Foundations of Management Chapter 12 - Motivation and Job Design

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  1. What are lower order needs?
    Physiological, safety, and social needs in Maslow's hierarchy
  2. What are higher order needs?
    Esteem and self-actualization needs in Maslow's hierarchy
  3. What is a satisfier factor?
    It's found in job content, such as a sense of achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement, or personal growth.
  4. What is expectancy?
    A person's belief that working hard will result in high task performance
  5. What is instrumentality?
    A person's belief that various outcomes will occur as a result of task performance
  6. What is valence?
    The value a person assigns to work related outcomes
  7. What is the law of effect?
    • States that behavior followed by pleasant consequences is likely to be repeated
    • Behavior followed by unpleasant consequences is not
  8. What is operant conditioning?
    The control of behavior by manipulating its consequences
  9. What is positive reinforcement?
    Strengthens a behavior by making a desirable consequence contingent on its occurrence
  10. What is negative reinforcement?
    Strengthens a behavior by making the avoidance of an undesirable consequence contingent on its occurrence
  11. What is punishment?
    Discourages a behavior by making an unpleasant consequence contingent on its occurrence.
  12. What is extinction?
    Discourages a behavior by making the removal of a desirable consequence contingent on its occurrence.
  13. What is shaping?
    Positive reinforcement of successive approximations to the desired behavior
  14. What is job design?
    The allocation of specific work tasks to individuals and groups
  15. What is job performance?
    The quantity and quality of task accomplishment by an individual or group
  16. What is job satisfaction?
    the degree to which an individual feels positively or negatively about a job
  17. What is job simplification?
    Employs people in clearly defined and very specialized tasks
  18. What is automation?
    The total mechanization of a job
  19. What is a compressed work-week?
    Allows full-time, 40-hour-per-week job to be completed in less than five days.
  20. What are flexible working hours?
    They give employees some choice in the pattern of daily work hours
  21. What is job sharing?
    Splits one job between two people
  22. What is telecommuting?
    Involves working at home or other places using computer links to the office
  23. What is independent contracting?
    Engages outsiders to complete special tasks or projects.
  24. What are contingency workers?
    Are employed on a part time basis to supplement permanent workforce

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