AP Psychology Ch 1-4

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  1.  Psychology
    The scientific discipline devoted to the study of mental processes and behavior.
  2. Behavior
    Any action or reaction of a living organism which can be observed.
  3. Four fundamental factors that influence behavior
    • 1. Organism
    • 2. Motivation
    • 3. Cognition (Knowledge)
    • 4. Competence
  4. Organism
    The biological characteristics of a living biological entity, including the creature's nervous system, endocrine system, biological history, and heredity.
  5. Motivation
    States that cause behavior
  6. Cognition
    What and how the organism thinks, knows, and remembers.
  7. Competence
    The skills and abilities of an organism.
  8. Psyche
    Soul, form, function, or mind
  9. Rene Descartes (1596-1650)
    A french philosopher who was very interested in the mind-body problem. Believed in Dualism.
  10. Dualism
    States that humans have a dual nature- one part mental and the other physical.
  11. Monoism
    States that only one type of nature exists
  12. 18th Century Belief
    All mental activities was the work of a particular area of the brain.
  13. Phrenology
    The study of analyzing the mind by examining the shape of the skull.
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