Male Reproductive System

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  1. Hypospadia
    Urethra on ventral side of penis
  2. Epispadias
    urethra on dorsal side of penis
  3. Phimosis
    Foreskin will not retract
  4. Cryptorchidism
    One or both testis do not descend into the scrotum
  5. Testicular torsion
    Testicles become twisted-  extreme pain
  6. Epididymitis
    Inflammation of the epididymis
  7. Epididymis
    Duct where sperm is stored
  8. Vas deferens (duct deferens)
    Sperm is transported through
  9. Testis
    • sperm manufactured
    • Each testis has it own nerve, artery and vein
    • Left testicle hangs slightly lower than the right
  10. Corpora spngiosum
    • Where the urethra is located and
    • where blood is stored during erection
    • Located on ventral side of penis
  11. Corpora cavernosa
    • Blood is stored during erection
    • Located on the dorsal side of penis
  12. Bulbourethra
    • Excretes fluid to help sperm travel
    • Excretes prelubrication for ejaculation
  13. Seminal vesicle
    • Nutrition for sperm made up of mostly fructose
    • Located slightly superior and posterior to the prostate gland
  14. Some causes of sexual dysfunction
    • ETOH abuse
    • Beta blockers
    • Mumps-sterility
  15. Smegma
    White, dead cells under the foreskin-normal
  16. paraphimosis
    once foreskin is retracted, it becomes trapped.
  17. Peyronie's disease
    • Curvature of the penis.
    • Often associated with diabetes
    • Makes it difficult if not impossible to have sex
  18. Prostate gland
    • Borders urethra near lower part of the bladder
    • Secretes milky alkaline solution that helps aid sperm motility.
    • 1/3 of semen is produced here
  19. Orchitis
    • Inflammation of the testicles
    • Painful and tender
  20. Varicocele
    • Distended cord and causes male infertility
    • Feels like a "bag of worms"
  21. Hydrocele
    • Fluid filled mass that is nontender¬†
    • Located around the testes
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