Disasters
    • - Fires
    • - Manmade or Natural Disasters
    • - Sporting Events
    • - School Graduations
    • - Incidents that require specialized units
    • - Concerts
    • - Escapes
    • - Parades
  1083. What need to be done in order to VOID a citation?
    • - Print VOID on ticket
    • - Complete a Citation Report
    •    * In report, give a brief explanation
    • - Report must be Signed by:
    •    * Imm Supervisor
    •    * Div Commander
    •    * Bureau Commander
  1084. In order to pursue Forfeiture and Seizure for the following items, they must have what value?

    Real Property:
    • Vehicles: $2,500
    • Aircraft: $5,00
    • Vessel: $5,00
    • Real Property: $10,000
    • Cash/Jewelry: $500
  1085. Relative to the Discrimination and Harassment Policy, when should a report of a violation be forwarded to the EEO compliance officer?
    Within ONE business day
  1086. Any Officer served with an injunction for protection regarding a Domestic issues must:
    Within 24 hrs, Provide written notification to the appropriate Bureau Commander along with a copy of the injunction
  1087. Who must be notified when an Officer becomes party to a lawsuit, or Resigns from Employment?
    • - His/Her Supervisor and the City's Attorney's Office
    • - Internal Affairs
  1088. The Police Code of Conduct and Ethics is Published by?
    • IACP
    • International Association Chiefs of Police
  1089. 1.  What is an Emergency Order?

    2.  Who can order one?
    1.  A written directive/policy addressing a matter requiring immediate action or attention.  It will remain in effect until revised or replaced by the Chief

    2.  A LT or higher
  1090. Emergency purchases or rental agreements will be made with the approval of?
    • - Under $1,000 = Purchasing Agent
    • - Over $1,000 = City Manager
  1091. SOP Code of Conduct

    Definition of Accountability
    The duty of all officers to truthfully acknowledge and explain their actions and decisions without deception or subterfuge
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