Modern History Sm. 2

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  1. What are three totalitarian governments?
    • Communism: U.S.S.R. (Stalin)
    • Fascism: Italy (Mussolini)
    • Nazism: Germany (Hitler)
  2. Great Purge
    Stalin arrested or killed all opponents (real or imaginary) 8 million sent to labor camps
  3. Black Dragon Society
    Military spread fascist ideas into Japan
  4. N.E.P.
    (New Economic Policy) created by Lenin in 1912. Big industries, banks, and mines run by the government. Only business with less than 20 employees remain private.
  5. 5 Year Plan
    Stalin's idea to transform the U.S.S.R. from agricultural to an industrialized society.
  6. Fascism
    created in 1919 (league of combats)
  7. Mussolini
    created Fascism in Italy
  8. Getulio Vargas
    Controlled Brazil and Argentina (fascist)
  9. Collectivisation
    Government owned farms. Worked by peasants. Program did not work. Led to famine.
  10. King Emmanuel III
    Ruler of Italy turned over leadership to Mussolini in 1922 after March on Rome
  11. Black Shirts
    A secret police who attack anyone who opposes Mussolini.
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