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  1. Date: Christopher Columbus
  2. Christopher Columbus
    • Under Spanish, he went overseas with the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria, exploring the islands of the Bahamas.
    • had a knowledge of trade, geography, and was persistent
    • Grew up in Genoa, the hub of trade.
    • As a Renaissance man, he was insistent and qualifies for the "Great Man Theory"
  3. Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli
    • an Italian mathematician, astronomer, and cosmographer
    • wealthy merchant in Florence
    • learned man and humanist with money to explore Archaeans 
    • created a map where he, since interested in perspective, slapped a grid on the map
  4. Date: Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli
  5. Date: Vasco de Gama
    c. 1460 (9) -1524
  6. Vasco de Gama
    rounded Cape of Good--> 1st Eastern colony at Goa for the Portuguese government and a permanent residence established by Alburqueque
  7. Date: Jean Bodin
  8. Jean Bodin
    late-16th century political theorist who believed that sovereign power consisted of the authority to make laws, tax, administer justice, control the state's administartive system, adn determine foreign policy. He wrote Six Books of the Commonwealth, where he called for sovereign power in power of the Prince.
  9. Date: Jacques Bossuet
  10. Jacques Bossuet
    one of the chief theorists of divine-right monarchy in the 17th century; French theologian and court preacher  who expressed his ideas in a book Politics Drawn from the Very Words of Holy Scripture, where he argued that government was divinely ordained so that humans could live in an organized society. God established kings and through them reigned over all the peoples of the world
  11. Date: Peter the Great of Russia
  12. Date: Peter Paul Reubens
  13. Date: Rembrandt
  14. Rembrandt
    • Northern Baroque artist
    • known for detail
    • glorious paintings
    • "The Scholar in his Study"
    • painted opulent portraits and grandiose scenes that were often quite colorful
    • prolific and successful but turned away from materialistic succes to foolw his own artistic path--> died bankrupt
  15. Date: Handel
  16. Date: Claudio Monteverdi
  17. Date: Claudio Monteverdi
    • wrotte a series of glorious, very rich, and complex oratorial pieces
    • Wrote the first opera, Orpheo, which was a Greek tragedy that involved singing and acting 
    • during Baroque period
  18. Date: Bach
  19. Bach
    from family of musicians; held the post of organist and music director at several small German courts before becoming director of church music at the Church of St. Thomas; composed his mass in B minor, his iSaint Matthew's Passion, adn cantatas and motets
  20. Robert Grosseteste
    • Grosseteste opposed  Aristotle’s theory of a rainbow. Although it
    • was a minute opposition that did not really impact much thought, it was
    • Grosseteste who was the first to crack through Aristotle’s framework. 
  21. Date: Robert Grosseteste
  22. Date: Jean Buridane
  23. Date: Nicole Oresme
  24. Nicole Oresme
    argued against Aristotle's theory of motion; he maintained that if the Earth were moving and not the celestial spheres, all the movements that we see in the heavens would appear exactly the same as if the spheres were rotating around the Earth
  25. Jean Buridan
    • challenged Aristotle's theory of motion
    • sowed the seeds of the Copernican revolution in Europe. He developed the concept of impetus, the first step toward the modern concept of inertia
  26. Date: oseph Leibniz
    c. 1600
  27. Joseph Leibniz
    • the other creator of hte calculus
    • corresponded with Maria Winkelmann and praised her work
  28. Date: Pope Urban VIII
  29. Pope Urban VIII
    • Born Maffeo Barberini
    • Urban was responsible for summoning Galileo to Rome in 1633 to recant his work.
    • practiced nepotism
    • Galileo thought Pope was on his side; but he was called to report to the Holy Office
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