Foundations of Management Chapter 10 - Human Resource Systems

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  1. What is Human Resource Management?
    It's the process of attracting, developing, and maintaining a talented and energetic workforce.
  2. What are Bona fide occupational qualifications?
    EEO exceptions justified by individual capacity to perform a job.
  3. What is comparable worth?
    Persons performing jobs of similar importance should be paid at comparable levels.
  4. Who are independent contractors?
    Hired on temporary contracts and are not part of the organization's official workforce
  5. What is strategic human resource planning?
    The analysis of staffing needs and identification of actions to fill those needs
  6. What do realistic job previews do?
    They provide pertinent information about a job and the organization
  7. What is an assessment center?
    A place that examines candidates' handling of simulated job situations
  8. What is socialization?
    • The process of systematically changing the expectations, behavior, and attitudes of a new employee
    • brainwashing
  9. What does orientation do?
    It makes new employees familiar with their jobs, co-workers, and organizational context.
  10. What does training do?
    Provides opportunities to acquire and improve job skills.
  11. What is mentoring?
    When a senior employee coaches and advises a newer one
  12. What is performance appraisal?
    The process of formally evaluating performance and providing feedback.
  13. What is a graphic rating scale?
    It uses a checklist of traits or characteristics to evaluate performance.
  14. What is the narrative technique?
    A written essay approach to describe a person's performance
  15. What is a behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS)?
    Uses specific descriptions of actual behaviors to rate various levels of performance
  16. What is the critical incident technique?
    Involves keeping a running log of effective and ineffective job behaviors
  17. What is a multiperson comparison?
    Compares one person's performance with that of others.
  18. What is career planning?
    The process of systematically matching goals and capabilities with opportunities
  19. What is base compensation?
    A salary or hourly wage paid to an individual
  20. What are fringe benefits?
    • Nonmonetary forms of compensation
    • health plans
    • retirement plans
  21. What is a flexible benefits program?
    Allows employees to choose a range of benefit options
  22. What is a labor union?
    An organization to which workers belong and that deals with employers on their collective behalf
  23. What is collective bargaining?
    The process of negotiating  administering, and interpreting a labor contract
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