Inorganic Chemistry - VSEPR shapes

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  1. What is the symbol of l mean in quantum number terms?
    L is angular momentum determined by shape of the orbital
  2. The quantum number l means what for the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3
    l is the quantum number to discribe angular momentum:

    • 0: s orbital
    • 1: p orbital
    • 2: d orbital
    • 3: f orbital
  3. The quantum number symbol of Me indicates:
    the magnetic orientation of the atom, distinguished by the 5 different orientation markers: -2, -1, 0, 1, 2
  4. What is the symbol of s mean in quantum number?
    s is spin of the electron +1/2 or -1/2 Image Upload
  5. What is the symbol of n mean in quantum number?
    n is principle, or the size/shell, determined by the radius of the atom
  6. Image Upload
  7. Image Upload
  8. Image Upload
  9. Image Upload
  10. Image Upload
    square planar
  11. Image Upload
    square-based pyramidal
  12. Image Upload
  13. Image Upload
    trigonal bipyramidal
  14. Image Upload
    trigonal planar
  15. Image Upload
    trigonal pyramidal
  16. Image Upload
  17. When can a molecule not be polar?
    A molecule can not be polar if it has an i, a Cz or Image Upload perpendicular to a Cn
  18. When can a molecule not be chiral?
    A molecule can not be chiral if it has any symmetry operations other than E and Cn
  19. define u and g in terms of orbital symmetry in respect to inversion.
    • u = anti symmetric to inversion
    • g = symmetric to inversion operation
  20. Define crystalline for a solid state
    Atoms/ molecules in a fixed positions i.e. --> unit cells (smallest repeating pattern)
  21. Define Amorphous materials
    the structure contains no long range order
  22. define polymorphism
    The ability to change structures
  23. define: Allotrope
    An element that can be found in more than one structural arrangement.
  24. define: substitutional solid solutions
    new atoms replaced some of the old atoms in a crystalline structure
  25. define: interstitial solid solutions
    small elements are inside holes of larger elements
  26. Image Upload
    primitive cubic
  27. Image Upload
    body-centered cubic
  28. Image Upload
    face-centered cubic
  29. Image Upload
    ABC --  Cubic close pakced
  30. Image Upload
    hexagonally closed packed
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