Supplements, Posture and Hydration

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  1. List proteins from best to worst according to Rua.
    • 1) Whey
    • 2) Casein
    • 3) Egg
    • 4) Soya
    • 5) Pea etc.
  2. List the ______ate from best to worst according to Rua?
    • 1) Hydrolysate
    • 2) Isolate
    • 3) Concentrate
  3. Why would you recommend fish oils to a client?
    • Hunger control mechanism
    • Blunts insulin spikes
    • Brain health, skin health, cardiovascular health, eye health.
    • Anti inflammatory
    • Western diet far too low in Omega 3
    • Contraindicated for clients with chronic bowel disease.
  4. Why might you recommend creatine to a client?
    Helps to improve explosive power, size or strength in repetitive motion activities.

    *Monohydrate is the only well researched proven type. Many different types exist - some companies fund their own research which may not be reliable. No known side effects.
  5. Why are some multi-vitamins not as good as other brands?
    Just because an ingredient is listed does not mean it can be absorbed - some nutrients compete for absorption.
  6. Why would you not recommend a fat burner to a client?
    • They are mostly stimulant based but have minimal effect.
    • They are overpriced and can be made at home.
    • Tend to be used by people to offset a bad diet.
  7. Why would you not recommend a pre-workout to a client?
    • Most give a stimulant effect but not necessarily a performance increase.
    • Caffeine is lipolytic and decreases Rate of Perceived Exertion.
    • Overpriced, a luxury for most athletes.
  8. What is required to restore hormonal balance and keep gains when taking steroids?
    Proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

    *Oral steroids are Hepatoxic (liver toxic).
  9. What is posture?
    • Posture is the relationship of body parts.
    • Static posture is posture when not moving.
    • Dynamic posture is posture when moving.
  10. Why should you do a postural assessment?
    • Helps avoid injuries and correct imbalances.
    • Improves aesthetics.
    • Bad posture may increase stress on connective tissues (ligaments / tendons).
    • Good posture can improve breathing.
    • You should NOT add strength to dysfunction.
  11. What are some causes of bad posture?
    • Disease / Injury
    • Pain
    • Lifestyle / Habits
    • Occupation
    • Hereditary
    • Poor flexibility
    • Stress
    • Environmental factors
  12. Name 8 postural defects that can occur.
    • 1) Forward Head
    • 2) Kyphosis
    • 3) Lumbar Lordosis
    • 4) Abdominal Ptosis
    • 5) Knock Knee
    • 6) Bow Leg
    • 7) Flat Feet
    • 8) Scoliosis
  13. What is Kyphosis?
    • Rounded shoulders.
    • Tight/short chest.
    • Weak/long upper back.
  14. What is Lumbar Lordosis?
    • Exaggerated lumbar curve.
    • Tight/strong hip flexors and lower back.
    • Long/weak abdominals and hamstrings.
  15. What is Abdominal Ptosis?
    • May occur without Lordosis.
    • Poor abdominal control.
  16. What is Knock Knee?
    Inside of knees touch while ankles are still apart. Increased risk of injury.
  17. What is Bow Leg?
    Inside of ankles touch while knees still apart. Increase risk of injury.
  18. What are flat feet?
    Arch is flat which reduces shock absorption and changes positions and function of structures of the body.
  19. What is Scoliosis?
    S-shaped curve from a posterior view.
  20. Why is proper hydration important?
    • 1) Transports nutrients / waste around the body.
    • 2) Lubricates joints.
    • 3) Regulates body temperature.
  21. What can dehydration lead to?
    • 1) Low blood pressure
    • 2) Muscle cramps
    • 3) Heart palpitations
    • 4) Heat stroke
    • 5) Dizziness
    • 6) Weakness
    • 7) Death
  22. What are the hydration guidelines for males/females between 14-18 years?
    • Males: 3.3L
    • Females: 2.3L
  23. What are the hydration guidelines for male and female adults?
    • Male: 3.7L
    • Female: 2.7L
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