Construction Exam 1 A

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  1. Research and development expenditures are higher in construction than in other industries. (T/F)
  2. Public sector projects are those funded by tax dollars through cities, towns, states, and the federal government. (T/F)
  3. Most construction subcontractors are classified as licensed registered professionals. (T/F)
  4. The amount of information that a project manager must consider increases as a project moves toward completion. (T/F)
  5. Dams, bridges, and highways are classified as commercial building projects. (T/F)
    FALSE (They are heavy construction/infrastructure)
  6. Site selection and financing are the responsibility of which project team member?
  7. Which category of projects is often funded by public dollars and is termed infrastructure?
    Heavy engineering
  8. Which of the following statements would not be true with respect to the future of design-build industry?

    A) The industry will become more global
    B) Permits and regulations will decrease
    C) Hazardous waste disposal and product recycling will become more of a factor
    D) There will be increased demand for more highly trained workers
    B) Permits and regulations will decrease
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  9. As a project moves in time, the ability to change the project becomes _____ difficulties and _____ expensive.
    More, more
  10. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a project?
    Usually being performed only once
  11. The identification and preparation of bid packages is an important coordination activity between the designer and the construction manager. (T/F)
  12. A bid bond guarantees that if an owner accepts a contractor's bid, the contractor will enter into a contract in accordance with the contract terms. (T/F)
  13. Of all project phases, the construction phase requires the heaviest owner involvement. (T/F)
    FALSE (The Conceptual Planning Phase)
  14. Value engineering is a process by which the quality of a project is reduced to save the owner money and time. (T/F)
  15. A long-lead item is any material that takes considerable time from order to being received at the job site. (T/F)
  16. The advertising for subcontractors, review of subcontractors' bids, and awarding of contracts occur during which project phase?
    Procurement Phase
  17. The production of drawings and specifications is the output of which project phase?
    Design Phase
  18. A fair cost estimate is important for which of the following reasons?

    A) It identifies the fair cost of the work being contracted for.
    B) It serves as an opportunity for the owner, designer, and construction manager to familiarize themselves with the project.
    C) It can be used for projecting owner cash flow.
    D) All of the above.
    D) All of the above
  19. Contractor prequalification involves evaluating a contractor with respect to which of the following?

    A) Financial condition.
    B) Projects currently involved in.
    C) Equipment owned.
    D) Past project experience.
    E) All of the above.
    E) All of the above.
  20. As-built drawings, warranties, guarantees, and operation manuals are all provided to the owner during which project phase?
    Project Closeout
  21. The delivery method that an owner chooses should be in response to the amount and type of risk that an owner sees in a project. (T/F)
  22. The greater the risk that an owner sees in a project, the lower the contingency that needs to be applied. (T/F)
    FALSE (The greater the risk, the greater the contingency)
  23. A delivery method is a type of contracting method. (T/F)
  24. A joint venture is the legal binding of two companies for the purpose of providing a competitive advantage that would be difficult to provide alone. (T/F)
  25. Contract changes are more likely to occur on a single fixed-price contract than on a cost-plus-fee contract. (T/F)
    TRUE (Cost-plus accommodate all types of changes without change in contract)
  26. The advantage(s) of a traditional delivery method is (are):

    A) Reduced project time.
    B) Nonadversarial relationships among participants.
    C) Known project cost before construction.
    D) All of the above.
    D) All of the above.
  27. The developer of a 40-story high-rise office building desires the shortest possible construction time. What delivery method would be best?

    A) Design-bid-build
    B) Design-build
    C) Construction project management
    D) All of the above
    E) B and C only
    E) Design-build and Construction project management only
  28. Which of the following reasons is not a cause of contract change?

    A) Designer omissions or errors.
    B) A change in owner requirements.
    C) Unforeseen conditions.
    D) Poor job site productivity.
    D) Poor job site productivity
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  29. Which of the following would be a source of owner project risk?

    A) Project complexity
    B) Environmental regulations
    C) A short design-build time frame
    D) A complicated owner organization
    E) All of the above
    E) All of the above
  30. Which type of contractual arrangement would be best used when the quantities of work are difficult to determine in advance?
    Unit price
  31. As estimates progress from conceptual to detailed, they take longer time to prepare and get less accurate. (T/F)
    FALSE (get more accurate)
  32. Conceptual estimates work with fewer but larger units than a detailed estimate. (T/F)
  33. On a $2-million building project, a systems estimate should take about one day. (T/F)
  34. Estimating and value engineering are unrelated processes. (T/F)
  35. To prepare a conceptual estimate, completed drawings and specifications are required. (T/F)
  36. An estimate would not be used for which of the following reasons?

    A) To determine how large a project can be funded.
    B) To determine what level of quality can be funded.
    C) To determine the projects duration.
    D) To evaluate different project options.
    C) To determine the projects duration
  37. A contractor would prepare which type of estimate to bid a project?
    Unit Price
  38. The concept of a learning curve is as follows: As repetition increases, productivity _______.
  39. As the design quality of a project increases, the value of the quality to the owner _________.
    Increases at a decreasing rate
  40. Which of the following would not have an impact on the final bid price that a contractor submits?

    A) Market conditions
    B) Contractor exposure to a new market
    C) Contractor exposure to a new client
    D) All of the above would have an impact
    D) All of the above would have an impact
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