diet therapy and assisted feeding chapter 27

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  1. goal of diet therapy
    • treat & manage disease
    • prevent complications
    • restore health though appropriate diet.
  2. document
    • weight gain/loss
    • % of meal eaten
    • tolerance of diet
  3. preoperatively
    before surgery
  4. postoperative
    after surgery
  5. NPO
    no food/fluid by mouth
  6. preoperative patient
    • NPO 6-8 hrs before procedure.
    • lead to vomiting and aspiration.
  7. residue
    remains after digestion.
  8. clear liquid diet
    • clear soda jello.
    • lack nutrition.
    • broth has protein and electrolytes.
  9. soft diet
    • low in fiber and soft consistency.
    • eggs mash potatoes
    • involved in manipulation of surgical incision.
  10. anorexia nervosa
    • mental disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a normal minimum body weight, fear of obesity, disturbance n body image.
    • can be fatal.
  11. bulimia
    • eating disorder characterized by episodic binge eating, followed by behaviors designed to prevent weight gain, purging, fasting, laxatives,excessive exercise.
    • med conditions: esophageal & peptic ulcers.
  12. obesity
    excessive accumulation of fat.cause: genetic, environmental  eating habits,age gender, body physiology.
  13. obesity risk
    cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, gallbladder disease and joint disease.
  14. hypertension
    abnormal blood pressure

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diet therapy and assisted feeding chapter 27
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diet therapy assisted feeding chapter 27

diet therapy and assisted feeding chapter 27
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