Doctrine Test 3

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  1. Eastern Orthodoxy
    Three mirrors; you see the trinity through the other parts; Spirit flows from the father 
  2. Modalistic Monarchianism
    God is one source with three ROLES creator, redeemer, sustainer
  3. Latin Orthodoxy
    • God's unity is substantial and the persons' distinction is relational
    • filoque double process: spirit flows from father AND son
  4. Dynamic Monarchianism
    • God is not involved on the cross
    • adoptionism and arianism
  5. Tritheism
    god is not triune it's just how he chose to act
  6. Give of Life: the spirit is BEFORE us
    spirit gives new life, conception, creation, baptism
  7. Lord: the spirit stands OVER us
    spirit allows us to bless people, heal, and perform miracles 
  8. Spoke through the prophets: the spirit rests upon us
    the spirit anoints those who are appointed for  certain tasks 
  9. Proceeds from the father: dwells in us
    gives us contemplation, discernment, and teaching
  10. From the son: flows into and through us
    we receive the spirit for new life but we ALSO pass it along
  11. Sin's Spread
    • Original: sin spread through bio/genetics
    • Ancestral: raised from sinners/transmitted socially
  12. Social Manifestations
    • Structural: destroys social order
    • Demonic: manifested as power
    • Satanic: rebellion against God
    • Crruption: sin like rust/breaks things down
  13. Personal Manifestations
    sin turns us into people characterized by sin who have an inordinate love
  14. Sin's End
    • Death: (sheol grave hades land of dead)
    • Disposal: gehenall wasteland
    • Darkness
  15. What can we do about sin
    • Pelagius: our nature of will is still intact and we choose God
    • Athanasius: sin destroyed us and God must initiative of grace
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