1.9 Pattern and Rhythm

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  1. Space
    the distance between identifiable points or planes
  2. Pattern
    an arrangement of predictability repeated elements
  3. Elements of Arts
    the basic vocabulary of art --> line // form // shape // volume // mass // color // texture // space // time and motion // value
  4. Unity
    the imposition of order and harmony on a design
  5. Rhythm
    the  regular or ordered repetition of elements in the work
  6. Composition
    the overall design and organization of a work
  7. Shape
    the two dimensional area the boundaries of which are defined by lines or suggested by changes in color or value
  8. Value
    the lightness or darkness of a plane or area
  9. Color
    the optical effect caused when reflected white light of the spectrum is divided into a separate wavelength
  10. Contrast
    a drastic difference between such elements as color or value (lightness/darkness)
  11. Abstract
    art imagery that departs from recognizable images from the natural world
  12. Texture
    the surface quality of a work for example fine/course, detailed/lacking in detail
  13. Automatic
    suppressing conscious control to access subconscious sources of creativity and truth
  14. Dada
    anarchic anti-art and anti-war movement, dating back to world war 1, the reveled in absurdity and irrationality
  15. Picture plane
    the surface of a painting or drawing
  16. Foreground
    the part of a work depicted as nearest to the viewer
  17. Middle Ground
    the part of a work between the foreground and background
  18. Background
    the part of a work depicted furthest from the viewer's space, often behind the main subject matter
  19. Focal point
    the center of interest or activity in a work of art, often drawing the viewer's attention to the most important element
  20. Facade
    any side of a building, usually the front or entrance
  21. Emphasis
    the principle of drawing attention to particular content in a work
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