Anatomy Chapter 6

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  1. What does the integumentary system consist of?
    hair, nails, sweat glands, sebaceous glands
  2. Integument is also called the __________ ___________
    cutaneous membrane 
  3. What is the scientific study of the integumentary system?
  4. how much of the body weight is the integumentary system?
  5. What tissues are in the integumentary?
    all tissue types
  6. surface of the skin is covered by.....
  7. what underlies the epithelium?
    connective tissue 
  8. What are the layers of integument?
    • epidermis
    • - stratified squamous keratonzed epithelium
    • Dermis
    • -subcutaneous layer
    • - Dense irregular connective tissue
  9. what are the layers of the epithelium from deep to superficial?
    • Stratum Basal
    • Stratum Spinosum
    • Stratum Granulosum
    • Stratum Lucidum
    • Stratum Corneum
  10. Which layers consist of living keratinocytes?
    the first 3 layers from deep to superficial
  11. Stratum Basal is also known as the....
    Basal layer
  12. what separates the epithelium the the dermis?
    basal layer with underlying cubodial and low columnar cells 
  13. Stratum _______ is occupied by _____,_____,______ 
    • basale 
    • keratinocytes
    • melanocytes
    • tactile cells
  14. what is the most abundant cells in the epithelium?
  15. What are Melanocytes used for? and in what form? In response to what?
    • Produce and store pigment
    • Melanin
    • UV light
  16. What are melanosomes and where are they transferred?
    • Pigment granules
    • into keratinocytes
  17. Merkel cells are....
    Tactile Cells
  18. what out of the three cells in the stratum basil are sensitive to touch?
    Tactile Cells
  19. What do Tactile cells do when touched?
    simulate sensory nerve endings by the release of chemicals
  20. which layer of stratum has several layers of polygonal keratinocytes?
    stratum spinosum 
  21. What happeneds to the daughter cells from the stratum basal? 
    pushed into the next superficial layer
  22. where can you find epidermal dendritic cells?
    stratum spinosum and stratum granulosum
  23. What are Epidermal Dendritic cells? Responsive to?
    • immune cells that help initiate immune response
    • responsive to pathogens 
  24. What is the Stratum Granulosum mainly known for? 
    first layer of Keratinization
  25. what is keratinization?
    the process where keratinocytes fill with keratin 
  26. Process of keratinization
    • keratinocytes fill with keratin
    • causes nucleus and organelles to disinegrate
    • fully keratinized cell dead but structurally sound 
    • move to the superficial layers
  27. where is stratum lucidum found? 
    only on thick skin 
  28. where is translucent proteins, Eleidin found? 
    stratum lucidum
  29. how many dead layers are in the stratum corneum?
    20-30 dead layers
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