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  1. 招待客人入座
    @ I will show you to your table.  This way please.  Please take a seat, would you like to order a drink first.


    • @ Will there be anything else?
    • @ No, not at the moment.
  2. 訌位
    • 1)
    • @ How many persons, pls
    • @ I want a table for three, pls
    • @.1  Where would you prefer to sit
    • @ By the window please
    • @ I will show u to yr table.  This way pls

    • @.2 I am afraid all our tables are taken, sir.  Would you mind waiting until one is free?
    • @ Well how long will it take?
    • @ I am sorry sir, I am not sure
    • @ Mr Chan, would you mind take a seat over there and I will call u when a table is free

    • 2)
    • @ Excuse me, may I change my seat to the non-smoking area, pls
    • @ Of course, Le me check if there are any seats available
    • @ TY very much
    • @ Is this fine
    • @ OK That's fine, thanks a lot
  3. 等位,然后有空位
    @ Mr Chan, we have a table for you now.  This way, please.  We are very sorry for the delay.
  4. 怎樣煮蛋
    • @ How would you like us to cook your eggs
    • @ How would you like your eggs
    • @ We serve ham or bacon with your eggs.  Which one would u prefer?

    • @ I'd like them fried
    • @ over-easy (兩面都要煎黃的嫩荷包蛋)
    • @ hard-boiled (全孰)
  5. 一客有幾串
    • @ how many are there per serving?
    • @ there are three per serving, will that be enough
  6. 有無什麼推薦
    • @ What do you recommend (then)?
    • @ I would recommend ... or .. with.. 
    • @ would u like large or small portions?
    • @ I think small portions will be enough
  7. 搭桌
    Mind if I join u?
  8. 你件衫掉轉咗
    • @ your t-shirt is on back to front
    • @ you are wearing your tshirt inside out
    • @ you are wearing your tshirt backwards
  9. 唔好群埋嗰班人
    @  if you hang around bad company, you will be led astray

    astray - (ad, a):離開正確的路
  10. 幾十蚊
    english does not described small amount exactly.  only has : couple of dollars/a few dollars, a couple of thousand dollars/a few thousand dollars

    If needed, say: around forty dollars / almost a hundred dollars
  11. 真係眼冤
    @ eyesore - 看上去不順眼的東西, 難看的東西

    @ the factory building is an eyesore to me
  12. 你太過份
    • @ you are out of line
    • @ you are way out of line (way - 加強語氣)
  13. 機會十分渺茫
    @ a slim chance

    @ he knew that he had a slim chance of getting into that college

    fat chance - big chance
  14. Pardon my French

    Take French leave
    @ English does not like French, so some bad meaning sentence will use "french"

    • @ pardon my french - 在說一些粗俗或咀咒別人的話前后, 以示自己也不想說這樣的話
    • @ take french leave - 不辭而別
  15. I am having a ball
    @ to reply "do u enjoy yourself" - I ma having a ball - 我玩的很高興_

    @ We had a ball in London last month - 我們上個月在倫敦玩得很開心
  16. 鬆一口氣
    @ I can finally breathe a sigh of relief

    @ Now that I have achieved that goal, I can breathe a sign of relief
  17. In the hole
    In the hole : 環境不太好

    @ John has been in the hole for a while
  18. 追電視劇
    @ I have been following the West Wing of ages
  19. 你吃了食反未?
    @ have u eaten : 以為是委婉地邀請他吃飯, 更甚他可能會以為你是在懷疑他的經濟能力, 連吃反的問題也没法解決呢.
  20. 怕痕
    @ ticklish ( 怕癢的難對付的; 棘手的易怒的; 易變的)

    @ his most ticklis spot is his belly

    @ he tickles the boy's feet to make him laugh
  21. name-calling
    @ 辱罵別人

    @  the children were calling each other names in the classroom
  22. 碌爆卡
    @ max out

    • @ I maxed out my credit card last week
    • @ I was maxed out my cash advance limits

    @ 身體透支:I was maxed out trying to get all the work done yesterday
  23. @ 輪唔起

    @ 有體育精神
    @  a sore loser

    @ Michael is a sore loser who cannot accept the fact that he lost

    @ a good sport

    @ Alex is a good sport who will play hard even in the worst situation
  24. 好邪
    @ bad omen, ominous (不祥的, 不吉的)

    @ the death of a cat in the house is a very bad omen.
  25. @ 笑到肚痛

    @ 痛哭流涕
    • @  laugh one's head off
    • @ He laughed his head off when he read the comic

    • @ cry one's eye out
    • @ The little girl cried her eyes out when her dog died
  26. 你結過婚嗎?
    @ have u married - present perfect tense used, so it has a temporary meaning & this sentence means 你結婚的手續辦妥了嗎? 你以前結過婚嗎?

    @ are u married? (is asking the present situation)
  27. 雷聲大,  雨點小
    @ much cry and little wool - 羊被剪毛時叫聲大, 剪出來的毛卻很少

    @ the police force repeatedly pledge to root out corruption, but the result is nothing but a great cry and little wool
  28. 剪頭髮
    @ long on top, long on the sides, parted on the side (在旁邊分界), long in the back take a bit off the top (前面修少少),dont cut off my sideburns (不要剪的水),  leave it long on the top
  29. 搭電梯
    @ could you hit 8 please

    @ excuse me, this is my floor

    @ hold it please

    @ what floor is it on?
  30. 既來之, 則安之
    @  take things as they come

    @ I have been a lot happier since I have learned to just take things as they come

    @ he likes to take things as they come, not worrying about the past or the future
  31. 一腳踏兩船
    @ a two-timer (n), two-time (v)

    @ You are two-timing me, aren't you? 

