Anatomy week 4

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  1. platysma:
    lower neck to upper chest (frowning muscle)
  2. pectoralis major:
    the big one on the chest
  3. pectoralis minor:
    from ribs to top of shoulder
  4. sternocleidomastoid:
     from clavicle to back of the skull
  5. deltoid:
     triangular, from clavicle and scapula to lateral humerus
  6. biceps brachii (short head, long head):
     two heads on the upper arm, from the scapula to the heads of the radius
  7. triceps brachii (long head, medial head, lateral head):
    three heads, on the upper arm, from scapula and upper humerus to the posterior ulna
  8. brachialis:
     from lower anterior humerus to anterior ulna
  9. infraspinatus:
    from scapula to upper humerus
  10. teres major:
    from lower scapula to upper mid humerus
  11. latissimus dorsi:
     from the spine to the upper humerus
  12. extensor carpi radialis longus:
     humerus to posterior wrists over radius
  13. extensor carpi radialis brevis:
    humerus to posterior wrists over radius
  14. extensor digitorum:
    distal humerus to posterior phalanges
  15. extensor digiti minimi:
    distal humerus to posterior phalanx of little finger
  16. extensor carpi ulnaris:
     from humerus to the wrist to flex and adducts wrist
  17. flexor carpi radialis:
     from humerus to the wrist
  18. brachioradialis:
    from humerus to the wrist  flexes arm at elbow
  19. flexor digitorum superficialis:
    distal humerus and radius to anterior phalanges
  20. flexor pollicis longus:
     long thump flexor upper radius to back of the thumb
  21. gluteus medius:
    middle sized one on the buttocks
  22. gluteus minimus:
    the little one on the buttocks
  23. piriformis:
    from the sacrum to the upper femur
  24. superior gemellus:
    from the ischium to upper femur
  25. obdurator internus:
    from the pubis and ischium to the upper femur
  26. inferior gemellus:
     from the ischium to the upper femur
  27. quadratus femoris:
     from lower ischium to upper femur
  28. gluteus maximus:
    the big one on the buttocks
  29. iliococcygeus:
    one of the levator ani
  30. adductor longus:
    from pubis to femur
  31. adductor brevis:
    from pubis to femur
  32. vastus medialis:
     from upper thigh to front of tibia
  33. vastus intermedius:
     from upper thigh to patella
  34. sartorius:
    the tailor’s muscle, from iliac crest to upper tibia
  35. quadraceps femoris group
    •  vastus medialis (again):
    • rectus femoris: from the ileum to the patella
    • vastus lateralis: upper femur to latellavastus intermedius (under the rectus):
  36. tensor fascia lata:
     ilac crest to tibia
  37. biceps femoris longus:
    from ischium to fibula
  38. adductor magnus:
     from ichium to
  39. gracilis:
    from pubis to inner tibia
  40. semimembranosis:
     from the ischium to the upper tibia - flexes and medially rotates knee, extends hip
  41. flexor digitorum longus:
    from the posterior tibia to the phalanges – flexes the toes
  42. tibialis posterior:
    upper tibia and upper fibula to the tarsals
  43. flexor hallucis:
    from posterior fibula to base of big toe
  44. peroneus longus:
     from upper lateral fibula to the plantar surface
  45. soleus:
    from posterior upper tibia and fibula to the calcaneus
  46. gastrocnemius:
     from the posterior upper tibia and fibula to the calcaneus
  47. soleus tendon:
    Achilles tendon
  48. gastrocnemius tendon:
     Achilles tendon
  49. tibialis anterior:
    from anterior upper tibia to the medial foot surface
  50. extensor digitorum longus:
     from the tibia to the big toe (extends)
  51. extensor hallucis longus:
    from the tibia to the big toe – extends the big toe
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