Igor Stravinsky

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  1. Where did Stravinsky attend school? Who did he continue as a private student of? 
    He attended the St. Petersburg conservatory but because of the 1905 revolution he left and became a private student of Rimsky-Korsakov
  2. As a young composer Stravinsky was unknown, but what piece put him on the map and how
    He performed a short orchestral piece title "Fireworks" while Diaghilev was in teh audience
  3. Diaghilev commissioned Stravinsky with what
    • The score for his projected ballet, "The Firebird" 
    • Stravinsky exceeded the highest expectations 
  4. How is the make up of Stranvinsky's firebird 
    • Starts off with Korsakovian feeling but leaves to music of energy and originality. 
    • This is the precursor to him leading modernism 
  5. What was the plot of The Firebird 
    Features Korsakov's evil Sorcerer Kashchei and Tsarevich who is to rescue a princess from Kashchei's castle with the help of a magical Firebird
  6. What represents each character in the FireBird
    • Kashchei is represented by an octatonic scale and various chordal progressions
    • Tsarevich is given a folk song base style
    • The Firebird is given a oriental style
  7. Who made the set for Stravinsky's Petrushka 
    Alexander Benois 
  8. What is the setting of Petrushka 
    A fair ground with entrepreneurs, a dancing bear, and the focus, a puppet show
  9. What is typical of ballet which is present in Petrushka and Tchaikovsky's nutcracker
    Switching between he real world and fantasy
  10. Who did they discover Stravinsky had infringed on 
    Emile Spencer and her piece, Elle avait le jambe en bois (She had a wooden leg) 
  11. How did Stravinsky treat folk songs within a musical phrase different than the handful
    Melodies are heard in snatches, emerging in random fashion from the texture and sometimes along side other melodies
  12. How does Petrushka begin
    It lacks a bass line, as if suspended in air
  13. Why does the bass line appear in Petrushka
    To articulate three measures of melody (This is a fragment of the folk theme Dalalyn)
  14. What happens when the music of Petrushka breaks into a dance
    Drunken revelers are now center stage and we can hear their theme clearly
  15. What interrupts the music of Petrushka
    • A tritone and a speak like theme with many repeated notes
    • This is the character of Balagannyi ded (Carnival barker who is the advertise)
  16. What does Stravinsky represent the barrel organ with 
    clarinets and flutes 
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