Alfred Schnittke, Concerto Grosso No. 1

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  1. How many movements does Concerto Grosso have? What is it written for
    It ahs six movements and is written for a chamber orchestra with two violin soloists, harpsichord and piano
  2. What is the genre of Concerto Grosso
    Baroque (Instead of a single soloist their is a group of soloist)
  3. What is made clear in the first movement about the Concerto  
    It's not going to be normal Baroque, the string harmony is modern and is made sourer by the mistuned piano
  4. What is the second movement of the Concerto called? What does it feature
    • Toccata
    • One solo violin starts, with another playing just after trying to catch up
  5. How do the orchestral violins enter the second movement
    each instruments enter on beat behind the other and the combined effect creates a cacophony
  6. What is a typical Schnittke approach
    • Taking a tine that would normally please the listener and the destroying it
    • He does this with "Silent Night" which created a scandal in Austria
  7. What emerges after the first movement
    A pleasant baroque passage played with two solo violins in canon with a harpsichord 
  8. What comes after the Baroque form
    • The first theme (the ritornello) returns, and this time the dissonant mass of figurations brings to climax (A string orchestra holds the notes C and G)
    • Two solo violins play arpeggios in C Major but the harpsichord steals the show
  9. What motive can be heard
    The Bach-Motive (Bb A C B) 
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