    @ Susan decided to give up her two-timing husband
  32. 剝橙皮
    @ peel the orange

    @ cut the orange into sections 

    @ a segment (一瓣)
  33. 愛情

    1. 拋棄

    2. 癡身

    3. 在一段不愉快的關係結束, 而展開新關係(愛的替身)
    • 1. dump
    • @ Tom tried to dump his girlfriend and date her roommate

    • 2. attach
    • @ She is to attached to her boyfriend

    @ he was worried that I am trying to use him as a rebound
  34. 截的士
    @ flag down a taxi, wave down a taxi, hail a taxi

    @ charge according to the meter
  35. 不要太拘緊
    don't stand on ceremony
  36. 不要催我
    • 1. don't push 
    • 2. don't rush me
  37. 不需要理我
    dont mind me
  38. 我說得清楚嗎? 你明白嗎?
    • 1. do you follow me
    • 2. do I make myself clear
    • 3. do you get the picture
    • 4. do you get my drfit
  39. 走開
    • 1. beat it
    • 2. butts out
  40. 走光
    1.  she is showing a bit of skin
  41. 有蓋的鹽瓶
    a salt shaker
  42. 轉台
    @ flip to channel 9
  43. 下午同他有會
    I had a meeting schedule with him for tomorrow afternoon
  44. 說些你的経驗
    Lay some experience on me
  45. 離開了酒店
    I checked out of the Sheraton hotel
  46. 就放工
    I get off work in an hour
  47. 跟他的做法
    I have been following in his footsteps
  48. 出差周圍飛
    I do fly all over the world. From one corporate headquarters to another
  49. 我滿意您的服務
    I am grateful for your services
  50. 我唔會這樣說
    I rather not say
  51. 有時他會
    Occasionally she does
  52. 在本地大受歡迎
    This shop is also a big draw for the locals
  53. 發揮潛能
    I guess I learned how to push myself to limit
  54. 保護客的私㡥
    Whether I know or do not know is not relevant. The privacy of our guest is of utmost concern and I am not at liberty to say anything. Hotel policy
  55. 我只聽過他的名
    Do u know her

    only by reputation
  56. Called but Transfer to voice mail
    I tried your call but it was went straight to voice mail
  57. 在視野之內
    he is in my sight
  58. 懷胎幾個月
    1. how far are you?
  59. 這牛排太生, 没有煎熟
    1. this is too bloody for me/this is not cooked enough
  60. 巳經發生好幾天
    1. it has been like this for days
  61. 突然忘了
    1. I cannot think of it at the moment
  62. 如在店內, 表示不買這個東西
    1. I'm sorry, but I'm not getting this.
  63. 如被店員不禮貎對待
    • 1. I would like to see your boss/where can I find your manager
    • 2. I was treated badly
    • 3. ask her (if the manager ask HOW)

    • complained to the shopkeeper
    • 1. you are being rude to me
    • 2. it's not your job to pass judgement
  64. 拉鏈壞了
    @ the zipper burst
  65. 問到逹目的地味?
    1. are we there yet?

    • - not yet
    • - still a long way to go
  66. feel good

    1. 心情很悶
    2. 身體不舒服
    • 1. I don't feel good about it, I feel kind of
    • upset
    • 2. I don't feel good today/I feel sick
  67. 收工, 跟人說辛苦了
    • 1. I am taking off, have a good night
    • 2. I am taking off, take care
    • 3. have a good day (對送貨的人)
    • 4. I know you went through a lot (對著經歷很多苦難的朋友說)
  68. 問別人生男還是女
    1. does she know what she's having
  69. 回答別人稱讚
    • 1. you are being nice
    • 2. you are so sweet
  70. 送禮時可說
    • 1. it's nothing
    • 2. i hope you like it
    • 3. do not worry about it
  71. 收禮物后回答
    • 1. oh, you shouldn't have
    • 2. how nice of you
    • 3. I could really use it, thank you

    + thank-you note afterwards
  72. how are you
    • 1. I am ok
    • 2. Not too bad
    • 3. Good
    • 4. Great
    • 5. Well, not so good
  73. 形容時間

    1. 一段時間
    2. 不久前
    3. 有機會
    • 1. for some time
    • We are going to be out of town for some time

    • 2. the other day
    • I was at this restaurant the other day

    • 3. someday
    • @Why don't we go there someday
  74. 怕跟不上進度
    I am concerned that Adle might fall behind because of this absence
  75. book hotel

    I prefer a room on high floor with a view
  76. 英文不是我的強項
    English is not my strong suit
  77. 往這條路走底
    go follow this road all the way until it runs out
  78. 不要拿這些東西來煩我
    dont take it out on me
  79. 你可以往旁邊移一個位置坐嗎
    can u move over a seat
  80. 你能坐旁邊點嗎
    can you slide over?
  81. 我的女兒跟我長得很像
    my daughter takes after me
  82. 手中的一只鳥勝于林中的兩只鳥
    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
  83. 我和多數同事的關係都很好
    I am on good terms with most of my colleagues
  84. banana
    @ go bananas - 發狂, When Mary talks, stocks go bananas

    @ top banana, second banana - 最高級的人物, 第二高級的人物 - I want to speak to your top banana
  85. 我要減肥
    I must slim down a little
  86. 1. do u have the time; do u have time

    2. out of the question, out of question
    1. 現在幾點,  問人没有空

    2. 解絕不可能, 不成問題
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