Modern Art History

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  1. Bougereau- Birth of Venus
  2. Cassat- Little Girl in Blue Armchair
  3. Cassat- The Bath
  4. Cezanne- Basket of Apples
  5. Cezanne- Large Bathers
  6. Cezanne- Mont Sainte Victore
  7. Courbet- A Burial at Ornans
  8. Courbet- The Stonebreakers
  9. Courbet- The Stonebreakers
  10. Daumier- Rue Transnonian
  11. Daumier- The 3rd Class Carriage
  12. Daumier- The 3rd Class Carriage
  13. Degas- Dancers Practicing at the Bar
  14. Degas- The Tub
  15. Eatkins- The Gross Clinic
  16. Eatkins- The Swimming Hole
  17. Gauguin- Jacob Wrestling With the Angel
  18. Gauguin- Spirit of the Dead Watching
  19. Gauguin- We Greet Thee, Mary
  20. Homer- Kissing the Moon
  21. Homer- Snap the Whip
  22. Hunt- The Awakening Conscience
  23. Manet- Luncheon on the Grass
  24. Manet- Olympia
  25. Millais- Jesus in the Home of His Father
  26. Millais- Ophelia
  27. Millet- Angelus
  28. Millet- The Gleaners
  29. Monet- Haystacks in the Snow
  30. Monet- Rouen Cathedral
  31. Monet- Sunrise

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