Geog midterm set 3

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  1. flow of products, people, services, or information among places, in response to localized supply and demand.
    Spatial interaction 17
  2. Peop connect, depend = world
  3. A family on the east coast decided to move west but along their journey they found work in central U.S.
    Intervening opportunity(18)
  4. good ability to move. Low=near source
    High= easy transport
    Transferability 18
  5. as the distance between two entities increases, the effect of their interaction decreases.
    Distance Decay(18)
  6. Depict world-(Globe)
    Geographic scale (20)
  7. The annihilation of time and space (Ex. whereas in the 1500s it took years to transfer information around the world by ship, today it takes only seconds via satellite)

    Tech, comm, reduce dist
    Time space convergence 20-
  8. Ex Dist btwn satellite & Target
    Remote sensing(23)
  9. (26) Use Satellite, radio
    signals determine earth peop, place, feature
    Global positioning system (GPS)
  10. a computer system capable of capturing, storing, analyzing, and displaying geographically referenced information; that is, data identified according to location.

     may show that certain marshes receive little rainfall.
    Geographic Information System(gis)(27)
  11. allow demographers to identify changes in the age and sex composition of populaces
    Population Pyramid
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